Monday, June 9, 2014

All About Love...

Dear Brian,

This week, you're going to be "the best man" at Mommy and Daddy's "wedding!"  We've been talking about it for weeks. We're taking a very special, very whimsical, very outrageous and a very "once in a lifetime" trip to Las Vegas.  We're getting dressed up and taken in a limousine (your first!) to "A Elvis Chapel" to renew our vows with Elvis and a Hula Dancer.  Of course we are!  And why not?

You've asked me several times why we are doing this.  And I love to answer you.  We are doing this because Mommy and Daddy love each other.  A lot.  We just celebrated TEN YEARS of marriage, which is a great and wonderful thing to celebrate.  I hope in ten years and twenty years and thirty years you will remember this - that marriage is a wonderful thing.  That loving your partner and celebrating in special and whimsical and even outrageous ways is - dare I say - necessary!  I hope that you remember always and forever that your Mommy and Daddy loved each other through good times and bad times and sickness and health and even through trials and special needs and the death of two children.  We are doing this because we know all too well that life is short.... and time flies by all too quickly.  On our honeymoon in Hawaii, your Dad and I vowed that we would be back there in ten years.  Ten years went by in a blink - and here we are with a five year old you and your six month old sister.  We wouldn't dream of leaving either of you to take an indulgent trip to Hawaii right now.  So we are bringing Hawaii to Vegas with a "Blue Hawaii" wedding!

This morning I reminded you that you are "the best man" and Hope was the "maid of honor" while you were eating your cereal.  I saw you pause for a moment before saying...

"Mommy?  You forgot Gavin!  Gavin will be a best man, too.  And Pop."

"You're right!" I replied.  "I'm sure they'll all be there with us!  Even Daddy's Mom and Dad.  We don't go anywhere with out all of them."

With that, you smiled.  I know that when we come home from this trip the highlights will probably be the Bellagio hotel room... the buffet (you love a buffet and they have a GREAT one)... the pool... and the plane ride.  And probably pushing buttons for the elevator.  But I really do hope that over the years you realize more and more that this was all about love.

I love your Father so much.  And he loves me.  And we love our little family - ALL of our best men and ALL of our maids of honor.


The big day is Wednesday - June 11!  Our vow renewal will be at 3pm (Vegas Time!) and is going to be "live streamed" for everyone to see!!  You're all invited! Here is some information for you from the chapel:

Tell your friends and family to watch your ceremony live on: Please have them tune in at least 5 minutes prior to your ceremony time as we may start early. Click on the red link on our home page that says VIEW LIVE WEB CAM. Please keep in mind any time differences. It runs on Windows Media Player. They will see an error message if they click on the box and it is not turned on at the chapel yet. If your package does not include live web cam and you would like to add it, just let us know when you arrive at the chapel. Web cam is live, it will not be played again. 

The chapel is posting our "wedding" on YouTube for us, so if you miss it - no worries!  You'll find it on their YouTube channel below:


  1. How awesome!! Can not think of any other family that deserves this more then yours!! You all have been thru so very much and have showed the rest of us what true love is all about!! Congratulations!! Go and have the time of your lives <3

  2. I know it will be the best day. Can't wait to see it on Utube. I really love your blog and can't wait to read it every day. Thank you so much for including us in your family. God bless you all.


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