Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little White Dress...

I feel like last summer was one big blur.  I do remember one thing vividly - wondering how I was going to manage grief and pregnancy and Brian's grief and the end of school all wrapped into one.  It was not easy, I'm not going to lie.  I walked into the local YMCA and got Brian a membership so I could sign him up for activities.  I was late to the game, so I just picked what was left.  Swimming and gymnastics... and then later I signed him up for Tee Ball.  We also spent many days going to Arnold's Family Fun Center or Bounce U - places where I could sit on a bench and watch with a big smile while he had a ton of fun.  We got through it together.  Every night putting Brian to bed I would say, "We were a good team today, Brian."  and he'd say  "Yeah.  We're a good team."
It was all about survival.

Going into this summer, I'm feeling much more "on top of things" and I'm determined to make it a memorable one.  Registration for the YMCA programs opened up at midnight Monday and I stayed up so I could jump on it right away and get the days and times I wanted.  He is signed up for swimming again, on a wait list for basketball (that always fills up fast!) and I enrolled him in a mini Science camp which I think he's going to love!!  Our summer is shaping up to be a fun and busy one!  Brian is also signed up for two weeks of "Camp Fun" at his current school - which is basically going to school every day but it's all about playing and popsicles and fun activities and games!  He's also going to a Vacation Bible School at a local church.  Then - before he starts Kindergarten, he'll go to a mini camp at his new school!  It will be a great way for him to ease into the new environment and meet his classmates!

But wait - that's not all!  (hee hee!)
We're going to Ocean City twice this summer... I'm hoping to take a trip to New Hampshire with the kids to hang out with my sister for a week... and we're all going to Vegas for our ten year anniversary!

Speaking of which... I made a decision that makes me both happy and sad.  I changed my mind about bringing my original wedding gown to our Vegas vow renewal.  I put it on the other day and fell in love with it all over again.  This dress was so "me."  It was simple... lightweight... I could go to the bathroom by myself and not need an entourage to hold up my dress... and, to me, it looks pretty timeless.  
Oh - and it was easy to dance in!  That was a total requirement of mine back then!!  (And now!)
I looked in the mirror - and then looked at Hope - and thought, "You know what?  She might want to wear this someday!"  I don't want to take a chance with it.  I can't think of any other way (that I'm comfortable with) to get it there but check it on the plane. There's no guarantee I could hang it on the plane (I was a flight attendant so I know these things) - plus, it would be quite a hassle to carry it with the kids and all their gear in tow.  I just don't want anything to happen to it.  Ed said I should just put it on at home and we can take some pictures.  I think that's what we'll do - I mean I pulled it out of storage... I might as well have some fun with it!!

And anyway... it makes sense for me to be less formal.  We're not a "formal couple" at all.  I told Ed to be comfortable and not even think about bringing a suit.  Actually, I pulled a hawaiian shirt out of the closet that we bought for him in Hawaii on our honeymoon... and it's possible he'll wear that.  It's so sentimental!  I can wear a simple white dress and put on a pair of flip flops.  Just because I can. Whatever we wear , it won't really matter because, let's face it - all eyes will be on Elvis.

Things have been pretty hectic around here.  I'm organizing our neighborhood yard sale in June and we've been finding tons of things to get rid of so we can maybe, actually, hopefully, one day use our basement for something other than a dumping ground.  And for the last couple days you might have seen Brian, Hope and I scouring the local mall for the perfect "little white dress" - and clothes for them for our "Vegas wedding."  I really don't like to shop.  And it makes it extra "fun" when you're trying to shop with a little girl who feels she has a better view of the action in your arms vs in her stroller.  But we've made the trips fun and always manage to visit the fountain to make wishes.
I might have found a dress today!  This is a definite possibility and meets my requirements of comfortable, easy (it pulls over your head and has an elastic waist!), light and white!  It's made by Jessica Simpson.
Can you tell I am so excited for this trip?

Tomorrow is a big day!!  Brian's preschool graduation.  Today he asked me, "Is my sister going to be at my graduation?"  He didn't ask if I would be there... or Daddy... just Hope.  He is so in love with this little girl and I love listening to them laugh together.  (He is the only one that can get her to belly laugh right now!!!)
The feeling is definitely mutual - she lights up when she sees him.
Hope only has (big) eyes for Brian.
I'm off to iron my little graduate's clothes for his big day!


  1. So many smiles while reading this, especially for Brian with Hope. Thanks for a happy ending to my day.

  2. Jessica Simpson's line, from maternity to regular clothes, really is great. The little white dress is fantastic and will probably be perfect for a summer wedding in Vegas! Congrats today to Brian on his graduation! Its just the first of many... and i'm sure it's the first of many that you and Ed will be chopped liver next to his sister! Ha ha Enjoy your day!


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