Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hope's First Haircut!...

Today was the big day!! After watching Hope shove her hair out of her eyes fifty times a day, every day... and watching her immediately remove any bow or headband or masking tape I used to a: contain her hair or b: identify her as a girl in public... I gave in and decided she needed to get a haircut.

Haircuts are a big deal in our family. Gavin and Brian had their first haircuts with Miss Silvia much earlier than Hope and went every month faithfully (Brian still does). Gavin would sit on my lap and smile through the entire thing. I would set a portable DVD player on Miss Silvia's station and he'd happily watch one of his favorite movies while Brian sat patiently in his stroller and waited his turn.
He was just as happy to sit for his cuts every time, too. 
So we really didn't know what to expect from Hope. She's not one to sit still for very long unless she's strapped in! I figured I'd have to work hard to hold her still on my lap - and bring lots of bribes.
Brian was SO excited about Hope's first haircut that he made me promise to schedule it when he could be there. And he reminded me to bring that DVD player. If I look into the crevices, I bet it still has Gavin and Brian's little hairs in them. Think I was exaggerating when I said haircuts are a big deal in our family? Ed raced from work so he could be there for Hope's milestone! It was a family affair. And it was a little emotional for all of us. As soon as I pulled out that DVD player, even Miss Silvia got choked up. Gavin was definitely there with us... and I'm sure he was pleased that I chose one of his favorite "Baby Einstein" movies. 

Imagine our surprise when Hope climbed into the seat and... sat there!! Silvia put the cape on her and... she didn't move!
She spent her time watching the movie... 
or looking at Brian or her Daddy. 
She was so good!! 
Take a look! 

 The end result was an adorable, short "bob" with cute bangs. It can be swept to the right or the left and, most importantly, it will stay out of her eyes! 
She doesn't look thrilled (it was during a suspenseful part in her Baby Einstein movie) but you can get an idea of how it looks from the front. 
But once she heard her Daddy and Brian complimenting her, she was all smiles...
...and so were we.  We celebrated at a nearby restaurant for dinner!
It's hard to explain moments like this - and why we make a fuss like we do. I'm not sure that we even understand. All I can tell you is that it makes us happy to do these little things as a family. And to celebrate them with great joy.


  1. I cried when baby boy ( now 34) got his first haircut and then his first "big boy" haircut. I was glad that his daddy took him. I couldn't . Weird, huh? Hope you celebrated with dinner out!!

  2. she looks cuter than always, and such a good girl. I remember getting 16's first haircut she was an angel, good as gold. Unfortunately 12's first haircut didn't quite go to plan. 16 cut 12's hair with play scissors.....the plastic ones that don't cut anything...except hair. Luckily I had just left the room to put the dryer on so 16 couldn't do too much damage and nobody even noticed....I wonder if that's why 12 hates having her hair cut lol

  3. It's not hard to understand why these moments are important. ♡

  4. i teared up reading this post because of the way your family celebrates life each day and each moment. thanks for reminding us that every experience is worth celebrating!


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