Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ready to Play!...

Twenty four weeks today!!

Hope turned 24 weeks and she was kind enough to begin the day scaring us.  Just kidding - kind of.  She slept for almost 14 hours straight!
Hope has slept mostly through the night many times - but she usually wakes up around 4am to eat and goes right back to sleep.  And lately, she has been waking up twice - around 2 and 5 - which prompted me to think she was working on something in that little body of hers.  But she's never - ever - slept 14 hours. Today was a first!  You know we were checking on her - and I'm not embarrassed to say I had a finger under her nose a couple - okay five times.  And a half.
She woke up at 9:10 happy and smiling  and ready to play!
Every day, Hope gets sweeter...
and stronger...
more curious...
and prettier!
I look forward to our special time together every Saturday - when she turns another "week old."  I love dressing her up and sitting her in the same chair as Gavin and Brian did for their "weekly" photo shoots!
Hope and I had a nice day together!  We went to my sister Bean's house to say happy 16th birthday to my nieces and nephew- Shannon, Brendan and Claire!  (Yes - they are all 16 - they're triplets!)
While we were gone, Brian and Ed had a Daddy/Son LOVE BOMB day!  They went out for bagels and muffins... then spent the morning playing video games at home.  Later, they went to Arnold's Family Fun Center!  Ed gets the husband of the year award for taking these adorable photos and videos!

They won so many tickets playing video games that Brian was able to get a cool Minecraft toy.  He loves Minecraft.
They went bowling, too!
This video is so adorable...

They came home happy - and exhausted.
Life is good.

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