Tuesday, March 11, 2014

He Gave It Back Tenfold...

Lately I have been deep in planning mode for "Gavin's Playground Project."  It's coming along nicely - at least I hope!!  I think I mentioned that I've never done this before... so I hope it turns out well!  One thing that is DEFINITELY going well - the donations that have been sent straight to the hospital.  As of today, duPont has received $7,280 for the "Abilities Playground" from 43 donors!!  I'm so grateful.

But sometimes... it all needs to take a back seat.  Like today!  Finally we had a day of "spring like" weather.  Brian and I decided it was required of us to be outside.  Hope enjoyed the fresh air in my arms and fell fast asleep while Brian played with every single toy he could get his hands on.  He biked.  He golfed.  He sidewalk chalked.  He blew bubbles.  I'm sure tomorrow we will get word that a blizzard is on its way - so we soaked up the sunshine as long as we could.
Earlier, when Brian was in school, I had a visitor!!  I have written many times over the years about Dr. Coralee Thompson.  She was the nutrition expert that helped me tremendously with Gavin.  You can read about our history - and how she helped us in THIS post.  She was in town visiting her children and wanted to come by to visit.  I should mention - all of our interactions have been phone consults or through email, so this was the first time we have actually met each other!!  It certainly didn't feel that way.  I felt like I opened my door to a long time friend today.  She is a very special part of our family.  I was thrilled to introduce her to Hope!  Dr. Thompson generously donated a nutrition consult and a copy of her book, Healthy Brains, Healthy Children, for our silent auction!
I'm glad that I have this fundraiser to keep me busy.  That was my intention... but I didn't know at the time how much it would help me.  To stay busy, I mean.  This impending anniversary is affecting me much more than I expected.  I just can't believe it's almost a year.

This morning I decided to look back to what was happening on this day last year.  I was shocked when I read my entry.  The title of the entry is, Letters From Heaven.  You should probably just go ahead and read it.  Looking back, I almost wonder if I was somehow being prepared.  There really are no coincidences.  

I miss Gavin so much.  I know he's watching all that we do.  The one thing that keeps me upright and moving along is knowing that.  I want to act in a way that honors his life - and part of that is being the best Mom I can be to his little brother and sister.  He would not be happy if I messed that up.  And I want to honor his life by honoring those that helped him.  That is why giving back to the teachers and therapist through Gavin's Trust Project means so much.  And why giving back to duPont through donations to Child Life and now this Playground Project means so much.  I just want to make him proud... and continue his legacy of helping and healing people.  Because make no mistake... as much help and healing that Gavin received - he gave it back tenfold.

Gavin's Playground Project

To purchase tickets (tickets must be purchased in advance) click HERE.

Everyone can register for the silent auction (whether you purchased a ticket or not) using the same link above.

To donate directly to the hospital, click HERE and be sure to designate "Abilities Playground" in the Donor Designation section.

Hotel information!!

For those coming in from out of town that need hotel rooms, I have two hotels that have blocked rooms for April 4th and 5th.

The Homewood Suites in Audubon, PA has one and two bedroom suites available for the flat rate of $109.  They created a personalized site just for guests of the event.  You can reserve your room right on this website - HERE!  They are about ten minutes from the Expo Center, where the event is being held, and offer shuttle service.

The Radisson in King of Prussia has also blocked rooms for us on the 4th and 5th.  They are about ten minutes in the other direction.  Their rate is also $109 and you can call the hotel directly at 610-354-8118 to make reservations until the cut off, which is March 25th.  Be sure to mention that you are reserving a room under the "Gavin's Playground Project" block.  The Radisson is also offering all of our guests a 20% food discount redeemable at any of their seven restaurants!

I might have a third hotel to choose from over the next couple days.  I will be sure to let you know.

Thank you to all that are coming to the event... or planning to come!  It means so much to me.

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