Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Things We Do When We're Desperate...

Have you ever been in a situation that made you feel so desperate that you were willing to try anything to make it better?

I have. It was called being Gavin's Mom.

I was constantly on a quest to make his life better in every way. Simple things like finding ways to make sure he felt included and could participate in family activities. Or figuring out ways to physically improve his life with equipment or clothing or shoes or aids or new therapies. I was always on a quest to improve his health and nutrition - and to keep his playroom neat and constantly interesting so he could move around and enjoy himself. But honestly, my greatest mission in life was to figure out his diagnosis - and that was the source of my desperation and most of my sleepless nights.

Back in February of 2013 - just a couple months before we would lose Gavin so suddenly - Chasing Rainbows was nominated for an award by Parent's Magazine. I never in a million years thought I would win - and didn't care. It was a huge honor to be noticed and nominated - but to be honest, it was MOST exciting to suddenly have a platform. I used it, shamelessly, to put Gavin into the universe - hoping that someone out there would recognize something in him that would lead to a diagnosis. 

It was a fascinating experience. I got a lot of suggestions... a lot of "Gavin looks like my child who has"... ideas for tests to ask for... and a reader who suggested that I contact a "Medical Medium" by the name of Anthony Williams. I took every suggestion and every thought seriously. I sent an email to Gavin's geneticist that same day and asked her what she thought of a list of new syndromes and disorders. And I immediately contacted Anthony Williams and got an appointment almost overnight. The call at that time was $350 for an hour. (It is now $500 for a HALF hour) I remember sitting on the phone waiting to talk to Anthony and I was so, so excited. I was sure I was about to get the answers about Gavin that I had been searching for since the day he was born.

I explained to him my desperation to get answers about Gavin's mysterious, undiagnosed genetic syndrome. He spent the first ten minutes or so talking about supplements. The history, which brands he prefers, which supplements help with what. Then he told me that mercury was the cause of Gavin's issues - that I passed actual mercury on to him and a mercury sensitivity in utero, causing his physical, neurological and developmental issues and explaining his features. Basically, that he suffered mercury poisoning in my womb. He said that was the cause of all of my miscarriages as well (nine at that time). He also said I had the Epstein-Barr Virus in my system. Then... it was back to supplements again. He was a very nice person so I tried to remain patient. I thought he was just getting off track and would get back to helping me with our medical mystery. 

He didn't.

I watched the clock tick and tock - and watched our money continue to fly out the window - as he spent 95% of our call discussing supplements and telling me to write down which brands of supplements to give Gavin and which I should take. I wondered, in frustration, if he got a kickback from supplement companies! You can read that original post here.

I hung up feeling very upset... very foolish... and extremely dissatisfied. I had been told he could "diagnose" and I didn't get that. But - if you know what it feels like to be desperate, then you know what I did next. I convinced myself that maybe that was exactly what I needed to hear. Maybe the supplements WERE the answer! Maybe Gavin's issues WERE "my fault" when I passed on mercury to him. So I went out and bought all the expensive supplements and made small dietary changes. I did them all for Gavin and for me.

Just forty eight days after that call, Gavin died of a random febrile seizure that stopped his heart and led to brain death. He was gone - only 5 1/2 years old.

For months, I stressed and questioned doctor after doctor about the supplements wondering if we hurt him in any way or they led to his death. It was an excruciating time. (Thankfully, every doctor assured us it was not our fault and the supplements were not at all the cause.)

After Gavin died, Anthony William's assistant called and said he requested that we call him. I suppose he either read that Gavin died on my blog or saw it on social media. I did NOT appreciate being summoned by him when it was my son that died, after all. I never called him - and he never called again.

Since that time, I have received close to 500 emails from people who googled Anthony Williams, found my post and have questions. Most of them are writing to ask my opinion before they put themselves on a waiting list for a $500 call. Many have written to tell me about their call - and how they won his "lottery" and were picked for an appointment. I answer every email personally - even though 75% of them end with "I hope Gavin is doing well!" I suppose it has been my new mission to keep people from making the same, foolish mistake that I did.

