Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Halloween Horror Story With a Happy Ending...

Happy Halloween!!!
It has been a fun... interesting... and mostly hilarious day here at the Leong house. I was very excited about Hope's "Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz" costume!! But did I mention that I accidentally bought an "Anna from the movie Frozen" wig? And by "accidentally" I most definitely mean "it was the only wig with long braids at Target and I wasn't about to traipse around town looking for a Dorothy wig. But "accident" makes me seem like a much less lazy Mom so can we please just go with that?

It didn't matter anyway - Hope HATES things on her head. Hoods, hats, headbands, bows... and now... wigs.
The photo shoot took about six hours of quickly putting the wig on and then furiously snapping photos and hoping one came out. Well, that describes just about every photo shoot, I suppose.
I called for help - I was most definitely a damsel in distress trying to get these pictures - and Batman arrived!!!!!
Actually, "Sassy Batman" arrived - Batman's cousin.
"Let me assess the situation," he said.
And then he assured me he could handle this costume crisis. "I got this, Ma'am," he proclaimed!
Sure enough - the next photo was our best. (As in, "I best come up with another plan.)
But even "Sassy Batman" couldn't keep the peace. Dorothy just refused to channel Anna or vice versa.
But then... in a twist of fate... I found myself in the basement hiding with a bowl of Halloween candy in our storage room. I turned my head and saw a flash of yellow and black. Drunk on candy and lazy Mom regrets, it took a moment for it to register. And then it stung me... it was the Halloween costume I bought for Hope before I bought the Halloween costume I thought I didn't buy! (Follow that?) And it was perfect!!!

Here is our BUSY BEE!!!!!
It made perfect sense. She is totally a busy bee even without a costume. And she must have known how fitting it was because she didn't mess with her headband antennae! 
The wings were a different story, though.
Hope is too little to go "Trick or Treating" and doesn't eat candy, so the costumes were just for pictures and fun at home. I gave her the pumpkin to carry around and practice "Trick or Treating" in the foyer and she had fun collecting treasures to fill her pail.
We learned from our neighbors that our street is a ghost town on Halloween. No one comes around - and everyone goes to other neighborhoods. Thank God, because I had already eaten half the bag of candy during the wig catastrophe. We had planned to split up - one of us would stay home with Hope to answer the door and the other would bring Brian to our old neighborhood to see friends. We were excited that now we could ALL go!

Batman was raring to go immediately after dinner. 
I didn't have time to get dressed all day so I just went out as is in my bathrobe. Oh yes... this is how I look when I wake up in the morning, naturally. I generally work hard to make myself look like a tired, haggard old housewife when I go out. You know, so I don't intimidate the other ladies. Ha ha!
We met up with Brian's friend, Daniel, and his brother, Nicholas and toured around the old neighborhood. Hope was a great sport in the stroller as we walked and laughed and watched the boys run from house to house. It was a chilly, but beautiful night.
When we got home, Brian told Mia all about it.
We have a good sport in Mia, that's for sure.
Our Halloween had the potential to turn into a Horror Story - but we finished with a fairy tale ending.

Hope everyone's Halloween was happy and fun!


  1. This just made me smile so big!! The kids are darling and you, my friend, looked ravishing!!

  2. Loved your. halloween. Adorable kids and mama too

  3. Loved the humor and the interesting story! Beautiful pics!

  4. Lol I love it! It's totally something I've done before! This year Halloween was great my 16 yo wanted to do "door duty" so I could sit on my butt reading the kindle ummm I mean rest ;D while The Hubster took our youngest and 3 of her friends trick or treating, even The Hubster got dressed up! We had said all the youngest' friends could stay over, 4 12 year olds hyped up on candy....they were still awake at 6.30 this morning! I'm so glad you all had such a good Halloween, Hope looked so cute in both of her costumes and Brian was just adorable as usual I loved your costume you looked great xo

  5. "Drunk on candy and lazy Mom regrets" sums up pre-Halloween for me too!! I knew a wig wouldnt' have worked for my 21month old either so I bought that red hair coloring spray. Well even after repeated washings Saturday night on Monday morning I get a call from daycare that my son might be having an allergic reaction to something. They then send me a picture of his scalp and I had to admit to them I chose to spray his head red instead of opting for a red wig so he could be Chucky for Halloween. I hit the candy HARD again that night.


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