Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fifteen Months!...

Hope has turned fifteen months old.  
Where, oh where, has the time gone??
I'll tell you one thing.  People up there knew what they were doing when they plotted and schemed to send her to us.
 There is no time for anything, let alone grieving, when Hope is awake.  
You can't blink!
My sister tells me all the time that I have been spoiled up until now.  Gavin and Brian were UNUSUAL in their behavior.  They would eat anything... go along with anything... stay in one place for longer than two seconds... apparently, they were like unicorns.  She claims that Hope is my first "typical" toddler... and I am leaning towards agreeing with her!!
She is so much fun to be with every day and really keeps me on my toes!  Right in front of my eyes she'll quickly scale the book display or open a drawer and start emptying it!  One day I turned my back for 10 seconds and she started to climb onto Brian's chair!  
I kept taking pictures with my phone to capture what happened next.
She was after his blueberries!
She's not quite at the point where she gets "no" or that things are wrong or dangerous... so I decided to teach her how to get OUT of situations that she gets herself into.  So now, if she climbs up the book display - she knows how to climb down.  If she opens the drawer - she feels like a big girl when I ask her if she can close it and she does!  If she climbs onto Brian's chair, she can turn herself around and sit down... and then turn herself around and go backwards to the floor.  I'm so impressed with her physical skills - and lack of fear! But, of course, I'm always right there with her - my heart beating fast.
We've been working on making different sounds lately.  She can say Mama, Dada, Baba, Doo doo and now... she can tell you what a doggie says!!  Check it out!

She also loves to dance, as you can see...

We play peek a boo... 
...and chase!

She loves to push her doll around in her cute little stroller.
And she loves playing and reading and even napping and sleeping in her room... which I am quite grateful for!  In that way, she is definitely like her big brothers.
I'm sure life will change when the East coast thaws and spring emerges, but we have spent many of our days just like this...
I'm sure other women are out with their babies in play groups and 'Mommy and Me' classes and lunching with friends.  And maybe that's healthier, I don't know.  But Hope and I have been homebodies, spending our days on the floor or in the tee pee or reading books.  I don't think I'd have it any other way for now.  The two of us are creating such a great bond.
This sweet little girl continues to bring such joy to our home.
And I'm sure her brother in Heaven is pleased.


  1. I love love love this post Kate! She's just the most perfect little angel to complete your family! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    (As a trick I use DANGER and that's not safe for your body) for my book shelf scalers and after hearing it so much they do start to get it and then you can save no for the huge dangers like the street or fire!)

  2. I like to think Hope was a present from Gavin, as you said it's hard to grieve when you have Hope running around. I did the whole mums & tots and coffee mornings and to be completely truthful, now my girls are 15&11, I wish I could go back in time & just relax, not be so busy, not to worry about so much, to be more like you are with Hope. So I think what you are doing now, with Hope is just perfect. Hope gets more adorable the older she gets, I love her huge personality she is just so cute πŸ’–πŸ’™

  3. Love those sparkly boots! My girl was so different too and she came after two boys. Enjoy those quiet days, time flies...

  4. Oh My Goodness. I love your Ocean City placements. Grew up with summer vacations at my Great Aunt who lived on the boardwalk down at 22nd and Wesley (now torn down). I have a cutting board similar to it.


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