The following comments are all "alleged" experiences by those who have had appointments with the medical medium, have bought his new book or have listened to his radio show. I want to emphasize the word "ALLEGED" so no one comes after me.  ;-)

Over the last month or so I could tell that something had shifted because I started to receive at least ten emails each day. It turns out that Anthony Williams released a book. I was told by many people that they were offered incentives to give his book five star ratings on Amazon - prizes, autographs, etc. I personally feel like that is immoral... especially toward desperate individuals who are seeking answers and then are misled by all the praise! At one point he was offering a $3,000 prize for the most inspiring Amazon review. I'm sure the "winner" was someone from his publishing team. You'll be hard pressed to find anything negative about him anywhere on the internet (which is one of the reasons why I'm writing this post). I am quite sure he has a team of people keeping his image squeaky clean. You'll notice his Facebook page doesn't allow visitor posts - and he personally answers every single comment under his own posts. I'm not sure if he's a "medium" or a "nutritionist" - nearly every post is about what supplement to take and not focused on medical issues. People who are gravely ill contact him which makes me very sad.

ALLEGEDLY, the "lottery pool" is a ploy to make every person feel "hand picked" and oh, so lucky. Everyone wins the "lottery" - and the prize is losing $500!

There seems to be a theme from people who have contacted him. He has (allegedly!) told them all that they (or their children) have the Epstein-Barr virus, shingles or mercury in their bodies - or have had mono as a kid. All of these things can explain anyone's symptoms. Then he puts everyone on a benign supplement regimen that is pretty standard and well known to anyone in the health care world. There is nothing "spirit-led" about it.

He claims that he is the only person in the world with this gift - as a medical intuitive. My personal opinion, but if Anthony Williams was the real deal, don't you think the internet would be blowing up with "I'm healed!" or even "I'm so much better because of his advice" stories? You don't see the internet blowing up because everyone is either ashamed that they fell for him, no longer with us or have just moved on with their life (less a big chunk of money). Allegedly, of course.

I feel glad when the people who don't have $500 to lose write to me and I can keep them from handing over their rent money... grocery money... and their hopes to him.

I feel sad when people write to me who are so, so sick or were like me and have a child they are desperate to help. I know their pain and their struggle and hate bursting their bubble with my story about my experience - and the many, many emails I've received from people who had the same experiences.

If you're thinking, "She's just bitter because her son died and wants someone to take it out on" - well, you're wrong. I tried it all for Gavin - including contacting a "medical medium." Or should I say, "THE" medical medium... since he claims he's the only person alive who has this special gift. Too bad The Medical Medium couldn't have given me a head's up that Gavin would have an issue that could cause his death. Perhaps there could have been a way we could have intervened.

Of course we couldn't have intervened - and of course he wouldn't have known that Gavin would die - because he's a fraud. 


I know what it feels like to be desperate. I do. And I know what it feels like to be sick and want to be well. I feel that every day. But Anthony Williams is not your answer. 

I've answered hundreds and hundreds of emails since 2013, but hopefully this post will put an end to them. And hopefully Gavin and I will continue to help people by sharing our experience.

If you found this blog post by googling the Medical Medium, please consider this YOUR sign from above... save your money and your time and your pride. Do not contact him.

Some lessons are learned in hindsight, unfortunately.

(Boy, Gavin, our journey together continues to be a wild, interesting, twisty-turny, lesson-filled, sometimes bizarre (allegedly)... and always a loving one. I miss you so much.)


  1. As an author who would love people to leave reviews for her book on Amazon, I can tell you that it is, in fact, against Amazon policy to compensate the reviewer in any way for their review. Even "gifting" the reviewer the book can cause the review to be pulled.

    1. That may be Amazon's official stance. However, I've seen plenty of reviews stating they received the product for free on return for a review. Let's be honest, a good percentage of those reviews are skewed towards the positive because they received something for free. If they give a negative review what company would choose to send a free product to them again??

    2. It happens on Amazon all the time. People even admit they were given a reduced price for their "honest" opinion. Yeah right!

