Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Future With Hope...

It's Saturday, so you know what that means!  Another weekly photo shoot with Hope.  She is 23 weeks today!
This week I knew I would have a lot to report.  She suddenly started taking naps, which is very unusual for her.  I had a feeling her little body was working up to something beyond just growing.  And boy, is she growing.  She's between 3-6 months in clothing.  I'll find out how much she weighs now this week at her well check.
I was right that she was up to something!  Suddenly Hope is babbling more, purposely reaching out to touch things, bringing things to her mouth with more precision and desperately trying to turn over from her back to her belly.
And she's belly laughing (usually at something Brian is doing!) a lot more!!
We laugh a lot every day so I'm glad she's already showing signs of having a great sense of humor!
We are so in love with this little girl.
Today also marks four years since we met Darcy Claire.  I remember buying this Madeline doll when I was pregnant with Darcy - and couldn't wait to share my love of Madeline books with her.  Since her death, I have looked at that doll with a twinge of sadness.  I almost got rid of it, never dreaming that I'd have another daughter one day to share it with.
I'm so glad I held onto it.  Today - on the day Darcy would have been four - this little Madeline doll officially became Hope's.  And it officially lost its sad history.
I think Madeline has a happy future with Hope.
Hope also has a new love of Mickey Mouse!  Brian has two of these Mickey dolls.  One night Hope discovered one and laughed and laughed - grabbing Mickey's nose.  Brian immediately gave her one of his dolls to keep.
We can't wait to take both of them to Disney World to meet the real Mickey and Minnie!!
 I think we ALL have a happy future with Hope.


  1. Oh my! I just really didn't think it possible that she could get any cuter! Is that a Minnie Mouse outfit? How adorable she looks, especially in the last 2 photos. I just love her (I don't mean for that to sound creepy), but how can you not love those dear children! I have 4 children of my own & 5 grandchildren & they are all so precious. Hope has been a redeemer of human faith, a breath of fresh air, and helped you to find your joy again. Thank-you for sharing your family and for showing others that there is always Hope, even in the saddest of times. She is just little miss sunshine.

  2. She is so adorable and looks so happy! Blessings

  3. Kate, thanking for sharing your children with us. I especially love seeing photos of Hope. On my grumpiest day, seeing her never fails to bring a smile to my face. Have the bestest trip away in Las Vegas :)


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