Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mr. Lucky...

It's Sunday, so you know what THAT means!!!

It means I'm about to unleash an obnoxious amount of photos for your viewing pleasure!!  As a matter of fact, I'm so nice that I'll skip a lot of boring words tonight and show mostly pictures.  You're welcome.

Here is the picture story of our exciting weekend:

I rearranged the playroom!  Woo Hoo!  I should have posted the "before" but I'm not that clever these days.  Here's a tour of the "after."  Use your imagination - and please pretend the "before" was AWFUL so this "after" will then look AHHHmazing.  Thanks.

Hope has her own fenced in area (mainly to make sure she doesn't swallow a lego - my biggest fear).  We're calling it "Romper Room."  The gates are "Friendly Toys Little Playzone" and I got them on Amazon, before you ask.
Here's Hope checking it out:
Brian loved the new room and the special corners.  Like the secret book corner...
...and his toy area.
Friday night was Brian's swim lesson.  He made major improvements in just a week.  He was able to float/swim on his back the entire length of the pool by himself.  My niece, Julia, came to watch and visit with us!  She will soon be leaving for a semester in Peru with Tulane!  I'm telling you - one day you're going to read about this young woman.  She's out to change the world.
After the swim lesson, we sat outside and talked while Brian climbed a tree next to us!
Saturday afternoon we went to the Kimberton Fair (a yearly fair near our home to raise money for the local Fire Department).  Brian had SO much fun!  Ed and I did, too.  And I was in Heaven.  Two words:  Funnel Cake.

Brian and I had a blast on the swings!
So much so, we rode them twice!
We rode the merry go round together!
Brian and Ed conquered the giant slide!
Brian conquered the rope ladder and made it SO close to the top every time, but never could touch the red button to win a GIANT (GIGANTIC - and dirty) stuffed animal.  I was so sad (not).
But make no mistake.  Mr. Lucky still managed to come home with gems like this huge blow up hammer with money printed all over it...
...along with six other stuffed animals and a real goldfish.
At this point we have two choices.  We can start our own carnival.  We have enough dirty stuffed animals and crappy plastic toys to give out as prizes for a year.  OR we can move to a bigger house so we have room for all this junk.

A good time was had by all... and Brian named his new fish "Cutie Pie."

We also celebrated Hope's 34th Saturday with us!!  Thank you to Granny for this adorable and pretty dress.  Hope is such a happy girl and her personality is showing more and more every day.  Lately she loves the attention she gets when she SHRIEKS!  Here are this weeks photos...

And finally, here is your tip of the day.

If your baby goes a day without going "number 2" and the next day you plan to be out for several hours not that close to home... don't forget to check your diaper bag to make sure you have your "emergency outfit" in there.  Wait - what I mean is check for the "emergency outfit" for the baby.  Wait - what I mean is check for the "emergency outfit" for the baby... and an "emergency outfit" for your husband... and a SECOND "emergency outfit" for the baby after the first "emergency outfit" becomes useless... and don't forget to have trash bags and extra wipes and maybe even a bag to vomit in all in your trunk.  And then make sure you bring new pants for you because you'll find yourself peeing the pants you're wearing because you're laughing so hard as you're rummaging (twice) through a bag in your trunk that was intended for Goodwill (thank God it was there) and you end up putting this crazy "Tinkerbell-looking" outfit on your baby in a parking lot. 

So the tip of the day is this:  if your baby goes a day without pooping, STAY HOME until he/she does.  No charge for the tip - it's on me.  (No, literally - it really was on me.  And Ed.  And the carseat.  And the trunk.)

But a good time was had by all in the bathtub once we got home...
...and all was forgiven.
The end!


  1. Sounds like a great, funny weekend!

  2. I loved everything about this, Kate. From the awesome playroom, especially Hope's gated Romper Room, the 'Book Nook', Gavin's Pillow (representing his presence), to those loving looks Brian always has for his sister! Then mix in some fun, humor and photos of adorable children! Thank-you for ending my week-end with a happy read. Have a great week!

  3. Love the playroom. My oldest had major blow outs! That was an ultra perk when I switched to cloth diapers. We did it due to an allergy but those bulky diapers contain it all!! I did once have to basically strip her and use some receiving blankets as clothes until we got home.


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