    3. What if you are wrong about Medical Medium? How many people will not be saved by his work? I have been on the list to be called for almost a year, but I don't need to speak with him because I followed his book, his teachings, and a FB group page for renewing our health. I am now healed from chronic adrenal fatigue, hashimotos, insomnia, hives, migraines, psoriasis, central nervous symptoms, hair loss, vision issues, and so on. I eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle because of Medical Medium. While he charges for the book, there is no charge for his blog or radio shows. I am so sorry you lost your baby boy...that is horrible. I pray God grants you peace and blesses you with the knowledge that you will see him again in heaven. He is with you always. God Bless

    4. Bless Gavin, you, and your family for what you have been through. My son has been helped with simple suggestions that Anthony offered. We immediately had a reduction in his seizures. I was in a real rut after trying so many different things for his autism and feeling like I was hitting a wall. I found his website before his book came out and was real skeptical. Even though the doctors missed the diagnosis of autism I don't blame them. Despite a whole team of doctors and much more time with your son than one 1 hour phone call with Anthony, they couldn't predict his death nor save your son's life. My money for Medical Medium was well spent but that's not to say that everyone would feel that way. I too am a medical doctor and had lost faith in the conventional medicine approach after seeing all the harm that has been done even when I pointed it out to my colleagues for specific patients in specific cases. I have had many patients see improvement using Anthony William's protocols. I understand that Gavin also received some other dental treatments that may have affected his ability to detox heavy metals (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm curious if you stopped using Anthony's protocols because I thought you said that the cilantro helped very quickly. I'm not going to change your mind, nor you mine but I think other people deserve to investigate the Medical Medium because if even if the only thing they do is change their diet and get relief, then it's worth it for them.

  2. I only have one word to discribe this man...... Karma.

    I'm so very sorry you had that experience. I know several mediums, who are legitimate and true to the art. People who exploit others are horrible souls who only care about the money and not about the person on the other end of the line. Hugs to you as you continue your journey. I hope this post reaches people and keeps others from being mislead by this guy (who is clearly not a medium ....).

  3. Thank you for posting this. A lot of people wouldn't for fear of retaliation or fear of being discredited and appreciate your courage. I don't blame you for doing everything you possibly could in the hopes that something, anything might have made Gavin's life a bit easier, but that man and his whole "team" are despicable.

  4. If this person is fraudulent (Notice I said IF) then the truth will out. In MY opinion (again I said MY opinion) ALL monies should be returned and the appropriate authorities. I know here in the UK you need to have a license in medicine to give medical advice, I would be surprised if it wasn't the same in the US.

    1. Tessa - but here's the funny thing. He claims he's a "medical medium" and identify mystery illnesses, can take a full body, "energetic" body scan to detect your health issues, and blah blah blah - yet all he truly does is repeat the same source of issues and recommend supplements. He never really does give medical advice more than the store clerk at your local GNC vitamin store. ;-)

  5. As always, beautifully written Kate, in your honest and loving manner. Wowsers the things your family has gone through! I'm so happy that you're continuing to blog, I would truly miss you.

  6. He's a crank and a thief. Shame on him. I get very angry at people like him who peddle lies and misinformation about conditions they don't understand.

    You did the right thing.

  7. BRAVE MAMA, Thank you for sharing your story! I am sure this will help so many people! Stuff like this really bothers me, especially when people claim to be able to diagnose someone over the phone. xoxo


    1. This was such an awesome read. Thank you for sharing! I hope EVERYONE who finds this post will see this comment and read that post, too! :-)

    2. above link doesn't work anymore. can you share more about what was said in it?

    3. The site appears to be gone, but saves many webpages, and this one was saved at .

  9. I think invalidating Anthony William is a mistake. It comes from a hurt mama - yes, the hurt is untenable - I cannot even imagine this and my heart goes out to you. Anthony is a loving soul who cares about we all are, however differently it is expressed in our lifetime. Let us not take the low ground to diminish one another - this is inviting a lower vibration into your system tha is not healthy. Take the high ground and trust you reached out to all you could in time of severe and intense need...and we all are doing our best. Blessings and Love, Elya

    1. It's not diminishing another when trying to prevent others from falling victim to a fraudster. In my opinion Kate is taking the high ground by trying to help people save their money to put toward a legitimate medical practitioner.

    2. If Anthony Williams is a "loving soul" and he "cares about people" please explain to us why he charges $500 USD per half an hour of over-the-phone consult?

    3. Elya, that is absurd. There is no greater aspect in all of creation than justice, in my view, and a scam artist who takes money from suffering people deserves to get punished. Other people should not "take the high ground" while the scam artist continues be an unjust person, depriving others of real healing solutions. Sitting around and doing nothing just creates an unjust society, which is good for no one at all. I am very thankful of people on the Internet sharing their experiences with all sorts of people like this guy so less people are fooled, and truth can be revealed.

