Sunday, March 30, 2014

Four Months!...

Tomorrow is the big day!!  The silent auction officially opens for bidding at 8am, EST!  Get your trigger finger ready, friends! 

It will work similar to eBay.  You can type in your maximum bid and it will auto-bid for you up to that amount.  You will only be notified by text (or email if you registered your desktop or laptop) if your max bid was out-bid - or if you WIN!  So high tech, eh?

Please remember - anyone around the world can participate in this silent auction, but you need to register (which is free!). You can do that HERE.

If you live in the Philadelphia area and would like to attend the fundraiser on April 5th, which is the day the silent auction will end, you MUST purchase tickets in advance.  You have FIVE days to purchase your ticket HERE.  All tickets will remain $25.00 per person.  You can find all the details about the event I'm calling "Gavin's Playground Project" HERE, including directions, time, what to expect, etc.  The event is adults only.

Feel free to share the silent auction page on your social media sites!  The more eyes on this auction, the more wallets that might open and the closer we'll get to building a playground!

Tomorrow is the big day - 8am EST!  Set your alarms, people!!

But today?
Today is all about our little Miss Hope.
She is FOUR MONTHS old today.
She's beginning to really laugh and coo, which melts our hearts.
She's getting so big! She has rolls on her thighs and arms and is such a solid bundle when you pick her up.  I was so surprised when she weighed in at only 12 pounds at the doctor's last week!  I would have guessed 15, easy.
I do think she's about to have another growth spurt, though.  Last week I was complaining that she barely slept during the day - and would sleep all night.  This week she's been taking little naps during the day - and is back to waking up once during the night!  
I read that this sometimes happens at this age - and to just go with it so my milk production will keep up with her changing needs.  They wrote that, developmentally, babies at this age have so much going on during the day - distractions and exciting things to look at and a brother incessantly talking that makes them crane their necks to look and new milestones they are thinking about and so anxious to try- it's hard!!  And exciting!!
But at night, it's dark and quiet and she has my undivided attention and I have hers.  She fills her belly and goes right back to sleep.
And I have my moment to stare at her beautiful face and thank God for this incredible gift.  I love that time - just the two of us.  And I know, like everything else, it's just a passing phase.  She'll get herself adjusted and we'll be just fine. 
Hope often has her fingers (or, if she can get it in there - her whole hand!) in her mouth.  I have a hard time believing she's teething already - but it's possible, I guess!!  She's beginning to drool a little, too!
(As a side note - if you are coming to the event and see Hope, please try not to touch her hands!  I know it's a natural inclination to grab a baby's hands, but with so many different people - and knowing that she'll stick those hands right in her mouth - I'm nervous about her getting sick.) 
Happy Four Months, Hope Margaret!!
Enjoy the rest of today's photos!  I was grateful to have an assistant today.  Thanks, Daddy, for helping pull out the smiles!
We love you, beautiful girl!


  1. Hope is precious - all of your children are! I wanted to ask you - where did you get her quilt? I love it!!!! I also have a 4 month daughter as well.
    I have been following you for a bit and I love how your write. I hope that your fundraiser next week goes really well!!! Take care!! Jen

  2. She has got to be the absolutely most photogenic baby I've ever seen! And I can just tell that her personality matches her beautiful smiles.

  3. When my oldest was little I had a little sign that clipped on to his baby carrier that said "Please wash your hands before touching mine!" Nobody ran off to wash their hands and came back to touch him but they got the idea that I didn't want them touching my baby. As a mother with post partum OCD so severe I barely left the house, the worse thing that people could do (even though I am sure they are well meaning, kind, baby loving people) was to touch my baby. Because then I had to break out the antibacterial wipes and wipe him down before he put his hands in his mouth while at the same time my husband's is scolding me that I am being rude because the stranger who just touched my baby without permission is watching me wipe my baby's hands. The only thing worse was people at my Catholic church thinkingI was a snob for not shaking hands when the Priest says to show each other a sign of peace. But I couldn't because my husband band purell at church, because he said it was extremely rude to purell my hands in front of the peoples whose hands I just shook.

    I hope that all of your readers know how important it is to you to keep your children healthy. Especially at the event to honor your son who passed away from a possibly illness induced seizure.

    And if I let my husband read this he probably won't let me post it but I guess I was just trying to say that I get it and I have been there. And while I am probably not going to be at your event, but will be making a donation in the amount of the ticket cost at the hospital website choosing "abilities playground", I hope that the night is fun and stress free!

  4. Oh gosh, Kate....I just didn't think she could get any cuter!!! Gorgeous, precious children.

  5. She is so cute. I'm glad she brings your family so much happiness. Blessings

  6. Does she like her car seat any better? My daughter was born last January and when she turned 4 months she started tolerating/liking her car seat and we could go pick up her brother in preschool without constant crying. She is now 14 months and rides in the car like a champ. I hope it is the same for Hope.

  7. She is such a bundle of cuteness!

  8. She is just so darn beautiful! I know after all you have been thru, you just want to keep her healthy, and safe, but try to remember, babies and little ones often get colds and pick up bugs and rocks and gross stuff and this actually helps build their little immune systems. Plus, your awesome and breast feeding so she has your antibodies too, she will be doubly healthy! your such a great mommy! God definitely chose the right mommy for your babies! All of them! <3

  9. soooooo gorgeous!!!!! What a beautiful dress and color for such a beautiful baby girl! Good Luck tomorrow!!!!!! xo


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