Friday, June 6, 2014

We Like to Laugh...

The last few days have been busy... and tough... and fun... and annoying... and painful... and happy... and pretty much all of the above.

I'm under some pressure at the moment to accomplish a lot of things.  A yard sale this Saturday which requires time to prep.  Two birthday parties and a charity event this weekend.  A washer that started smelling like raw sewage which meant waiting all day yesterday for a repairman.  (We're getting a brand new washer thanks to our warranty because something malfunctioned!)  Waiting all day meant the kids and I missed a fun "Ice Cream Social" at duPont Hospital which was arranged to thank people who have fundraised.  Boooo.  And a bad couple days for my Rheumatoid Arthritis which slowed me down when I needed to be moving fast.  By the end of each day, writing definitely wasn't on my mind.  Sleeping was.  I am working on how to write telepathically while sleeping... but since I have really strange dreams, that might be a bad idea.

But - there has been happy in my days.  There's always happy!  Even when it really sucks... you can always find something happy to focus on.

Brian had such a great two weeks at Camp Fun.  We walked out of his pre-school for the very last time yesterday excited!  You'd think I would be one of the Moms crying - but I wasn't.  I'm excited for Brian and what lies ahead for him in Kindergarten.  
He has surprised us so much this year - and not surprised us at all.  Ed and I were, of course, concerned about him this year with all the changes he was dealing with.  But we don't call him our little "jedi warrior" for nothing.  He is such a resilient child - and so, incredibly deep and introspective.
And Hope is changing day by day!  
This week she has made me laugh so much because SHE has been laughing at EVERYTHING!  Holding her walking down the stairs - apparently hilarious. Daddy  looking at her?  Funniest thing ever.  Brian saying "Good morning, Hopi.  I love you," throws her into hysterics.  She fits right into our family.  We like to laugh a lot!!
As the two of them were sitting for one of my little "for the heck of it" photo shoots - Brian was talking to Hope.

"I love you, Hope.  I love you, Hopi.  Gavin loves you, too," he said to her.  
Then he looked out the window into the wind and said, 

"I love you, Gavin.  I miss you so much.  I'm loving Hope for you - don't worry!"  
I can't even take it sometimes - this boy has such a loving soul.

We are so lucky.  Despite it all - we really are lucky.

This morning I was at our local pharmacy picking up a prescription and chatting with our pharmacist, who we have a great relationship with.  (Can you tell we get attached to just about everyone in our community?!)  I was telling him about our upcoming trip to Vegas for the big Elvis vow renewal - and asked him (jokingly) to please start praying NOW for all the people surrounding us on the plane.  I don't expect Hope to cry that much - but you never know.  He said that he was on a flight once where the family gave little gift bags with ear plugs and candy and "we're sorry in advance" notes to the people around them.  I LOVE this idea - it's hilarious!  So help me out - what kinds of little things should I put in the bags?  What would you like in your bag?  I don't want to spend a fortune so don't suggest iPods or diamonds.  Ha!

Back to pricing my yard sale crap!  I mean... treasures.


  1. Kate I got things called Ear Planes for my kids when flying. They come in infant size and they have a little valve in them that keep the pressure balanced in their ears. They only last for 2 flights to ensure they work properly. Never had a problem, touch wood for this year. Might be cheaper;-)

  2. I actually did this when I flew with my then 10 month old son. I got small cellophane party bags filled them with a few pieces of Hershey's miniatures along with a pre-printed note that said "He may be good he may be bad. We are sorry if he makes you mad. Here is something to make your flight a little sweeter" Since I was allowed to board first I made sure I had one for up to 2 rows in front of me, behind me and the 3 rows I was closest to across from me. Some people loved it and told me about their stories from when they had kids on the plane and not to worry others just sat on the candy and didn't even realize it was there. LOL. If you want, I can send you the pre-printed sheet I have. I believe I have the "she" girl version too. Just let me know. - I also posted this on your FB post so you can contact me.

  3. Fabulous idea to set a fun mood and diffuse a crying baby situation. Cheap foam-y type ear plugs, life savors, starbursts, walk down the party favor aisle at a Dollar Store to get idea/gift. Regardless of what you chose it will work it's intended magic. A quarter to call someone who cares? I will be watching for the post of what you choose and how it was received.

  4. That is a freaking adorable idea! I'd say as long as you're giving people chocolate, they're going to be happy - or I would be :)

  5. To keep it less expensive, maybe a Hershey's kiss, an individually wrapped mint, a starburst or kids size laughy taffy and the foam earplugs? So fun!


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