    4. If doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc are also here to help you, why do they charge $1000 for an MRI, whereas another facility charges $350? Next time you see your primary doctor, as him if he cares about you. If he says yes, then ask him why he's charging a copay.

  10. Someone drank the Kool-Aid. He's a crook.

  11. Today I sent you an email (which you can delete) because I purchased his book in search of answers.
    Exhaustion, pain in my side, constipation, vertigo, heartburn and depression had plagued me for many, many years. MD's diagnosed me with narcolepsy and prescribed controlled substances to keep me awake then sent me on my way.
    I'd complain year after year that I felt the exhaustion was food related but I was continually dismissed. I went for so many special tests and studies which revealed nothing but cost me a LOT of moolah!
    During a happy hour, which I didn't consume alcohol because it began making me sick years ago and wasn't worth it, a friend gave me the name of an alternative Doctor. I plugged it into my phone and there it stayed for over a year.
    One morning I had just had it with feeling awful and called the guy. My first appointment he did a bunch of reflex tests and concluded that my organs weren't really working except my kidneys and spleen and my liver and gallbladder were struggling. He suspected Epstein Barr. WHAT?! My doctor told me years ago that I tested positive for it but I dismissed it because I never had mono! He sent me on to another alternative Doctor who did further testing and he confirmed what the first diagnosed plus said I had Lymes! He said regular blood tests only test for a couple of strains but that there are over 100 strains of it! He showed me a box of vials that he had collected from all over the world. We had a long discussion about it and he assured me all the aches and pains were not in my head as I feared the MDs believed.
    A few years earlier a DO connected the dots. I had a blood transfusion at 13 and before blood was screened for many diseases and that DO concluded that's where I must have contracted the virus.
    The alternative Doctor gave me tons of supplements and asked me to juice for all my meals for the next 6-18 months. I lasted a week. But, I felt better that 1 week!
    Fast forward another year. I was in immense pain and was desperate and found the book "Medical Medium" and ordered it.
    Now I had my annual physical and I had to tell her that it had been my gallbladder all along. She wanted me to have it removed because she did and she felt better. NO!! I've already done all the stuff the MDs had me do in hopes of feeling better with no success!
    After just reading 1/3 of the book I cut the meats, chicken, eggs, dairy, processed foods, sugars and flours out of my diet. No supplements beyond what I was already taking, yet. I am feeling tremendously better! No pain in the right side for 2 months!! I realize it's a very long process but I'm willing to stick with it until my body beats this thing!
    By the way. 2 years after the transfusion I had shingles. Also, I began getting strep throat about 20 years ago and still get it about once a year. (Anthony ties those illnesses together).
    My reason for writing is to show you there ARE positive results. I know it will just get better from here.

    1. Hi, Pie - I'd love to hear if your Narcolepsy improved on the Medical Medium diet. I am just starting the diet (I did an elimination diet cutting out the bad top 10 for 6 months, but as we see in the book, there are specific healing foods). Thanks in advance!

  12. Hi Kate,

    Thank you for sharing your side of the story. I am truly sorry for your loss.
    As a mother of a 3 years old, I totally understand the pain of losing one's child (and the potential dreadful thought associated with it).

    While I have read Anthony's book, I am neither for or against Anthony Williams. (For my detail stance, please feel free to refer to my FB note: There are certain things I think he advocate which I am at best skeptical at worst I think are outright dangerous, but there are also major credits to his dietary and nutritional recommendations if one is willing to strictly follow it. When most people can afford to buy his book, not many in the world can afford the amount of time and money I spent on to get myself to my 99% of recovery. His book summarised 70% of my findings in the past 2 years well and is overall worth the value.

    I have read your story from the 2 blog posts you have written, plus all of your response to your blog post. While it is really unfortunate that Gavin passed on, it seems to me that Gavin did have some improvements in his quality of life before his passing. In your case as a mother, I saw that you have place really high hopes on Anthony and things didn't turned out the way you wish. Please note, though - children febrile seizure is one such condition that even current medical community knows nothing about - and they are very frank about it. If God needs to take someone away, it is extraordinary hard for anyone to "predict", and frankly, I am not sure whether people wishes to say this kind of things if you are in Anthony's shoes (whether he is legit or not). Thus, I don't think it is at all fair to expect Anthony, or anyone else for that matter, to be able to circumvent that one.

