Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wordless (Well, Almost Wordless) Sunday...

Hope's Half Birthday Celebration Weekend in Atlantic City, NJ!

Weekending at the Borgata with her fancy new swimsuit!
Brian got his summer buzz cut at the hotel barber shop.  
He was shocked at all the hair on the floor.
None of us can stop rubbing his head!
Brian was VERY excited to go to the pool with his new arm floaties.  He practiced in the tub.  
Exhausted after our swim.
Hope and Brian are great travelers - they are so easy!  Everything entertained them and they both slept so well each night!

We went to the Steel Pier on the Atlantic City Boardwalk!  Last time we went there, it was with Gavin and Brian.
Brian had a blast going on rides!
And Hope loved watching and looking at everything!!
Brian and I went on a bunch or rides together.  Like the roller coaster!
And the tea cups.
This was an accidental photo - I took a picture of Brian on the tea cups not knowing that Ed was taking a picture of me taking a picture of Brian - oh you get the idea.  And yes - we are fully aware of our photography addiction.  Thank you.  Ha!
Ed and Brian had fun doing "sand art" where Brian impressed us by purposefully putting the colors in order of the rainbow.
And I'm so, so grateful to Ed for playing those carnival games where you win those GIGANTIC and OBNOXIOUS stuffed things.  These are the only times I wish he was a big loser.  Oh, dear God... what the heck am I going to do with these big things?  (And it's even worse that Brian didn't even know what that character was.  We don't watch Spongebob!)
The best part of the trip was asking Brian this morning at breakfast what his three favorite things were about the weekend.  His answer:  the room, the pancakes and the hotel.

And Hope?  I think Hope had a wonderful weekend.  Why?  Because she is happy anywhere her big brother is.  
These two just adore each other.
Happy Half Birthday, Hope!


  1. Looks like a fun time and I LOVE Brian's new haircut! I had to laugh at the big stuffed "thing" you now have in your posession & to figure out what to do with! A friend & her family were on vacation when her teen-age son won a GIGANTIC monkey (which he loved & wanted to take home), but they could not figure out how to get it home because there was not room in the car 'as is'. They considered tying the monkey on top of the car, but chance of rain ruled that out. They did not want to pay money to ship the monkey home, but they were pretty much out of ideas! They ended up taking the stuffing out, packing it 'smooshed' to a garbage bag, so now the flat pancake monkey was able to get home! She put the stuffing back in when they got home!!! True story, what we don't do for our children! Happy 6 month Birthday dear little Hope.

  2. What is it about the pure innocence of chubby baby feet and a little boy's summer haircut that make life just about perfect? There's just nothing better!

  3. A very big Happy Half Birthday to Hope! You guys look like you had an awesome time! You are very blessed...what a beautiful family!


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