Monday, June 16, 2014

This is a First...


This is a first for me.

Today is Brian's "half birthday."  Except it isn't.  He didn't know it was his "halfie" - and I didn't tell him.  I feel bad about that.  Except I don't.
The last few days - actually, the last week! - has been so busy and exhausting.  We brought the red-eye home from Vegas on Saturday.  The kids slept on the flight, but it was still a long and tiring journey for all.  My niece's fourth birthday party was that afternoon and Brian said he was too tired to go.  I was impressed with his restraint!  But as the morning went on, he caught a second wind.  Off to the party we went and he had a TON of fun and bounced with his cousins all afternoon!
The next morning, both children slept until... ready for this?  TEN AM!!  Ed decided he wanted to go to Dorney Park after lunch to celebrate Father's Day.  I can't even believe that Brian lasted for another long and active day.  
He loves playing carnival games with his Daddy, though, and really had a blast. He even came home with (yet another) HUGE stuffed animal.  Yay?  
And Daddy even squeezed himself into some rides - much to Brian's delight! 
This morning was another day to sleep in.  Brian slept until 9 and Hope didn't get up until close to 10 again!  (She got up to eat and went back to sleep)  I was grateful for the extra time.  The trip and the traveling and the amusement park all caught up with me and my arthritis was rough this morning. Brian announced as he got out of bed, "I think I want to relax a lot today, Mommy."  That sounded good to me!

That is why I postponed his half birthday.  I fibbed and told him it was in a few days.  So today was spent plotting and planning what we'd do on the big day, which turned out to be fun!  We take "half birthdays" seriously around here because - well - why not?  So I want to make sure we do it right and not "half you know what."  *smile*  When you see the "half birthday" post devoted entirely to him to celebrate "halfway to - gulp - six" - act surprised.  

Through this whole crazy weekend, little Miss Hope turned 27 weeks!  Here are some of her cute photos... and pictures I took on Father's Day.  This was her very first Father's Day!  And Ed's first Father's Day with a daughter! 
Brian and I created a fun "About My Daddy" page - I transcribed all of his answers... which he took very seriously!  He couldn't wait to give it to Ed in the morning.   
(p.s. - he's not 50!  Ed's younger than me by six months.  I guess that makes me a "cougar."  meow.)
Hope is trying really hard to do something this week... I am thinking it's scoot.  She pushes up on her legs and gets her belly off the floor - but hasn't gotten up on her knees yet.  It's quite a sight - and she is one determined little lady!  
She's also quite a chomper which is really fun when you're still exclusively breastfeeding.  I'm thinking that this week might be the week to introduce food.  Ed and I miss making baby food - which we routinely made for Gavin his entire life. 
My big decision is whether to start with banana, avocado or yams.  I'm thinking yams... they were Gavin's all time favorite.  
The love affair between Hope and her big brother continues.  Brian loves to play with her... sing to her... and he must tell her ten times a day, "I love you, Hope.  You are special, Hope."  
I am convinced that Hope's first word is going to be Brian.  I hope they always love and care for each other.


  1. I always love reading these. You have such a special family. LOVE what Brian wrote for Ed's job. Too funny!

  2. My gosh....Hope is so cute! Happy Fathers day Ed!


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