Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Universal Truth...

Tomorrow morning at 6am I will be posting the ticket link for Gavin's Playground Project on the Chasing Rainbows Facebook page!!  I will also come back to this page and post it here shortly thereafter.

Here it is!!  This is what I wrote on my Facebook page if you aren't on Facebook:

Here's the link to buy your tickets for Gavin's Playground Project on April 5th!! AND... Here are "Seven Thing to Know Before You Go" to the link:

- Do not buy a ticket unless you intend to be there or else I will have a seat for you. If you live far away and wish you could come, maybe you could donate the ticket price to the hospital for the playground!

- You MUST have a ticket to go to the adults only event!

- Be sure to register for the silent auction while you are on the site. They will ask for your credit card information. Your credit card will ONLY be used if you win a bid. It will also enable you to easily donate to the project via text or the simple push of a button. (Or you could go through the hospital link as well) I am using a reputable company called "GiveSmart" for the silent auction and ticket sales. They are used by large organizations like "Make a Wish," "Unicef" and more. Your information is safe and I will never see anything except your money for this project!

- Great news! You can ALL participate in the silent auction from anywhere in the country - or the world! Just register your credit card on the site so you can bid on exciting things like.... oh, you really thought I would spill the beans??

- If you are purchasing a ticket for yourself - and your group of friends is buying their own ticket - but you are planning to sit together - please list the people you will want to sit with in the space provided on the site.

- Don't look too hard for the silent auction items yet. They aren't there. But if you want to come by and babysit, they will be there quicker. 

- If you buy a ticket and realize you can't make it, your $25.00 will go right to Gavin's Playground Project as a donation. And then please email me to let me know you can't make it so I can free up a seat for someone else.

Thank you so much for your faith in me. I set out to "take back April" and to stay busy during this difficult time. I think I've more than accomplished that goal!!

Hope to see you all there!!

Click this link below to buy your tickets!!
Gavin's Playground Project

This is really happening!!

If you're wondering why I'm doing this, I have an answer.  Yes... I want the hospital to have an all abilities playground.  They need it - and I intend to help them get it.  It's not for credit or praise and, frankly, if I hear "you're amazing" one more time I will vomit.  I just want this playground to happen.  But that's not all.  

For Gavin's entire life, I was his main advocate.  I worked hard and fought hard to make sure he had everything he needed.  The tag line of my blog is "A Mommy's Quest to Make the Impossible... Possible" - because sometimes that was just how it felt.  Things don't always come easy for special needs children - or their parents.  The simplest things that should be a given - like being able to play on a playground - are sometimes impossible.  When Gavin was alive and I would run into a roadblock that kept him from something - that wasn't acceptable to me.  And it was my job, as his advocate, to figure out a way around it.
But now Gavin is gone.  And that part of me - the fighter - refuses to die with him.  This playground project is my gift to Gavin.  But it's also my way of continuing to advocate for all the other "Gavins" that need someone to get them past this roadblock.  

My dream is to one day bring Brian and Hope to this playground and show them that beautiful things - inspiring things - can happen after a tragedy.
It's a universal truth.

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