Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our Little Warrior...

We have had great success with many different alternative therapies in our family, as you may know.  Dr. Kang is our acupuncturist and is extremely talented and very wise.  She taught me a technique to eliminate allergies in the kids - and I was able to successfully eliminate Brian's peanut allergy (you can read about that HERE), wheat and egg allergies.  The day that Gavin's febrile seizure stopped his heart, we had just been in her office to start working on his seasonal allergies.  I know I would have been able to eliminate them.  It would have helped him so much - especially in the Springtime.

I keep a very close eye on Brian.  Since Gavin's death, the two of us have been virtually inseparable.  We talk and he shares how he feels about Gavin's death here and there... I read children's books to him about grief or death and that gets him to open up sometimes... but children don't often have the ability to voice what's going on inside of them.  Not because we don't give them the words - but because it's just too much to even wrap their little minds around.  So it often will come out in other ways... physically and/or behaviorally.  

This is the main reason why I bring Brian to weekly visits with Dr. Trish - and for visits with Dr. Kang.  Dr. Trish works with Brian's energy and is able to remove blockages that are keeping him "stuck."  She intuitively knows what is going on in his body and emotions.  I feel like she gives me a window into Brian's little world and, for that, I am so grateful.

Lately I've noticed a change in Brian's typical behavior.  He's a pretty mellow kid, but for the last few weeks he's been a little wilder, edgier and moody.  At first I thought he was bored and missing the structure of school.  Then I thought it was his diet so I cleaned it up and dialed down the desserts after dinner.  He has been seeing Dr. Kang for his skin issues which she told me are the result of an immune deficiency.  I wrote about that HERE.  She has been working on strengthening his immune system - and taught me how to do that at home, which I have been doing every day.  His skin issue is resolving!!  She recently introduced acupuncture to her treatments (up until now it was just massage and acupressure).  He got an acupuncture treatment last week and today and was so brave.  Seriously - this kid is a little warrior.  
He got ten acupuncture needles and barely flinched.
After the needles are inserted, he stays on the table for twenty minutes and just relaxes and plays on his iPad.  (I don't expect him to lay there and stare at me and Hope for twenty minutes!)
Today she also did some muscle testing.  She confirmed that Brian's body is in balance with wheat, dairy and eggs.  Then she decided to test him for sugar. She gave me a little vial that represented the energy of sugar and I held it in my left hand while she tried to push down my right arm - I kept my strength.  Then she had Brian hold the vial - hold my hand - and I had ZERO strength.  (You can't fake this stuff!  It's fascinating)

This doesn't mean that Brian is "allergic" to sugar.  And it doesn't mean that I have been feeding him "too much" sugar.  His diet hasn't included extra sugar at all.  It just means that, for some reason, his body is reacting to sugar differently - and it's probably the root cause of his new behaviors.  So today she had him hold the vial representing sugar during the acupuncture treatment - and his massage treatment.  And she instructed me to fill my trusty glass jar with sugar, put it in his waistband as he lays on his belly and massage down both sides of his spine every day for twenty minutes.  This is exactly how I eliminated his nut allergy.

What will this do?  Well, it will get his body back in balance.  It will help his body not react strongly to sugar.  And, most importantly, it will hopefully give me my old Brian back!  (Don't misunderstand - he's still very well behaved, in my opinion.  He's just been more... shall we say... "spirited?")  Dr. Kang suggested that all kids should get this treatment for sugar.  It helps with behavior issues.  (And it can't hurt!)

Today Brian told me he wanted me to videotape him giving me a message.  I said, "Great!  But can I make it an interview?"  He agreed - but started it with his message to me before I could even ask a question!  This little guy is such a sweetheart...

In other news... Miss Hope is getting more mobile!  I recently put another blanket down for her to crawl on.  It's another sentimental one - like the photo blanket she plays on.  The patchwork quilt you see her on was what Gavin laid on in his hospital bed.  The quilt was underneath him - and he had three other different blankets that were on top of him that Brian has slept with every night since.  I love that both of them have these special "Gavin blankets" to enjoy.
She is often mesmerized by the pictures and colors. 
 I have a video of her "scooting," but first I want to show you in photos.  She was desperate to get my camera once she turned her head.  Watch... 
She eventually gave up and went back to studying her squares.  
But here's the video of her latest attempts to crawl on all fours!  (Forgive my poor videography skills)

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us. You have such great pictures and videos. Please keep sharing. I look forward ti your posts every day.


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