Monday, January 27, 2014

We're ALL Winners...

Today has been one for the books.  My own memory book, that is.

This afternoon I got an email from a reader who wanted to let me know that the author, Nancy Tillman, was going to be at a local bookstore for a book signing!  She is the author of "On The Night You Were Born," which is a very special book between me and Gavin.  I read it to him often... and I actually had Miss Sara read it at his funeral.  Part of the book is on the back of Gavin's memorial prayer card, too.  I couldn't believe that she was going to be ten minutes away.  I got myself together and Hope and I headed out after dinner.  I was a nervous wreck - I felt like I was meeting a huge celebrity.  I got to spend some time talking to her - which was such an honor. She really was a lovely person.  I left her with one of Gavin's funeral programs which has the book in its entirety in the back... and a prayer card. It was important to me to tell her how important this book was to me... then and now.  And I told her that if she ever doubted that her children's books made a difference - even changed people - that hopefully she would remember Gavin... and meeting his little sister, Hope.  I'm sure she won't soon forget Hope - who screamed the entire time.
And this morning, Parents Magazine announced that I had one of the best parenting blogs - according to the readers who nominated and voted for me.  This is such an honor - really.  All of it.  The idea that anyone would nominate me, for one.  The fact that Parents magazine thought I was a suitable candidate in the "Best Blog" category.  And, the time people took out of their lives to vote for me each day.  I'm humbled by all of it.

I had a lot on my heart that I wanted to write about this "win" - mostly that I feel like ALL of you who come here each day and care so much about our little family are the REAL winners.  I mean that. We're all in this together.  I also feel that the win means more exposure for Chasing Rainbows - which thrills me.  Not because I want the exposure... I want GAVIN to be "seen."  

I strongly feel that the more people that know his story... the more lives will be changed.  People will start believing in miracles again... they will feel that it's possible to heal their hearts after tragedy or heartbreak... they will be inspired to become organ donors... to change their careers to help those with special needs... and so much more.  This "win" means a lot to me - for so many reasons - and I can't thank you enough.

I had so much I wanted to say.  

But here's the truth.  I handed Hope over to Ed so I could sit down to write... and she's been screaming upstairs while I sit in front of my computer.  I can't concentrate.  Ed's very capable - it's not that.  But my Mommy heart can't take sitting down here when she's up there and crying her heart out.

I'm on my way, Hope!


  1. There is not one of us here Kate that would want you to stay here with us when you can be upstairs with Hope... enjoy

  2. You are a really good mom, please know that on the days when you don't feel it so much and even on the days you do. You are an inspiration to everyone here. Your courage and strength are felt through every word you share.

  3. Congrats on parents, you are a wonderful mother. thank you sooo much for sharing your beautiful story.

  4. Congratulations! You deserve the win. You're a wonderful mother and a wonderful writer. A true inspiration to us all.

  5. You astound me with your strength, preserverance, and unwavering faith.. Or should I say.. Hope.

  6. I second (or third, or fourth) the others. You deserved this win. Congratulations, and God bless you and your family.

  7. Kate, I never comment but have been following your blog since March last year. I thought of you right away when I say this deal in my email. It is a three piece picture set that says "there will always be hope" with a little girl letting go of her red balloon to the heavens. It reminded me so much of your family and of Hope. It just reminds me of how much your wonderful family has gone through and of the beauty Hope brings and how she will always know of her brother Gavin and sister, Darcy.|promo|Outlet20140201a&modal=no&et_cid=59038866&


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