Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Big Adventure...

Right at this moment, our family - and hundreds of thousands of others in our area - are being tested in a big way.  We had a major ice storm in the Northeast.  In our area alone, close to 600,000 homes are without power.

Please don't worry about or have pity for us.  Our situation feels like a minor inconvenience.  Brian, Hope and I spent the entire day with our good neighbor-friends who have a generator.  And when Ed got home from work we went out to dinner and to a hotel.  He has us booked through Sunday as, believe it or not, power may be out through the weekend.

But others are not so fortunate.  Hotels are sold out and shelters are being opened up all over .  I worry for those with babies, like us.  I worry for families with special needs children - especially if they are dependent on electricity.  If Gavin were alive, we would be very stressed about losing all of his frozen homemade food... and not being able to warm it up for him.  I worry about the elderly.  And I'm glad that my Mom flew out to visit friends in Florida for a week - just before this storm hit!

Yes - it will be challenging to manage over the next few days - but I'm not complaining.  These kinds of situations either bring out the worst in people - or the best.  I'm determined to make this a fun and memorable experience.  Brian is SO excited to be staying in a "home-tell."  And it's Hope's first hotel stay!  The entire experience will be an adventure!!

Please pray for the Northeast!!

I man not be able to write over the next few days.  I will try.
But I'll update on the Chasing Rainbows Facebook page.


  1. I know what your going through. Back in 2006 we were without power for a week due to an ice storm. I was five months pregnant with twins and a 22monthold. I have never felt cold like that. Praying for you.

  2. I hope everyone get their power back soon. We went 10 days without power during Sandy. It was miserable. We still count ourselves lucky every time we make it through a storm and still have our power. Honestly, we don't take it for granted anymore. Glad you are able to get in a hotel. Stay safe.

  3. You are amazingly resilient! My aunt lives in Exton, and I know she's trying to tough it out. Hope the power comes back on soon!

  4. You'll always remember the "Storm of '14"...A little stressful at the moment, but your family will have fun reminiscing this 'long weekend' for years to come. I bet you packed a few games and are prepped to be hunkered down for quite a while. Enjoy your adventure and we will send prayers to the Northeast and families in need.

  5. I hope the hotel in comfortable. We just had blackouts here in Melbourne Australia due to heatwave! It was 45 degrees Celsius four days in a row. I think it's an opportunity to teach our kids about global warming and to respect Mother Nature more! X


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