Thursday, June 11, 2015

One of the Best Days of my Life...

Dear Brian,

I hope you remember this special day forever. I know I will! Today, the two of us went to see The Lion King. To say I have been anticipating this day would be a giant understatement. I have been waiting for this day for most of my life!!!

I remember when Granny and Pop took me to my first show. It was "Annie" in Philadelphia. I was hooked! Over the years we went to many more shows together - in Philadelphia and New York. They will remain some of my favorite memories with my Mom and Dad. I always dreamed of the day when I would take my own child to his or her first show. I knew I would splurge for great seats so the first experience was amazing...and they'd be hooked, too.

So here we are - I'm finally a Mom with a child who is at an age to really enjoy a show. When the Lion King came to town, I jumped on it and got tickets right away. I planned a special date for just the two of us right between your Kindergarten graduation and your half birthday - two great things to celebrate! 

All week leading up to today I was like a little kid anticipating Christmas. You were excited, too! We had a tiny army here with Hope - Granny and your cousins, Shannon and Claire. This morning I overheard you talking to Hope telling her that we'd both be gone all day...that she should be a good girl and not climb...and that you'd miss her a lot. (So sweet!)

We got all dressed up and headed out after lunch. The whole way down into the city we chatted about Minecraft, friends, Disney movies, architecture, name it! There was a lot of traffic so we had a lot of time. I loved it.

When we got to the Academy of Music, you were amazed. You really appreciate architecture (perhaps that is a sign of things to come!) and loved the ornate features in the theater - especially the huge chandelier. You were also really amazed when we kept walking closer and closer and closer to the front. We were third row, center!! 

The show was incredible (INCREDIBLE!) and you were mesmerized and well behaved and appreciative the entire time. 

You held my hand when you saw me crying a few times and leaned into me with giggles during the funny parts. I was so excited that you loved it so much - the whole experience! I had never seen The Lion King before (except the movie) and I was so happy that we were seeing it for the first time together. 
Brian, I can't express enough how much I love spending time with you. I really do! You are sweet and funny, thoughtful and silly, sentimental and loving. As we made the long, slow walk out of the theater in a sea of people all around us... I felt a soft kiss on my hand that you were holding. As I looked down, you were then holding that hand against your cheek. I could have cried right there. Oh wait - I did. You are just so, so sweet.
Our plan was to walk around the city and find a place to have dinner - really as a way to let the rush hour traffic settle down before we headed home. But you had a different idea. You told me that you thought we should head home so we could eat dinner there. You were worried that Hope was missing us - and that maybe Daddy felt left out. We grabbed some fun snacks for the drive home and enjoyed another long drive talking about the show, the city and how many cars and people there were, more architecture and Gavin. We both agreed that Gavin would have loved the music in the show.

As soon as we got home, you couldn't wait to show Daddy your program and tell him about the show...

And you were so happy to see your sister. The feeling was mutual! 
I taped part of our silly bedtime conversation tonight. Mostly so you could one day listen to me say, once again, that this was one of the best days of my life. 
I adore you, Brian Leong! I can't wait for our next show. (As long as it's close by, right? Ha ha!)


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  1. That's so great I'm so glad you both had so much fun. Both of my girls are going to see the lion king in July. It's a school trip and they get to stay overnight in a hotel in London then the following day they get to meet the cast and spend sometime with them talking about the play, the scenery etc. they can't wait and I think it will be the first time, since the girls were born, that it will just be The Hubster and I together without at least one of the girls with us lol!


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