Sunday, September 4, 2016

Game Plan...

It's that time of year again! When school is back in session and the mornings and evenings start getting cooler... it can only mean one thing.

No, not the time we start seeing Christmas decorations and cards in the stores. Although that is true.

No, not the beginning of "NO MORE LEG SHAVING UNTIL SUMMER!" season. Although that is most definitely true. Wait - unless you think that's really gross and then I'm totally kidding. Kind of.

It's that time of year when I'll obsess over my beloved Just Between Friends (Fall) Consignment Sale!! WOO HOO!! If you know me even just a tiny bit - you know I love my consignment sale. The JBF sale I go to is in Oaks, PA at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. If you live around here, come to the sale! I haven't been to any of the other surrounding JBF sales - but I know this one is the best. How could it not be? This was the sale that started Gavin stepping. Literally. The very first sale I went to, I bought a baby walker for $20.00 that looked brand new. I thought I got the best deal in the world. (Now that I'm a veteran shopper, I would have never paid $20 for a walker!) I was hoping, since Gavin would be supported in the sling seat, that my low tone boy would be motivated to take steps to move himself. It worked. Check out this throwback video (with a cameo by a baby Brian!)...

Looking back, I probably would have paid $200 for that walker if I had known it would have put the idea of stepping into Gavin's little head and given me that experience in my kitchen. It was a simple - but HUGE moment for both of us.

Back then, the twice a year sales were SO important to me. I had two boys very close in age - one with special needs who received a lot of therapy in our home. I was always looking for new toys to keep his therapy interesting. With such a HUGE selection, I could literally think through each therapy he received and get toys that would help him - with occupational therapy or physical therapy or feeding therapy and on and on. I have told this to so many special needs families over the years - it's really the best place to go for stimulating toys that won't break the bank. I've also told several families that have autistic children they should check out these sales. If your child is fixated on a toy - and you dread the day it breaks because it's not made anymore - you will likely find 20 of them at a JBF sale.

Now that Brian is older, I find I don't sell as much of his clothes. As boys grow, they get rougher and rougher on their clothes - and JBF is very strict about selling things in excellent condition. And Hope? Well she is definitely rougher than the average girl on her clothes. Especially this summer at "Camp Leong!" We spent so much time outside that some of her clothes - I wouldn't even GIVE them away!! So this time around, my selling pile was the smallest ever. I use a "valet tagger" that works for JBF to tag and deliver my clothes to the sale floor. It's the best decision I ever made a couple years back. The valet gets a cut of what I make (well deserved) - and I get to do more of this...
and a little of this...
a little of this...
and a LOT of this!!!!!!!
All while my lovely valet does all the work!

In just a couple weeks (September 21st!) I will be in line to shop on the presale day. My list will be made and I'll have a solid game plan before I go through those doors. I'll be on the hunt for Halloween costumes (which there will be racks and racks and racks to choose from)... Christmas presents for the kids (which will be easy)... snowsuits... and I'll of course have to check out the clothes. I should mention - this is totally the "testing ground" for some toys or video games that I'm just not sure Brian will like long enough to justify buying new - but he may be begging for. If I pay $5.00 for a game or a toy and he only plays with it a few times - I feel a lot better about it. (Then I turn around and sell it for $10. Just kidding!)

I started going to this sale because of Gavin so I suppose that's why I'm so emotionally attached and want to share it all with you twice a year. Whether you're expecting, a new Mom, an "old" Mom like me, have older kids or grandkids - or even if the only kids you have are your students or special needs clients - you won't regret going to the sale. You might even see me there! But listen - I will knock you down if you're holding the only Minecraft costume (if that even exists) in Brian's size. You've been warned. Ha!

If you want to join me, check out all the information on the JBF site HERE. You will need to get tickets to each sale event - and you can get them free by ordering them HERE.  You can also pay $10.00 to get in earlier (worth it!). This is what you'll see when you get to the ticket ordering page:

And here's the full sale schedule:

I'll be posting on September 21st in the morning during the pre-sale on Twitter, Instagram and my Facebook page so you can see what I'm finding for Brian and Hope! If you're wondering how to get in THAT early - consider volunteering to work at the sale. There are tons of volunteer opportunities and the more you work, the more you make and the earlier you get to shop! 

Hope to see you there! And if you do see me, please say hi. I love meeting people who have been reading - especially if they read during the Gavin days. Any chance I have to hear Gavin's name - it totally makes my day.

You can also find my friends at JBF all over social media - on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


  1. I love hearing about these sales and seeing all the goodies you get and wishing we had these sales here in the UK......wait scratch that last part, after drooling over these sales for years now....WE HAVE ONE NEAR US!!!!! I'm so excited! U.K. I know it will be years before I need it, but I'm ecstatic to know we have one! I can't wait to hear about everything you've brought! xox

  2. I have sales like this in my neighboring town twice a year. April and September. My mom and I shop for my now 16 month old son. He was born DURING the April sale in 2015. We go to the sales on the last day- which is discount day and everything is half off! If I lived near this sale I'd definitely go! We get tons of winter outfits in September and summer outfits and outdoor toys in April!

  3. I agree, JBF is awesome! I have been shopping the JBF sale in Wyomissing (Reading area) for several years. Now that I am done having kids, this past spring was the first time I sold my items there. Reading sale is going on right now and I just scored a ton of stuff for my 4 kids! I have also shopped the Lancaster sale a few times. I have never gone to the Oaks sale though, I don't like sitting on 422 in traffic toward Philly!


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