Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gearing Up...

Last night, after putting Hope to sleep in her bed, I sat in the corner of our room and just listened.  I listened.  And listened... and listened.  Hearing nothing - and feeling more comfortable - I left.

When I came to bed later in the night, I still heard... nothing.  She was breathing perfectly and you'd never know that the night before she could barely breathe through the congestion!

She slept peacefully through the entire night.  Actually, the two of us slept in a little!  She woke up smiling and breathing clearly.  What in the world??  Was I wrong about her having a cold?  Was it actually a brief bout of reflux that travelled into her nose?  Could it have been allergies - at three months old?  It was a mystery to me.

All that to say - she's fine!

From this point on - until April 5th - I will be immersed in Gavin's Playground Project.  There are so many last minute details I need to iron out, packages to put together, etc.  

Next Saturday, March 29th, is Gavin's "half birthday."  He would have been halfway to 7 years old.  The four of us are going on a little road trip.  We'll be staying in a hotel that has an indoor pool so we can celebrate Gavin doing something that he would have loved.  I know that Gavin will love watching all of us together - especially when we're splashing around in the pool.  And it will be a nice way for me to spend time... the week before the madness... remembering the little boy who inspired this big project.

Starting tomorrow, I will be previewing our Silent Auction items.  The Silent Auction will open Monday, March 31.  I'm hoping by previewing the items, it will give people time to think about what they want to go for!  Especially some of the incredible vacations. And - hopefully - you will share all the information with friends, co-workers, on your social media sites - wherever you can!  Anyone can participate in the silent auction!

I will also be previewing our raffle items.  If you are coming to the event, you'll get an idea of what you want to put raffle tickets toward.  Remember to bring enough cash to the event - for the cash bar, for raffle tickets and for 50/50 tickets as well!

And you will also get to see who our "Event Sponsors" are.  The Event Sponsors gave $500 (or more!) and I am happy to promote them here - and at the event - as my way of thanking them.  I couldn't have done all of this without their support.  Well, I could have - but I quickly realized that it would have taken money away from the Playground Project.  I want as much of the proceeds as possible (like 100%!) to go directly to the playground.

There is still time to be a sponsor if you are interested.  I have spots available for "Table Sponsors" where, for $50.00, you can have a personal message, your name or your business information printed on a tent card on a table.  Message me through this blog or my Facebook page if you're interested.

And finally, please don't wait too long to buy your tickets!  This is the last week for "early bird" pricing.  You can buy your ticket - AND register for the silent auction - HERE.  Remember, ANYONE can register for the silent auction.  You don't need to buy a ticket to participate.  If you prefer to donate directly to the hospital, you can do that HERE.

For those who are coming to the event, I'm looking forward to seeing your faces!  And I'm happy to be surrounded by so many people that are helping me honor Gavin's one year anniversary in such a HUGE and EXTRAORDINARY way.

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