Monday, September 8, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten!...

Brian's first day of Kindergarten could not have gone better.  Know why?
Fake first day photo shoot!!!!!!  (and many other reasons... but Fake Photos!!!!)
I started taking "fake first day" photos with Gavin.  It makes for a much less stressful morning for all.  I drove Brian in this morning and we had plenty of time to get dressed, eat and play before leaving.  We ended up getting close to school too early so I pulled over in a parking lot so we could have an impromptu car dance party!  
He was seriously so, so excited.  Five minutes and one deep breath later, we were on our way.  We pulled up to the entrance - his lovely teacher opened the door - and off he went.  Confident and brave.

We came home and Hope ended up taking a nap for the majority of the morning... meaning I got to sit and watch the clock, wonder what Brian was doing, contemplate waking Hope up to play, and looking at the mess all around me that I could have straightened but was too busy watching the clock.  It wasn't going to watch itself, so you know.

After lunch, Hope and I took a field trip to pick out special "homecoming balloons."  We wanted to greet Brian at the top of the driveway with some fanfare!
We were so anxious for the bus to round the corner.
When I heard the familiar sound, my heart leapt!  I stood there with my hand shaking thinking "picture? video? picture? video?"  I went for the pictures of him carefully stepping off the bus...
He looked up and saw us... and the balloons... and his little smirky smile turned into a grin which turned into a huge smile and a hug.
"Did you miss me, Hope?" he asked her as he leaned in for a kiss.
I prepared myself for any kind of behavior today.  He had a long day of behaving and holding himself together - I know him and he's a 'toe the line' kind of kid.  I wasn't sure if he'd come home exhausted and grumpy - or acting out - or excited.  Well he was practically bouncing off the walls with happiness and excitement and all kinds of stories about his day!  The energy didn't quit until he fell asleep at 7!  He had the best day and can't wait to go back tomorrow.  He'll definitely have to get used to some things - like how much time he has at lunch.  He came home with most of his food untouched - and he was starving!  He'll have to figure out that there's a time limit and no one to say, "Keep eating, buddy!"  Ha!  He'll figure it all out.

Before bed, Ed measured Brian inside our basement door.
He marked the date and "kindergarten" so we know this was his first day of Kindergarten measurement.  As Brian skipped away to play with Hope, Ed and I stood together and stared at the markings... and I think both of us swallowed a lump in our throats as his finger fell to where time stopped.  Gavin's last measurement.
Tomorrow is another day.  Brian has a new bus in the morning!  I was able to change him from 6:50am to 7:19 - allowing us 20 extra minutes of sleep.  He's been doing a great job getting himself up with his alarm clock!  He'll fall into his routine... and Hope and I will fall into ours.  As much as I missed Brian, Hope deserves this alone time with her Mommy.  And I am happy to oblige.


  1. Things like those balloons are something Brian will always remember. My mom used to write me notes and put them in my lunch box. Saying how much she missed me and she hoped I was having a good day and she couldn't wait to see me. I only wish I had saved them. Maybe you could put notes in Brian's lunch, and sneak in a P.S. saying to make sure he remembers to eat! :) Either way, he'll figure it out, he's an incredibly smart child (and gorgeous, and sweet, and caring, etc., etc.). Thank you for sharing your family with us - I missed reading about you all while you were away, but I'm glad you knew you needed time for yourself, and I'm glad you decided to come back. :)

  2. My 13 year old STILL forgets to eat lunch, always moe exciting things to do instead :)


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