Thursday, December 4, 2014

Some Things Just Don't Matter Anymore...

I've changed.

Well, not entirely.  But in some ways that seem pretty major to me.

Like messiness.

I'm not talking about my house, which seems perpetually messy.  I'm talking about my kids.  There was a day (not that long ago it seems!) when I would stand over my kids with a wet paper towel when they were painting.  Or would wipe their hands after each bite when they were eating messy food. Or, they just wouldn't eat messy food.

I'm exaggerating a little...but you get the idea.  Messiness made me feel hectic.  I guess I had issues.

I still have issues (let's be honest) - but apparently I cleaned up the messy one.  Get it?  Cleaned up.... never mind.

I'm pretty sure in my seven years of parenting, THIS is a first:
It was Hope's first crack at Spaghetti and Meatballs.  It wasn't the first time I fed my children something messy.  But it was the first time...
...that I didn't care how messy it got!!  I think we have a breakthrough here, folks!  Ha!
I know from experience that tomato sauce can leave stains on my high chair trays.  
That would have pushed me over the edge just a little bit.  But - I planned ahead for this moment!  At the last consignment sale, I bought this Ikea high chair for only $7.00 so I could use it for messy eating or messy art projects, like finger painting.  You can hose this baby down!!  Hope thoroughly enjoyed herself, as you can see...

And guess which other baby can be hosed down?  That is exactly what we had to do tonight.
And guess what I discovered?  It was one of the best laughs I've had all week.

Some things just don't matter anymore.  And some things end up mattering so, so much - like making memories and taking spontaneous sink baths.

We are also enjoying watching Hope walking all over the house!  Here she is walking to Brian while he shakes her snack container trying to entice her to come to him.

And she's really getting tricky - walking AND doing "So Big" at the same time!  This little girl is going places, I tell you.

No really - she really is going places.  This little girl is never still!

And we're loving every minute of all of it... 


  1. Love it! Thanks for the smiles, crying, and the reminder of what's important. Especially this time of year. I have been so in a rush lately, and so busy, that I barely have time to sit and focus on my kids. Well, that changes in 10 days. In 10 days, there will be no more MOPS until Mid-Jan.. No more Weecycle until then either. I get to spent a whole month just concentrating on my 3 children and playing with them. I can hardly wait!

  2. dump a few tablespoons of baking soda on that tray before you even bother washing it, and rub. It will take out most if not all of the red stain. Bonus points for not being toxic.

  3. You are SO brave with that change! I can relate to everything you said, from wiping hands after every not even feeding them messy foods! AND, I was feeling anxiety just looking at that spaghetti on Hope's tray, yikes! Our 4 children made it through, and my son with autism turned out to be the neatest, most careful eater. But I always knew it was MY issue! Thank you for sharing Brian, Hope, and dear, sweet Gavin.

  4. I love this! I wish I could have been more relaxed when my 2 were little, instead I was forever cleaning, my house always smelled of bleach, I used to bleach everything, and I was forever cleaning up their toys, even when they were still playing with them. I wish I could have just let them be, sure I've stopped now, but only because I'm so sick. I kind of feel like I missed their childhoods, of course they're only 15&11 so (please God) there's still plenty of time yet :)

  5. Made my day! If I get down over the weekend, I'll just come back here. ;-) Thanks for sharing so much fun!


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