    My appeal to all others reading this note is simply as follows: It is very easy to dismiss and call people name just because we have our hopes shattered. It is also very easy to encourage others to call out names. I would encourage all subsequent posters that unless you have read his book, tried things out to the best of ability for a few months, or that you have had a reading with him which also didn't work out after you tried it out for a few months, we should refrain from jumping into conclusion, let alone calling others names.

    My appeal to Kate:

    While I think his book does have a lot value for people who are willing to follow it, it is good that you are one of the few blogs out there which caution others and make them pause and think - it is a very important perspective! As mention in my own my thought sharing in my FB Note, whether he is spirit led I cannot care the less, as long as it works on me and my family, and I think he is actually on the right track (despite many of his controversial theories).

    At this point in time, I think reading his book and trying out the items are more than enough for 95% of us, as for whether people still want to blow a big chunk of money after that, I will let people decide for themselves.

    As for your feeling towards Anthony: You have done your job in sharing your perspective, now please be kind to yourself let that one go - it is not good for anyone including yourself and your family. Peace!

  13. So sorry to hear about your son, I lost an adult son from the mistakes made by the supposed medical "profession" most who have just basically becomes the whores of the pharmaceutical companies.
    I ran across a copy of this guy's book, and it was so woo woo I almost laughed because he is claiming some unique "gift" when all he is really doing is blaming everything unknown on a particular virus and recommending a plant based diet, which absolutely does work for reversing many illnesses, but anyone can do it for FREE. Supplements are unregulated and are questionable at best, better to eat the whole food with all it's complementary elements. But even the best diet isn't going to cure all illnesses. Still, a better place to start than taking pharmaceuticals that kill.

  14. If someone has mercury issues cilantro is the worst thing to reccomended since it chelates mercury from the body.This is fine if the individuals detoxification pathways are open and/or the body is strong enough to handle the chelation of metals but for most chronically ill people that is most definitely not the case.Detoxing mercury and heavy metals should be a very tedious and cautious process.The cavelier way in which this AW approaches heavy metal toxicity says that even if he were right about the diagnosis of mercury toxicity,his method of treating it would not only harmful but extremely wreckless at best.The issue isnt really about mercury or cilantro however,the issue is that he doesnt really know what anyones health issues are.Its a script and he tells everyone with subtle variations among each.The real issue is about him being a fraud and preying on innocent people with a need.Im so sorry for your loss but hopefully you have helped someone with this post.I have several friends falling for this guy and will most definitely be refering them to your article from here on out.

  15. Dear Kate, I can't tell you how glad I am to have come across your post. I will spare you my medical issues - the list is long - and I will tell you that I am a sucker! I bought the book and was really thinking that I had found the answers that I was seeking - because nothing else was working. I contemplated spending the money on a phone consultation but something didn't sit right with me. I prayed that God would give me a sign if this wasn't legit and then I "Googled" him and this post popped up. I feel pretty silly right now - believing that this could be true - but as you mentioned, I WANTED to believe it so much. Thank you for helping me see straight again, and not fall victim to my desperateness. I also wanted to add that I am so very sorry for the loss of your awesome that Gavin's story (and of course yours) is helping others.

  16. Danielle, Anthony truly saved my life and the life of my little sister. I consider the money I spent to have a consultation with him to be the best money I have ever spent in my entire life and am grateful every day for the supplements and dietary changes he recommended for me. To some these might seem insignificant but they weren't for me. I thanks God for him every single day. Just a counter perspective. Blessings on your journey.

  17. THANK YOU for bringing me back to reality and saving me $500! I'll go ahead and eat cilantro because I like it, but I'm not going to juice 2 16oz celery juices EVERY MORNING. You are so right about there not being a lot of posts about him being helpful; I came across your post because I was trying to find out if he's not all that...and before I started taking supplements I'd never heard of. I am very sorry you lost your son. As a mom I would've tried anything too to help my child.

