Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hope To See You There!...

Today I had planned to write a post on my consigning experience with Just Between Friends.

Today I had also posted this cute photo of Hope on Instagram and my Facebook Page.
And today - almost like a gift - I received a super-snarky comment in my inbox!  

I typically just smirk, sometimes laugh and then delete these notes, but not tonight.  Tonight I'm going to share it to prove an important point.  Here is the note:

"If you want to be relatabel [sic] to your readers, you should really stop posting pictures of your daughter wearing expensive outfits.  Seriously who buys quilted patent boots and satin skirts for their toddler? I bet she will never wear that again and it was just on for one picture what a waste."

It's really easy - trust me, I know! - to assume things about someone based on what you see on the internet.  Lots of things have been assumed about me from "perfect marriage" to "perfect Mom" to "perfect Christian" to "perfect house" - I can't stress enough how UNTRUE all of those are.  Like, in a big way.  

As for Hope's outfit, let me break it down for you from head to toe:

Satin headband with flower:  bought on clearance at a store that was going out of business.  I think it was $3.00 - if that.
Black long sleeve tee shirt:  Children's place for $4.00 (cheaper after coupon!)
Silver Tu-Tu - a gift from a friend.
Black patent boots:  A last second decision at the register at Children's Place.  I turned and saw them... they were the last ones... they were Hope's size!... and they were on clearance.  I got them for... wait for it... $4.00!!

Pretty relatable, if you ask me!!

But I want to let you in on a little secret...

I love.
I live for...
the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale.  

If you've been reading a while, this is not news.

I love these sales because I live for a bargain - and I love to find unique things that I don't have to hunt around town and go to five different stores for - everything is all in one spot!

Since Gavin was two, I've been buying and selling at their twice a year sales.  It was how I kept toys constantly rotating in the playroom - hoping to keep things fun and interesting, especially during his daily therapies.  And it's also how I handled outfitting two boys!  Going to these sales almost felt like trading.  I'd sell a season's worth of clothes... and I'd buy a season's worth of clothes... and sometimes I'd break even.  How awesome is that??  My record for sales one year was close to $600!!

It can be daunting to start the process - deciding what to sell and organizing everything so you can tag each and every item.  It can be even harder to emotionally part with things.  I know this very well.  The sale before Gavin's death, I sold all the baby equipment we had been holding onto... we had been hoping we would need it.  Letting go of the equipment and the clothes and the baby toys was like letting go of a dream.  Then the sale after Gavin's death... I found myself buying baby equipment and clothes and toys for Hope!  

Now, here I am again.  Ed and I were holding onto Hope's things... hoping.  I didn't write about this - or really tell many people at all - but we lost a baby.  I was actually miscarrying on Hope's first birthday.  (It really has been a long Winter.)  So we are officially, officially done - but it doesn't make it any less difficult!  I had planned to start tagging everything to sell like I always do, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

So I came up with a solution that makes me feel better.  I have a friend who is expecting a girl... and a friend who just delivered a girl... so I packed up some of my favorite things of Hope's to give to them.  It makes me so, so happy to know that people I love have such special things of Hope's.  Then, I gathered all the other things I wanted to sell - including clothes Brian and Hope have outgrown and toys we're all sick of looking at - and I outsourced the job.

Just Between Friends has a "Valet Service!"  Basically, the "Valet" will price, tag and deliver your items to the sale and then you split the profits.  I packed up the clothes... 
... random toys...
...and bags of miscellaneous things, including these bottles I bought for Hope that she never once touched!
The Valet will make sense of it all for me - which is such a huge relief.  It allows me to do a lot more of this this month...
I was assigned a valet in my area and we met this weekend.  I gave her ideas of how I priced things and she'll take care of the rest!  Before she prints all the tags I'll be able to see them and make any changes, which is nice.  I've never used the Valet Service - but it was the perfect solution for me this year.  It saves me time and, quite frankly, it will spare me from some tears!

I love the consigning part - and it's fun to make money - so it was a little bit hard for me to make the final decision to valet.  But I can't put a price on stress relief - and the time it will free up - and having a big, clear spot in my basement where I can actually SEE the floor again.  Totally worth it.

If you live in the Philadelphia area and want to join me as a seller and shopper - there's still time!  Check out the JBF website for all the important information.  The sale is March 19-22.  Check out their Facebook Page, too, as they often do special giveaways - like "jump to the front of the line" passes, which are the BEST.  These sales get crowded and the lines, although they move fast, are still lines!  They also give early shopping passes to expectant Moms having their first baby, first time Grandparents, teachers and more.  Check out this link to see all the ways you can get in earlier than the public to shope.  I love this sale - can you tell?

Just one thing.  If you do go to the sale... and you see me shopping... and I look intense... don't be afraid to say hi.  But I won't talk long because what if someone grabs the smocked dress I can see out of the corner of my eye?!?  Or the last Star Wars anything??  I take my JBF shopping very seriously.

The sale is at the Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA - the same Expo Center where I had Gavin's Playground Party!  It opens to the public on Thursday, March 19 at 9am until 8pm.  Then, on Sunday, March 22, from 8-3 - many things will be marked 50% off to close the sale!

