Saturday, April 5, 2014

Last Minute Details!...

As I write this, it is officially the day of the big event.  I can't believe it's finally here.

Brian and I woke up this morning feeling "better."  Definitely not "great" - but upright and functioning, anyway!  I think I'm running on adrenaline.

I am so grateful to my sister, Meg, for flying in from New Hampshire to help me prepare for tomorrow. While Granny stayed with Brian and Hope all day - Meg and I got the event space set up.  We worked all day long.  And I'm thankful that my sister, Bean, came over tonight!  Meg and Bean helped me tremendously with the seating arrangements.

Here are some last minute details you may want to know if you're coming to the event - and some answers to questions I've been getting.

It may help if you put this address for "Bounce U" into your GPS:  2395 West Drive, Phoenixville, PA  19460
Hall E is where the event is.  If you are in the parking lot, look for the high colorful flags that fly over "Arnold's Family Fun Center" and drive towards them.  Hall E is across from Arnold's and next to "Bounce U."
I will also be putting signs that say GAVIN with blue star balloons pointing you in the right direction.

Dress Code
There is none!  Ed is wearing jeans.  I am wearing a skirt. You should wear whatever makes you comfortable and happy!

The doors open at 5:30pm so people can come in at their leisure to register, get a drink, find their table, etc. If you are coming for dinner, that will start around 6pm.  The entertainment portion of the night will begin at 7:25 when I get up to give a fabulously entertaining speech (humor me, eh?) and launch "Give 5 for Gavin" at 7:30.  The Trivia Game will start at approximately 7:45.  The trivia should end around 10:30 and after that the 50/50 winner will be drawn and announced.  You must be there to win the 50/50.

Please, please remember that you need to purchase a ticket HERE before you arrive.  You can print out your email confirmation or just give your name at registration.  We have all the seating arrangements done.  If you show up at the door looking to purchase a ticket, we may not have a seat available for you.

Silent Auction
The silent auction will be ending at 9:15pm, EST.
If you are a winner of one of the trips, you will receive an email from the travel company I used to procure the majority of these packages.  I have these trips on consignment.  I was asked if I could lower the price of the trips - and I can not.  I priced these trips over the travel company's cost - and I didn't price them very high over the cost.  That means - that I may not make a whole lot of money if there is just one bid.  (But hey - any extra money is great!)  Once the trip is won, I need to pay the travel company their cost and I keep the remainder.  Follow?  And once they receive the money, you will receive your certificate in the mail for your trip!  That is why the trips are priced the way they are. They are pretty incredible trips, so bid away!!

There will be so much going on at the event, so we decided that raffles will be drawn silently during the evening.  If you buy raffle tickets, I'm asking that everyone print their name and table number on the ticket.  Your raffle prize will be hand delivered right to your table!!

When this is all over, I will devote space here to thank my event sponsors profusely.  Speak for Yourself, Bella Baby Photography, ReeSpecht Life, Kate Giovinco Photography and my friends at Just Between Friends.  And a big thanks to The Malvern School for not just sponsoring the event, but providing me with twelve volunteers to help with registration, raffle ticket and 50/50 sales, scoring of trivia and more. I'm so grateful to all of you!

And thank you to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center - Bill Marchese, Monica, Christina, Lori and Glen.  They are practically giving me the space and the food for this event and have been so, incredibly kind to me.  

Hopefully I will still be standing tomorrow.  I can't wait to see all of you!!


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