  18. 500 dollars to speak to him on the phone would be a scam. Following the diet is a healthy eating plan and should help some. I joined a group who were doing the protocol and spending hundreds on the supplements but said you have to call him to know which ones to buy. Also you need to call one of his mediums as a follow up which was 250 I believe. Cheaper I am sure because they don't have the spirit connection. I saw women on there who were saving money to buy a bottle off of the list. They would not be able to call anyone due to money issues. I also saw some that had called several times, and must of had money to burn. When you buy the book you can join his group on FB where everyone tells their story of illness. So as you have to wait for them to set up your consult with Anthony it would be easy for them to look at all of your posts for your symptoms and problems which can be brought up like they know some things about your health that only spirit could pick up on. The FB group is closed for people who don't have the book by the way. I had to show I bought it from Amazon. He had a couple of retreats the first one in Florida where he blasted the group with energy from spirit...Yoga on the beach...healthy lunch. It was two days. I wanted to go as it was the end of winter and it was warm and sounded wonderful. I think it has everything to do with money. The second meeting was somewhere less appealing and was a one day event. Flight hotel and a couple of people would be picked for a free reading...oh and the room would get a blast of energy from spirit. I was lucky to buy fruits and veggies and a bunch of supplements. When the book came out and he raised his fee from 250 to 500 it is easy to see he is going to gather as much money as he can while he is in the limelight. I have no intention of buying his second book. Some of those pills made me feel sick and they said it shows they are working! Cats claw and some type of mushroom...sick.

  19. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I'm so sorry for your loss, its truly terrible to lose a child. My prayers are with you and your family.

    Saying that though, I completely disagree with your representation of Anthony. He has helped me, and at least 15 of the friends that I have referred to him. From near death experiences, to overcoming mystery illnesses. If you read within his Facebook Members Group of nearly 15k people, or his main Facebook page of 1.7M people, there are testimony after testimony of people getting amazing results and healing.

    And I don't understand the concern over the $500? I have gone to a specialist with my child in the past that was $2000 an hour. Thankfully most of us have insurance to cover part of big expenses like this, but its not uncommon for a specialist to charge a lot more than $500 or even $1000. And honestly, what is your health worth? Is the $500 the main focus? I drove my child to 19 specialist who had no answers. When I finally found the solution with Anthony, the $500 was the least of my concern. Not because I am made of money, but because I spent at least 30x that amount trying to figure out the problem. And any amount of sacrifice is worth if for me for my children's health.

    Also, instead of selling online programs like every other doctor or health teacher does, he created 2 extensive online courses that walks through all his materials, with free recipe downloads, audios, pdf, etc, for 100% free.

    If you were part of any discussion group you'd know the Lottery is 100% legit. I know people who have been waiting for over a year for an appointment.

    Also by reading your first post, it appears that Anthony's diagnosis was correct, and that you both in fact did have high levels of Mercury, which was confirmed by your own doctor. Then after starting Anthony's protocol, you said Gavin started walking, and even made a video of it cause you were so excited.

    It sounds like because Gavin passed shortly after that, that it seems easiest to blame Anthony, the last person helping. My question is, how many other doctors did you see during that time? Did you write blog posts exposing how they didn't help you too?

    I would hate to see people who are in desperate need of help, and who are having trouble finding answers, find this post and be discouraged. As it carries a lot of hurt and pain, and unfortunately not the truth.

    1. I absolutely agree with your whole post. Sometimes things like death can cloud the big picture.

  20. Toni Baker
    And who/what is this "spirit"????? Satan can appear as an "Angel of light", or there is no spirit at all, just part of his scam? Vety disturbing to me, as a believer, who after hearing about this book from my counselor,,and a couple Chrstian friends who thought it was good, started searching for reviews. I had checked it out from he library, but returned it as the Holy Spirit in me was sending off warning alarms. Whatever is your faith or belief, realize that even if he really believes he has insight from Spirit, he could be very mislead, by a force of darkness. Yes,,there really are angels of light and angels of darkness. Their works will reveal their true identity

  21. My concern is this talk of "spirit"; as a believer it raises my hackles; what spirit is guiding him? I have to trust my gut, the Holy Spirit in me sending out warning alarms.

    Wanting to check out Mr Williams though, I searched for reviews and found this . Now; if I had a sick child, I would try anything, even this if it offered any hope!!!

