Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Most Photographed Baby in Town...

Our dear little Hope is 21 weeks old today!  And if you think these are a lot of photos to take for just "21 weeks" - you ain't seen nothin' yet.  Wait until Wednesday the 30th when she "officially" turns 5 months!

Today we got all "dolled up" to go to my nephew, Jack's, First Communion!
I still can't believe I have a daughter.  21 weeks later and I'm still wrapping my brain around it.
To us, Hope has changed dramatically this week.
She's laughing a lot more.  And she reserves her biggest belly laughs for her Daddy!  (more on that this week)
She's also babbling all the time...
 ...and wants to grab things to bring them to her mouth.  She wants to bring everything to her mouth!  We started the photo session in her new, pretty smocked dress.  But she kept trying to eat it - not making for a good photo... I stripped her down to her diaper!  Which leads us to her next new "trick."  She won't sit still for very long anymore!  I think the days of plopping her onto the chair and posing her are over.

This is how it went...
...and...we're back!
This little one is so active - and never wants to miss anything!
After a quick nursing session, we put on dress number two for her shots with the bunny!  Remember the days when she looked as big as that bunny's foot?  It all goes by so fast.
Over the past week, Hope is a completely different baby in the car.  Every day I hear from the back seat, "Mommy!  Can you believe it?  Hope is awake - and she's not crying!!"
I'm hoping this trend continues! 
Hope is also getting more hair, if you haven't noticed.  It's coming in dark black and so smooth.  And her eyes are still blue!!
The most photographed baby in town.
Can you blame me?


  1. Oh my...SO beautiful! Dark, dark hair with blue eye, what a gorgeous combination! I can just see in your face how much you enjoy your children and you so deserve that joy and happiness. (I voted for Brian's picture).

  2. She is seriously an absolute beauty and a blessing, God gave you an angel to care for! :)

  3. I totally know what you mean about wrapping your head around having a daughter. My husband has 2 sons from a previous marriage and we have 1 son together. I was in doubt until she was born that the ultrasounds were right and I was actually getting a daughter. She is beautiful!

  4. My computer screen was dirty and there were spots on Hope's beautiful face so of course I had to clean it. She's too cute to look at with a dirty screen lol !! She is beautiful!

  5. She's looking so much like Gavin.
    I thought she might have red hair, but obv not!
    Kate, you have probs noticed her pointing in one of the last photos here, at least it appears so... that's another milestone ;-)

  6. I don't always take the time to post, but I love love love your writings, your humor, and your photos. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I KNOW you are reaching peoples hearts in a way only God knows.

  7. She´s so, so adorable, Kate! I love the fact that Hope brings so much joy and well, hope, into your family!


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