Thursday, February 5, 2015

Longing For Summer...

If you haven't noticed - we've been sick a lot this Winter.  And Mommy is about to lose her mind even more.  Hope has now come down with a cold - after Croup in December, Influenza A and a double ear infection in January followed by a terrible, stubborn and still hanging on yeast rash - and now this.  And as if it couldn't get worse - we have an appointment to see the pediatrician this afternoon because this morning she started pulling on her ear.  Really?  Seriously?  I mean, really?!?

But, there's this:
We like to keep our sense of humor around here - and Hope picked up on that early!
All these germs and illnesses and cold days and canceled plans have me longing for one thing.  Summer.  And not just summer - but an Ocean City, NJ Summer.  And not just an Ocean City Summer - but time spent by "Gavin's Pier."

If you remember, last June we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in a unique way.  We flew to Las Vegas as a family and renewed our vows in the Elvis Chapel!
Then, the following month, we all went to Ocean City for a vacation.  My friend, Kate, from Kate Giovinco Photography, took photos of us by Gavin's Pier while we were there.  I decided we should all wear our "wedding clothes" because - well, I didn't really have a reason except I thought it looked pretty!  And we're not often dressed up so - why not!

Kate is exceptionally talented in general, but she really came through with these beautiful photos.  I hadn't shared that many before this because a few were on our Christmas card.  I wanted at least a couple of the pictures on the card to be ones no one had seen!

There are a LOT of photos, but I couldn't pick and choose so I'm sharing them ALL!
This is one of my absolute favorite photos of Brian.
Hope was in her "non-smiling phase" so it was hard to get her to crack.  Plus, she was completely mesmerized by the ocean sounds and was fighting to stay awake!  (Which, for me, is a constant state of being!)
Brian was so good during the photo shoot, but was really itching to get his feet in the water.  I had one of those "moments."  You know - the moment when half of you wants to maintain control and order but the other half is thinking "who cares - let's go for it and be 'real.'"  So... we went for it.
His pants were soaked... and I remember that I couldn't believe that I didn't care.
I loved watching Brian play on the beach where we made so many memories with Gavin.  And I can't wait until this summer when Hope can enjoy that same spot even more.
I'm so grateful to have all of these photos - especially this one which is so poignant to me.
Thank you again to Kate Giovinco for capturing my favorite people in the world... including Gavin.

If you live in the Philadelphia or surrounding areas, be sure to check out Kate's website and Facebook page if you're looking for a photographer!  She's having a special right now, actually.  It will end at the end of February, so if you're interested click HERE!



  1. My daughter used to get an ear infection every single time a tooth was trying to come in. If miss Hope will allow, feel if she has any new bumps. Praying for healing!

  2. I grew up on the Jersey shore. This summer will be your best yet! Enjoy your days at the beach! You have wonderful pictures!!

  3. Kate - I feel for you! My daughter has been fighting a double ear infection since before Christmas! She's now on the strongest antibiotic possible and it seems to be starting to work, but she developed a horrible yeast rash after the last round too. I know you prefer natural healing methods, but if you are open to it, try Triple Paste Anti Fungal. It cleared my Charlotte's rash in TWO DAYS - and her poor little tushie was so bad it was actually bleeding, which caused her to scream and writhe in pain every time she wet her diaper. So far, the Triple Paste AF has been keeping the yeast at bay even on a strong antibiotic this time. It's hard to find though - the only place I have found to carry it is CVS, but my doctor gave us a bunch of samples too. Good luck! I pray Hope is on the mend soon!!!


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