Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Halfway to Seven!!...

Brian turned 6 1/2 on June 16th!
As you can see... he's very excited to be halfway to seven. I am not. At least twice a week I sternly tell him that he is breaking the rules.

"Brian, don't you remember the contract you signed with me when you were born? You promised me that you'd never grow up! You're supposed to stay little forever."
"No I'm not!" he giggles every time. "Everyone grows up! You grew up, Mommy!"
Ok, well that's debatable...
To celebrate his special day, we went to the Aquarium. Ed was able to take the afternoon off which made the day even more special!
We had the best time. Well, sort of.
Brian may have gotten a little too close to the sharks.
Hope was mesmerized by everything. Especially the hippopotamus tank! 
One of the hippos came right up to her and practically kissed her through the glass - it was unbelievable.
Brian loved helping Hope explore and play. Last time we were there, Hope wasn't walking. It was fun to let her loose to follow Brian around!
We were grateful that it wasn't crowded. We were able to take our time and the kids were able to walk right up to every tank...
...or be strolled at times.
Brian, Ed and I loved remembering the last time we were there with Gavin. He, too, was mesmerized by all the fish and on that final visit he insisted on walking the whole way through. It's a day we will never forget.
Brian always finds a way to include Gavin (and often Darcy, too!) in everything we do. On the way out of the Aquarium, he had to stop at the fountain outside so he could make a wish for his big brother. Gavin LOVED fountains. Brian made a special wish into a penny and tossed it into the water with a message...
It was a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful boy. Happy half birthday, Brian!


  1. Brian really is such a special little boy. His loving spirit and big heart is admirable. You guys are lucky to have him... but I'm sure you already know that. Happy 6.5 Brian!


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