Monday, March 30, 2015

Sixteen Months of Hope...

Our little wild child is 16 months today!
Coincidentally, our sweet and peaceful daughter is 16 months today!
Hope is the whole package.  She has a feisty, fun, fearless side...
...and a sweet, angelic, quiet side.  I love this about her so much!
This month she has been so much fun.  Her favorite song now is "Old MacDonald" and she tries really hard to make the animal noises!  
So far, she can do a doggie sound and a dinosaur!  Take a listen!

What's that?  There are no doggies or dinosaurs on Old MacDonald's Farm?  Oh well... guess we have work to do.  She does have other talents!  Check out her kissing and hugging her heartbeat bunny on command!

Hope loves to explore!  She has started to really test her physical prowess and there's really no stopping her.  She and Brian chase each other and laugh and laugh and laugh - and she keeps up!!  She even likes to try to play hide and seek.
We childproofed the house years ago - even bolting furniture to the wall - but never needed it with the boys.  We are so glad we did all that. Hope is the one that will think to climb onto a chair to climb onto the counter - or scale the baby gate. 
Hope loves books, just like her brothers, and is getting better at sitting still for a longer period of time - even helping to turn pages!
But, like any busy little girl - her attention span is short.  There's always something new to see or do or climb!
She hasn't added any new words - but if she does, it will be for Brian.  The majority of Hope's "firsts" are reserved for her big brother which makes HIM so happy!!  He is currently badgering... er, encouraging her to say "Baa Baa" when he asks her what a sheep says.  Hope does have her own little language, though.  Take a listen to her sweet little voice...

It's hard to believe I've spent every day of the last 16 months with this sweet little girl.  It's gone so fast - yet in so many ways it feels like she's always been a part of me.
Happy 16 Months, sweet Hope!


  1. She almost wishes I could have a third baby...I did say almost lol. Hope is just so adorable as are her brothers. You and Ed make adorable children.


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