Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Let's Keep This Just Between Friends...

Yep! It's that time of year again when I geek out over my favorite consignment sale. Every Spring and every Fall you can find me selling and buying at the Just Between Friends sale in Oaks, PA. I've been involved with this sale (at this location) since the boys were babies and have actually become very friendly with the owners. It's such a friendly sale!

I shopped this morning and shared my experience on Instagram, which was fun! And now I'm here to share what I ended up bringing home. I love doing this... so thanks for indulging me!

One of my favorite scores was this adorable bookshelf that I got for $20.00!! It will look so cute in Hope's room - whether she uses it for books or toys. I mean, for twenty bucks I couldn't just LEAVE it there!!
I ALMOST got a balance bike, but someone beat me to it. I was having reservations about the balance bike, so it's just as well. I ended up getting this Minnie Mouse bike for the same price - $10.00! Hope is always wanting to climb on Brian's bike, so hopefully she'll be thrilled to have her own.
This group is going to be put away for Hope for either Christmas or her birthday. The random group of animals will likely be her most favorite gift. Isn't that always the way? You could buy your kids the nicest, most expensive toy - and they love the silliest little things. Mark my words - she will covet these animals I got for $5.00! This whole group of toys cost me $22.00. I'm especially excited about the Imaginets. I love toys that encourage creativity.
Brian will get these for his birthday. We'll all enjoy having some fun new games to play together. Brian will be thrilled that he'll get to try out some new video games - and we're happy that they didn't break our bank. And who can pass up a giant slinky? This whole group cost me $35.00.
I couldn't pass up this blank canvas for Brian. He recently got a set of acrylics so I'm hoping he'll create something for me so I can hang it in the house! The canvas was $3.00 - and the two brand new aprons were $2.00 each.
I didn't get as many clothes as I expected. Things just weren't jumping out at me this time. But I do love what I came home with for Hope! It's hard to see, but the grey jeans are sparkly which Hope will love. This whole group cost me $20.00.
And these three adorable outfits cost me $16.00!
Brian was set on being a Minecraft character for Halloween and I was a little stressed that I would have to come up with something homemade. Not my specialty. So I was SO psyched to find this cardboard "creeper" head for $3.00!! And then I found this weird green body suit for $5.00 that is just so perfect, I can't even tell you. Brian has a hoodie to match the checks on the head so: check and DONE! And the only other article of clothing I got for him was a nice striped Gymboree shirt for $2.00.
I also got him a cool pair of dress shoes. We don't have too many occasions where we need to dress up, but for $3.00 - AND they're brand new - we're ready for a last minute invite to a Ball. Anyone having a ball?

Hope made out a little better in the shoe department. I got three pairs of Mary Janes: brown with pink butterflies, burgandy suede and black patent - and the cutest pair of Nine West boots. All of these shoes cost me $24.00.
And finally, I couldn't pass up a doll house this year.  Hope is just getting into a lot of pretend play, so I know we will have hours and hours of fun with this!!
This one needs a little rehabbing - I'll be honest. But I was sold because it came with furniture and dolls... and a husband who cooks!! See him right in the kitchen there?!? I mean, come on - that alone is worth the $25.00 I paid. 
I had such a great time shopping this morning. Now let's see if I can wait until Christmas to pull out some of these toys! (I have a proven track record of NOT waiting, if you were wondering.)

If you live in the Philadelphia area and you'd like to come to the sale - you won't be sorry. It opens to the public tomorrow, September 22, at 9am. Admission is $3.00 tomorrow only, but if you print out (or show on your phone) this coupon, you get in free! Children and strollers are welcome.

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
Hall A
100 Station Avenue
Oaks, PA 19456

Thursday and Friday: 9am to 8pm
Saturday: 8am to 5pm
Sunday: 8am to 3pm (many items will be 50% off)


  1. You can always remove the pedals and training wheels and lower the seat and then you have a balance bike!

    1. Exactly what I was going to suggest. Works like a charm!

  2. Wow, you did really well again this year! love the clothes for Hope!!

  3. Great scores. The book case reminds me of the doll house built by the couple that does the Young House Love Blog -
    I wish this sale had been around when my son was little (he's now 27).

  4. Laughing at that dollhouse... we have the exact same one in our attic, left over from my daughter (almost 16), and handed down from my niece who is 26! So I'll bet the one you bought does need some TLC! But I'm also sure that Hope will love it just as much as our girls did. Great buys!!

  5. When I was in kindergarten (for the second time) there was a similar looking doll house to the one you bought! Sure it needs some refurbishing but for a used doll house it's in great condition! And as for the bookcase, I think Hope will love it!!

  6. Kate,
    You would be so proud of me! I found a jbf sale near me and got some great deals! Thanks for promoting the idea!

  7. I LOVE it! I remember a few years ago saying how jealous I was of these events, as we don't get them here in the UK 🇬🇧 well we do now!! There's one held twice a year that's actually fairly near me so I'm glad you've already told me about them, and they seem to be run the same way yours is. I'm so excited, there's one coming up soon :) xo


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