    That being said, I myself once ate similar to what he recommends, a 100% raw food diet, lots of green juices, and saw amazing results in my health and others; like cancer reversal, the WORST cancers; bladder, pancreatic, liver. etc; MS in remission, auto immune disorderes reversed, etc. But even that has drawbacks, as after 2 years of this, I started having other health issues!!! And a lot of other raw foodist too! Ended up on tons of supplements, which by the way most raw foodist do also! After being told to add Amino Acid supplements, because of so much muscle loss and unable to increase it with exercise/weighs, I said forget it, and slowly changed to an organic whole food diet with cooked foods.

    Point is, this type of diet, raw food, lots of juicing veggies and eating fruit, is a known cure for many illnesses. And less extreme diets, like whole food organic, have same results. Like G.A.P's diet by Dr Campbell-McBride; FREE except cost of authors book.

    Ok; I do believe Mr Williams could have insight into specific issues, like Mercury for Kate and Gavin. However, you can seek out other health advocates for help to get answers. I would recommend Dr Ellen Cutler's program BioSat. She has trained hundreds of practitioners all over the world. She is expensive too; $500 an hour for her, but $250 for one trained under her, at her Bay Area clinic near SF, CA. (One of the most expensive areas to do business in the nation). I saw a practitioner in Missoula, MT, for $60-$100 a visit; for a 1 1/2 to 2 hour appointment. Now this is hands on, very insightful healing session; I mean some relief by end of session!!! Also, NAET is similar, actually what Dr Cutler started in. These healing treatments consist of correction of energy flows, blockages in meridians, identifying and eliminating allergies, finding the root cause of an illness, etc. use of enzyme therapy, milepost his, and herbals. CK it out on Google.
    There are also excellent Functionsl Medicine MD's, DO's and chiropractors, that have helped so many.

    So back to Mr Williams; I dought he is purposefully scamming; I do believe he is deluded, as there is Gods true spirit, the Holy Spirit, and then there are spirits of darkness, subtly leading in a very dark direction, with a lot of right answers along the way. Does this make sense? In other words, biblically, satan can appear as an "angel of light", LIGHT! thus leading one in what seems to be a positive directions with great results, yet times when there is error, because he is not God, where there would never be an error. Please, no matter what your beliefs or faith is, accept that there is some truth in what I have shared.
    Lisa; you never shared your child's condition or if he/she was helped by Anthony Williams? If you are still searching for answers CK out BioSet or NAET; get a very experienced practitioner.
    Kate; Gavin is running and laughing and talking with the Lord in heaven, waiting to see you again!
    God bless you; you are an amazing mother and woman!

  22. Hi Kate, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all this information about Anthony William. I just recently came across him and am reading his book. I appreciate the heads up. It did inspire me to look more closely at my diet, always a good suggestion. But mostly, I wanted to say I'm so sorry Gavin is no longer with you. It sounds like you did absolutely everything possible to help him. Sending love and light and wishing you more and more joy every day.

  23. I agree 100%. My brother in law was cured of chronic colitis through Anthony and my family is thriving on his dietary recommendations. Don't knock it until you try it.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I am so sorry you lost your son. I was helped tremendously by the Medical Medium book. I always recommend it to people. I don't care if he is a true Medium, or a genius Marketer, after 15 years of struggling with digestive issues, I can move forward with my life!!

  26. I went looking for some reviews on AW, glad i found this. So sorry for your loss. I hear you, you paid for a promise of medical intuitive information, you got some re the mercury but mostly expensive advise on diet and supplements that you could get at any health food shop. I've been on a similar route with both my sons always hopeful of a turn around for them. most therapists i meet are genuinely caring but have their own adgenda, opinion, limited experience, ego limitations. You did the absolute best you could following leads chasing rainbows as you so beautifully put it. To all mothers I bow. To those AW has attracted to himself because of his gift I say shame on ye. My own theory is there is now a big marketing team around him and its become abit of a monster. When i first heard about him i followed a few leads to an interview. I was most surprised to hear 'him' say "Antony says..." he quickly went back to pretending to be Antony neither he nor the interviewer mentioned the faux pas. Enough?! Shame, as like some people above here have commented the advice being given is getting some good results, well researched and up to date AND as old as time, clean eating works. Internet marketing is a cold ,money focused callous in the face of human suffering, entity. All that fear based spirit lottery, dreamed up, probably not by AW but some spin marketer, this type of marketing is as old as snake oil but still as stink and with the www much more lucrative, To AW I say ,reclaim your gift from this machine that has gone a few steps too far, Reclaim your integrity. To all mothers I say listen to your own gut knowing and keep on keeping on. We might try a few bloopers along the way but we will never sit back and do nothing, we will prevail, charlatans, well meaning doctors, genuine helpers in our wake as we walk the rainbow way towards our families greatest good.
    May all beings be well.

    at 8.43, this is the interview and the point i mentioned .

