Thursday, April 3, 2014

You Are All Invited to Join A Social Experiment!...

Ready for the secret?  I am so excited about this.  I figured out another way that ALL of us can be connected on the evening of "Gavin's Playground Project."  More connected than usual, I should say.

I have often said that "every dollar counts" - and we proved that with "Gavin's Trust Project" when we raised $25,000 in many fives and tens!!  So I decided that early in the evening on Saturday - at 7:30pm, EST, to be exact - we will have the opportunity to prove (to ourselves and to the world) how small $5.00 donations can add up to a huge amount.  And it will happen right before our eyes!!  Readers from all over the world can participate!

GiveSmart created a thermometer for us - and a specific web page devoted to this "Give 5 for Gavin" event!  If you click HERE you will see what the page will look like.  Right now it is counting donations that are coming in on the ticket page, but that night it will also count the $5.00 donations and we'll watch them come in fast and furious! We'll be able to watch that thermometer rise in real time!!  How cool is that?

You NEED to register your phone or computer on the GiveSmart page to participate.  You can do that HERE.

The night of the event, you will receive a reminder text (or email if you registered your home computer) that looks like this:  

"From Kate: Let's see what happens if EVERY reader of Chasing Rainbows gives $5 @7:30pmEST. Reply "Give 5" to this text or click (a link will be in this spot)"

Then, at 7:30pm, EST, you will see a text or email that looks like this: 

"Tap the green donate button to give $5 here (a link will be in this spot) or REPLY "Give 5" NOW & watch the Chasing Rainbows Facebook page for an update!"

For those who won't be able to watch in real time, I will be posting the dollar amount on the Chasing Rainbows page once it's over!  I'm really excited about this part of the evening and I hope you'll join in this fun, social experiment! Feel free to spread the word, tell your friends and set your reminders for Saturday night, April 5th, at 7:30pm, EST!!

There are still tickets available if you want to come to the event!  Remember, you must have pre-purchased a ticket to get in.  Do that HERE.  You can bring the print out of your confirmation email or your license so our wonderful volunteers from the Malvern School can get you registered.

Thank you, as always, for supporting me and loving our family.

Dear Gavin,

This morning was not good.  My worst fears were realized when I woke up feeling nauseous.  And then, Brian got sick. I couldn't believe it.  Two days away from my event - and we spent the entire day in bed with a huge tub between us.  I was pretty devastated this morning.  I have worked so hard on making this night happen for you, Gavin.  Making this playground a reality as part of a way to celebrate your life. To think that I might not make it - or not get things done before the night - created a lot of anxiety.  It's a lot of pressure having 400 people counting on you!

But, as the morning went on... I calmed down.  I re-read last night's blog entry and decided to take my own words to heart. At this point, whatever happens - will happen.  I decided to be brave and ask for help (I really don't like asking for help!) and wow, did people come through.  Friends, strangers, neighbors, relatives... everyone was so willing to help me with a huge task I had to accomplish - stuffing 400 bags with brochures from our event sponsors.  (More on them in a separate entry!)

Granny came over and took care of Hope all day and Brian and I snuggled up in Mommy and Daddy's bed - where we still are.  It was rough up until mid-afternoon but both of us are starting to slowly perk up.  Gavin, your little brother was so brave.  He's never had a stomach virus!  He was such a trooper all day.  Listen, bud... if you have any good doctor connections up there, could you pull in a favor?  Your little sister can NOT get sick.  That would be heartbreaking.

So we had a little detour - and I am behind schedule - and I'm hoping that I have the energy to handle all the things on my "to do list" tomorrow.  But, honestly, you and I both know - well - that in the grand scheme of life, this is not a big deal. Daddy, Brian, Hope and I will be standing in a room that is filled with people that care about you - and want to celebrate your life.  I'm going to soak in all that energy and that will be what gets me through the night.  (Along with undereye concealer and some lipstick)

You have been with me every step, Gavin, as I fumbled my way through planning my very first (and likely last! Whew!) fundraiser.  I knew it.  I felt you.  I miss you... desperately.



  1. What an amazing way to celebrate our Hero Gavin!! Your love for all your babies comes shining thru with every post, picture or comment you make <3 ... This event will be amazing <3 ... All our love from my family to yours

  2. Sweetest words from mommy to Gavin!
    Prayers for you, your family and this amazing event!
    Remembering Gavin!!!

  3. I donated to Gavin´s trust project thinking I´m donating for the playground project but that is not a problem, I will make another donation now. But when donating I unfortunately didn´t write "Gavin's Trust Project" as I saw only now that this is what I should do. I did write for SuperGavin, I hope that helps.


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