Sunday, March 22, 2015


This past week was the Just Between Friends Sale!!  It was a huge success all around.

If you read my last post, it might explain why I chose to use their "Valet Service" this time around.  I just didn't want to expend the energy and time on the consigning part.  So, I gave the things I wanted to consign to one of the JBF Valet team members and she organized everything, priced it all, tagged it all and even delivered it all to the sale for me.  All I had to do was collect it from my basement, drive it to her home and have a lovely conversation with her in her kitchen.  Done. The upside to using the Valet Service is - all of the above.  It saved me a ton of time and pressure that I didn't want to put on myself.  The downside - if you consider this a downside - is that you make less on your consigned items.  I split the profit three ways: I get 50%, the woman who tagged my items gets 20% and JBF gets 30% ... but I didn't care one bit.  I'd say it was a win for me!

I was up bright and early the day of the sale and was so ready to get in to shop.  I was there the night before and, as usual, was blown away by the amount of items.  Seriously - check out some of these photos...

Here's just some of the baby gear!
This was the row of clothes in Hope's size that I had to get through.  Yikes!!
If you were looking for a stroller, you were in luck.
Speaking of which, I get a lot of comments on Hope's favorite stroller.  You could have snagged it at the sale for THREE BUCKS!
A partial photo of the little girl toys...
...and just some of the puzzles.  Unbelievable, right?
But I know you're waiting to see what I bought.  I aim to please.  Here we go...

I had a goal to get some Easter presents for the kids.  Our Easter Bunny brings a few presents and less candy.  For Brian I found a fun airplane he can put together and then decorate however he wants.  He recently had a cardboard house just like this that he loved, so I know he'll have fun with this!  It was $12.00.
I also got him "Tabletop Air Hockey" - he and Ed will have a ball with this.  And if they don't?  Who cares - it was FOUR BUCKS!
And he'll love (it may be his favorite thing) this brand new snorkel and mask.  Brian takes a bath in our large master bathtub and practices going underwater with goggles on.  Now he can practice snorkeling for a future (probably the very FAR future) island vacation!  Brand new for $4.00.
I found presents for Hope's Easter basket, too.  I couldn't resist this brand new, with tags twin doll set in a perfect little cradle.  It is just the cutest thing.  $5.50.  Can you believe that?  $5.50!!
I think she'll also love this toy - I've always loved these.  It has beads, doors to open and close, mazes... it's bright and colorful and in perfect condition.   It's the "My Busy Town" by Alex, Jr.  The cheapest I could find this online was for $62.00.  I bought it for $20.00!!
I put those things aside so Brian and Hope wouldn't see them.  But I got some other things that I showed Brian right away.  Like this super cool "boogie board" for our beach vacation this summer!  He can't wait to learn how to use it.  It was $4.00.
And I made his day when I showed him these Star Wars ships - all for $12.00!
I was super excited to score this beautiful Pottery Barn Kids canvas bin.  I was able to remove the fabric to wash it and it looks brand new!  It's now in the playroom filled with Hope's stuffed toys and dolls.  It's perfect!  And it cost me $10.00.  Pottery Barn Kids, people!!
Now... on to the good stuff.  The clothes!

I got these for Brian.  Five shirts and six shorts from Gymboree, Polo, Kitestrings and Gap - all for $43.00.  That's about $3.00 an item!
Six pairs of sandals and shoes for Hope - three that looked like they'd never touched the ground.  Pediped, Stride Rite and those white sneakers are little Pumas (they were THREE BUCKS!).  I got all these shoes for $25.00.  Those pink glitter slip ons are even cuter in person.
Here are all the clothes I bought for Hope.  Baby Gap, Gymboree, Janie and Jack, Carters, Hartstrings, Tea, Hanna Andersson and Polo.  Most of these items were under $5.00.  The most expensive clothing item I bought for Hope was her Easter dress (not shown) for $10.00.
I love these two dresses - especially the one on the left that is from H&M and new with tags for $5.00!
I loved this $4.00 stretchy denim jean jacket from Old Navy.
And I could NOT resist these jackets.  Each of these (in different sizes) were $4.00!  Janie and Jack trench coat, London Fog polka dot windbreaker and a bright pink jacket from Hartstrings.
I did find an Easter dress for Hope that I LOVE - but you'll just have to wait to see that one!

I bought a few other things I didn't list here.  My total for everything was $268.42.  And wait...I ended up selling 117 items and making $281.38!  So, I came out $12.96 ahead!  Ha!

More than all of that, it is such a fun experience.  I love seeing my "JBF Family" and watching a community of women come together to create such a wonderful sale.  The sale helps so many people who don't want to pay retail.. can't afford to pay retail... have multiple children, foster children, grandchildren - you name it!  AND... if you don't want to pick up your unsold items (I didn't!) they are all donated to a local charity who is extremely grateful to receive them.

That's a wrap, folks!  I'm already looking forward to the Fall sale next September.


  1. I have been waiting to see this post. Thank you for sharing all of your treasures. You got wonderful deals.

  2. I love these sales, a bit sad that we didn't have them here in the UK when my 2 were small, although saying that I'd probably buy way to much stuff ⭕️❌

  3. I love seeing your posts about JBF! Our sale local isn't nearly as big as yours but you get such great deals, it's fun to see! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sale looks AMAZING! Wish we had one close to where I lived.


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