Saturday, May 30, 2015

Eighteen Months of Hope!...

You are 18 months old today!!
I've been looking forward to writing this post to celebrate your 18 month "birthday" because you've changed in subtle, but HUGE ways since last month.

The only problem is, I'm not sure how to describe the changes. I can say you've calmed down some, but that implies that you were wild - which you weren't.
I can say that you're engaging more and interacting more and reciprocating with your play more - but that implies that you didn't do that last month, which you did!
I can say that you're communicating more - even with nonsense talk - and you're definitely getting your needs known to anyone and everyone who will listen... but that implies you weren't doing that before.
I just don't know how to explain it.
You're just....different.
More mature.
You give me longer hugs and sit longer on my lap for a book or a "chat" or a song. You even hold my hand sometimes! (Which is one of the quickest ways to my heart) And you have more patience to sit for a short game or a picnic with me!
You follow when you climb on the back of the couch and are about to go from the top of the couch over the half wall onto the kitchen table and rappel down to the ground but I say, "Hopi...get back down, please" and you slowly (with a smirk, of course) back your way down the couch to the ground. That's a fun game, isn't it? We play that, what, about 23 times a day?
Yep, you still love to climb. That much hasn't changed. But what has changed is how much more confident you are with your climbing. We watch you, obviously, but it's much less scary because you are so sure of your self and very coordinated, I must say. You love to be independent.
You love to take things apart to put them back together...or make a mess so you can clean it up. 
And you're very, very curious about everything!
Nothing - and nobody - gets past you. Not even you!
You still love to read...
...and you still love to take Mommy's phone
swipe your fingers on the screen like you know what you're doing
 and then hold it to your face and say 'Oooo?'
And the greatest love of all - your favorite person on Earth, I think, is Brian. You still adore... idolize... follow... imitate... and just love your big brother.
Hope, I know how very lucky I am that I get to spend my days with you. It has been so much fun getting to know who you are over the last 18 months. You're slowly becoming you - your own person - and I can tell that you have a confidence and a sureness about you that will take you far.
We never expected a life with you!
But boy, we can't even TRY to imagine life without you.
You are so, so special. And you are so, so loved.

Happy 18 Months!

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  1. So keep remember...way back when...finding your blog because my best friend, who's son was diagnosed with low muscle tone (amongst other things) posted it - April...our children...the same age...I sat up bawling, silently, not wanting to wake my husband and have to explain...then all of a such despair...there was Hope...for you! Not for me...I could not yet believe in Hope... I could not bare watching you go through MORE...all through spring, all through summer, all through fall, Hope crept in...for you and for me...In December I had no idea how much the weight had sunk in...until Hope was a reality and I took a deeper breath than I had in months! To read about her, and of course Brian, 18 months just takes my breath away. I love it. I love you. I love your family. I love watching you keep going. Amazing. Soul-full. <3


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