Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reporting From the Sidelines...

I grew up in a family of very sporty guys. My Dad and brothers watch sports, play sports and go to sporting events. Growing up, it was a big part of our life. Well, let me rephrase that. It was a big part of THEIR life - and because I was the youngest, I was carted to every practice, every game, every everything. And the TV was typically turned on to... you guessed it. Sports. And now many of our nieces and nephews play sports and are even getting looked at by colleges, which is incredible! 

I was super happy - thrilled, even - when I married Ed. I mean he doesn't hate sports. He had played sports back in the day. But it's not a big part of his life. And I made sure he wrote in the prenup that he couldn't change his mind. (Kidding.)

Anyway - I would be lying if I didn't admit secretly hoping that I would have children who preferred the theater arts over sports... or anything, really (except illegal activities) over sports. (Kidding.) I felt I had paid my dues playing with my imaginary friend under the bleachers at my brothers' basketball games. Paid my dues swatting flies at my other brother's soccer games. I was done.

Except for one teeny little thing. I ended up with a boy who likes sports. 

Brian played T-Ball for two years - and loved it.
And now he is playing soccer for the first time this year and...
And I have to be honest. I love ALL of it. (NOT Kidding! Well except for standing in a field with flies swarming over my head.) And I find it all hilarious that I have a child who enjoys sports despite me!! Ed was out of town on the night of Brian's first practice and I continued to text him pictures, videos and "OMGs!!!" as I watched him in action out there on the field. 
We never taught him anything about soccer - and here he was running around chasing the ball like he knew what he was doing! I was stunned. And holy cow did he look cute.
The day of his first game arrived. He's on a team with three of his classmates, which makes it even MORE fun! (I missed one in the shot - you'll have to take my word for it that he's just as cute as the others)
The two coaches are very encouraging and patient. 
Granny came to watch Brian's first game - you can hear her in the background acting nervous and saying things like, "Get in there!" "Follow the ball" "Oh oh oh!" She made ME nervous for a bit. Was I supposed to get in there? Does Brian need me? And I AM trying to follow the ball, Mom - but I'm also trying to stop these FLIES from following ME!!! But, as it turned out, she was talking to Brian...

The good news is, Brian has my back. He has already given me several soccer tutorials. I know very little about soccer - but let him think I know nothing. He LOVES to teach me.
And I am loving every minute of it. I even found myself yelling and cheering! I just started copying the things Granny was saying. She is a seasoned veteran, after all. This is not her first time cheering from the sidelines!
Brian seems to be catching on to the game. I was so surprised to see him constantly running up and down the field non-stop. I asked him about it later...
"I figured out that if I keep running the whole time the flies can't catch me, Mom!" 
Well, well, well - at least I know he's mine!


  1. Wtg Brian, you played so well, you're a natural! Here in England, we take football (your soccer) very VERY seriously, and I think you played brilliantly xo

  2. That is hilarious that he runs to avoid the flies....I am SURE he runs to play the soccer part too....he just must have left that part out :)


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