Friday, December 12, 2014

Our First Christmas Pageant...

I don't want to stereotype and say that ALL boys are like this - so let's just say that the boys in MY house are not over-sharers.  (I am, if you hadn't noticed.)  So last night, as we headed to Brian's school Christmas Pageant - I had NO idea what to expect.  I mean I knew what the basic story was - God meets girl - girl gets pregnant - man steps up and escorts her to a get'away' in a manger (like that?) - and baby is born to save the world.  That part I was pretty sure about.  And I knew that Brian was going to be singing "Go Tell It On The Mountain" because he practiced it at home.

But other than that, this little face wasn't spilling the beans about anything else.
I had thought I'd be going alone because Ed was traveling for work all week, but his trip was cut short so he was able to make it!  We still got a babysitter for Hope, though.  We wanted to focus - and give Brian our full attention.  They'll both probably hate me for this photo years from now - but it's too cute not to share.  Brian was goofing around in my heels and Hope was in between costume changes as he said goodbye to her.  Brian was very excited before we left the house in his required "all black" outfit.  Why was he in an all black outfit?  He wouldn't tell me!  The excitement grew for the big show....
Thanks to my friend (and the Mom of one of Brian's classmates) who got there early and saved us seats - we had the best view in the house!  She also told me that she's having a BABY - their third! - right before the show started!  That's when the excitement REALLY grew!!!!!!!!!!!  It was the best news I'd heard all day.  All week!  I love a great baby story - especially when it's from someone you care about.

The excitement grew as the lights went dim.
Finally the show began.  For the first few acts the Kindergarteners were hiding in the back.  Because I had no idea where Brian was or when he was going to appear, I'm afraid I was one of those distracting parents - craning my neck to the left... to the right... behind me... where was he?

And then - they appeared.  They were little sheep following the Shepherds!  Brian looked adorable and Ed and I couldn't stop smiling as we watched him sing.  (I've purposefully blurred the faces of his classmates because I didn't ask for permission to share)
The pageant was beautiful and it was very clear that the entire school - and staff - put so much thought into everything.  They even used a real baby (a grandchild of a teacher!) as the baby Jesus!  This adorable little baby boy was so good - not a peep out of him as he was held by a student!  He reminded us of Brian when he was an infant - laid back, no stranger anxiety, agreeable to anything.  Not much has changed!  

It was such a moving performance - the entire thing.  Bravo to everyone involved!

Brian and his great friend, Daniel, congratulated each other afterward.

And the proud parents brought him home for a special before-bedtime snack to celebrate.
If we hadn't already been in the Christmas spirit, last night sealed the deal!!

Brian will be turning SIX in exactly FIVE days!  Which means there are only five days left for our "Give One to Celebrate One" fundraiser!  Brian has been excited about this fundraiser and is hoping to get to "level three" by his birthday on December 16th.  That would mean that a thousand dollars would go to "Gavin's Playground Project" - which will help Nemours A.I. duPont Hospital for Children build an all abilities playground for patients and their families.  Gavin spent a lot of time back and forth - and inpatient - at this hospital... which means that Brian did as well.  They were only able to play together on the playground once... when Gavin wrote to the then CEO and asked him to install at least a wheelchair swing.  Just a few months later, he did.  It was a great day.
We want to ensure that EVERY day is a great day for ALL kids and their siblings, friends and peers at this hospital where Gavin was loved for his entire life until he died there.  If you can spare a few dollars - and could share this with your friends - it would be a great birthday present to Brian.  You can read more about the event - and donate safely through Pay Pal - using the link below.
Thank you, as always, for caring about our little family!!


  1. I miss seeing nativity plays, now my 2 are no longer in primary school (4/5 - 10/11 primary school ages in the UK) we don't have nativity plays or sports days, the only thing we get are parents evening & award ceremonies. I'll have to wait for grandchildren, and as my 2 are 11&15 I've got a long wait! Congratulations Brian, you looked totally adorable and I just bet you were the best sheep ever!! 💖💙

  2. I miss watching nativity plays since i retired from teaching and no grandchildren to watch either.
    Brian looks so cute :)


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