    1. He's talking about people's reactions after reading in his book that their problems were not due to the labels provided by doctors IE. Auto immune.

  28. Firstly, I want to say I'm so sorry for your loss. Holistic stuff can't cure or solve every problem. And I don't think you did anything wrong. You did everything that you could for your son, it sounds like from your posts.

    Now, how can someone who supposedly has a gift, charge so much? Shouldn't he use a sliding scale for those who are too poor to afford his high consultation rate? And furthermore, wtf? I use holistic treatments, but find that they don't solve everything, don't do everything. I've done everything for my current medical conditions, which keep getting worse. I'm reliant on many pharmaceutical meds as well as herbs & supplements. I think most people should take high-quality vitamins, since it's pretty difficult to get all the nutrients you need on your best day.

    But it sounds as if his "diagnoses" are almost always the same for everyone? Maybe I'm mistaken. And maybe he's not out to intentionally scam anyone. Someone I was discussing this book with on Amazon is so confident in his work that she's offered to send me the book. I'm like wow! I don't know if she's a marketer or just a person who found this to be truly helful for her life. She says that she's gotten her health back from this book. I take it all with a grain of salt, as I've not managed to do much for myself except need a very long list of things to function at my best.

    I have reserached a lot, and also found a lot of the stuff I need. Unfortunately knowing what to do and being able to afford all the things you need are two very different things. Don't know that my comment has contributed any value, just really felt like putting in my two cents.

  29. Kate, first my deepest condolences on the loss of your son. I'm so sorry. I want to thank you for your willingness to share your experience. How did you know I'd be searching for answers on behalf of my daughter? And I would gladly pay any amount of money (all the money I have), if I thought it could help her. But the question is always..what is wrong with her? Its incredibly frustrating and scary when no one seems willing to give an answer. Generally, its "try these pills" but with little definitive understanding of what may be going on. It's so tempting to want to believe there is some person with a *magical* answer. My SIL recommended the book last night and of course, I immediately ordered my digital copy. *Sigh* Diet and supplements..of course!!! Why didn't I think of that? Leaky gut, mercury toxins... How I would love to believe. And desperate parents will believe. He lost me early in his book when he completely mischaracterized the mechanism of how drugs meant to help people with MS work. There is no drug right now that can repair myelin; at best the drugs used for MS seek to prevent/minimize MS inflammation which is what produces MS symptons. Anyways, the advice to eat a healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables,forego industrialized grain products and use stress modifying techniques - is as old as humankind. After all, my grandmother told me 50 years are what you eat. I think the Bible and Hippocrates said the same thing. For those who have been helped, I think it's wonderful but of course, you're going to feel better - fewer calories, easier to digest foods. It seems obvious to me. Eat less crap, eat more healthy stuff, drink some water. Relax. When we take care of ourselves, the body is remarkably cooperative.

    Again, I'm so sorry your precious son was taken so early. And, again, thank you. The last thing our family needs right now is another futile $500 path. (If I could get my daughter to eat a healthy diet - I think 80-90% of her physical and psychological issues would improve.)

  30. His book saved my life!! I am a registered nurse so I have 20 years experience with sick people. I was so sick I felt like my organs were shutting down. After many doctors and many labs done showing all systems where not functuining properly I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After reading the medical medium book i insisted to be treated for epstien barr. Which I tested positive. I follow his dietary and supplements as they come from OUR earth. That's where all disease starts is mineral and vitamin deficiencies. I have retired from the traditional medicine. Pharmaceuticals just want to make money and keep people sick. I AM A TRUE BELIEVER!!

  31. I have a background in health, and reading his (borrowed) book was akin to a nightmare. Taking known health advice and using it as some special gift is thievery, but claiming it is uniquely his and whispered in his ear by God makes him a charlatan. Shame on him and so sorry for your trials.


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