I'm going to write another post after the sale, like I always do, to show you some of the things I bought.  I am hoping to find some unique clothes - maybe special Easter outfits - and books by Brian's favorite author.

Hope to see you there!!


  1. How dare anyone comment on how you dress your children. I used to dress my girls in baby Gap, does that mean I think I'm better than anyone else? No it means my hubster, who's a chef, was working 60-90 hours a week so why not. I spend a lot of money on my girls, they get more than most kids, yes my children are spoilt, they are not brats, why do I spoil them so much? Because almost 8 years ago my organs started to fail and I was told I had 5 years if I was lucky. I can't count the amount of times I was told there was nothing left the Dr's could do for me. In July of 2013 I started a trial drug, so far (touch wood) it's working. That means I'm stable, it can't fix the damage already done. Every single day I take over 69 tablets, I have 2 types of morphine. I also know my miracle drug can stop working, so far I'm the only person WORLDWIDE that this drug has worked so well on. 11 years ago I lost half my family in 16 weeks. Both my father and my sister's deaths were unexpected. Another reason I get my girls whatever they want. Both my children, who are 15&11 have iPhones, IPads etc, they both have diamond necklaces why because I wanted to be the first person to give them diamonds, I couldn't wait until they're 21 as I may not here. Do I think that makes me a better parent than anyone else? No it means I'm trying to cram as much in as possible. Tomorrow is a gift NOT a promise. Kate I am so sorry you had another miscarriage, my sincere condolences to you and Ed. Please ignore the trolls, you don't have to justify yourself to anyone, especially to idiots online who don't have a clue. I think Hope looks adorable in everything she wears and it doesn't matter and is nobodies business how much her gorgeous outfits cost. 💖💙

  2. Great post, Kate...and I HATE that people feel the need to send you snarky comments! You, or anyone else, should never have to endure such nonsense! I love that you share your children and too bad some are paying more attention to those details, rather than the love which is jam-packed into your posts! Hugs and love to you and your family. And good luck at the sale...hope you find some amazing bargains!!!

  3. Wow, this snarky person is obviously no mental giant--based on his/her questionable spelling, grammar, and obvious mean spirit. Some people are inherently jealous. So sorry about the loss of your precious little one.

  4. I'm new to your blog, found it through Momastery, and I'm reading through the years! :) I think you're an amazing Mom who refuses to give up! This blog, to me, is not about how you dress and raise your children, it's an outlet for you and a place to share your experiences with others. I always told my children growing up "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". I wish I could tell these people who feel the need to comment negatively the same thing, but I've learned in my 50 years that there's always a negative nellie that would find fault no matter what. Here's hoping you find more "patent leather boots and satin skirts" at the sale!!

  5. Kate - first of all, dress your kids however you like! Who is this person to judge you.
    You keep dressing Hope and Brian as cute as ever and taking photos. Most of the time, when people send snarky comments, they are jealous people. I'll pray for this individual.
    Second - your children are getting the best kind of life and the most important thing in the world - LOVE!
    Third - I am so incredibly sorry for you and Ed losing a baby. I know how hard that is and my heart is with you.
    Finally - have a ball at your JBF sale. I cannot wait to see what you get!!!

    Take care, Jen Fischer

  6. I LOVE resale stores!!! I am not ashamed at all to tell people I bought something I wear at a resale store. A lot of the clothes my kids wore when they were little came from garage sales. My daughter-after having 2 boys-wore some of her brother's clothes for play clothes. I was not going to dress my little daughter in precious pink just to have them destroyed playing outside. Also, our very first son was born in 1983, two days before Christmas, at about the same age as your Darcy Claire, that was followed by 2 miscarriages before our oldest was born in 1983, followed by 2 more miscarriages-one a set of twins, before our 2nd son was born in 1986, followed by another miscarriage before our daughter was born in 1989. At that point my husband and I decided that emotionally it was time to stop trying to have more children. I love your blog. I get a kick out of the fact that Hope is so unlike your boys. People would always tell us girls just are so chatty. We would go on trips and it was our daughter who was curled up quietly in the rear van seat with her books while her brothers chattered away.

  7. I am very sorry for your loss. And I'm sorry someone took out their anger at life on you!

  8. Kate, I am shocked and appalled that someone would write that to you in a email or leave you a comment like that.. The way you dress your children and the money you spend is your business. I look at your blog almost everyday hoping there will be a new post.. Some days you put a smile on my face other days tears in my eyes.. I thank you for sharing your family with me

  9. Ummm if that message writer really WAS a reader of your blog they would know that you are a serious bargain hunter! Besides we don't know from a picture you don't know the particulars of anything in it.. so to assume makes you an A... well you get it. Also I'm am super duper excited because JBF has made its way to NYC and I have my first sale March 28-30. Now to emotionally separate myself from my son's newborn things to go consign... that will be the real job. lol

  10. You don't have to explain anything! You are relatable because we're all just humans trying to make it through this crazy, amazing, unfair, frightening, exciting world. I have more money than some people. I have less money than some people. All still important people with interesting stories. Thanks for being honest! Have fun at the JBF thing, sounds like shoppers paradise.

  11. so sorry for your loss - from one mom to another who has lost a baby to miscarriage - we know how tough it is. Hope you have a ton of fun at your sale! And I think Hope looked absolutely adorable!


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