Monday, January 20, 2014

The Random Act of Writing Entry...

Some nights I think a journal entry isn't worth it.

"All I'll write is a bunch of random things we did over the weekend - and who wants to read that?!" I think to myself.  Usually out loud which has Ed yell "What?" from the other room and then I'll say "I'm talking to myself" back to him but when I say it the baby cries at exactly the same time which has him yell, "I didn't hear you!" and we go back and forth in circles.  That happens a lot around here.

I SAID - That happens a lot around here.  (Just in case you didn't catch it the first time.)

But some days, that's all I've got - a bunch of randomness.  And - to make matters worse - no picture proof.

So basically, this entry - a bunch or random stories with not a lot of pictures to break it up and make it more palatable - is the equivalent of watching someone's vacation slideshow or looking through an entire photo album of their cousin's stepdaughter's neighbor's wedding.

Are you still with me?  Because I know I'm competing with The Bachelor tonight.

This weekend was pretty jam packed.  Hope met a lot of people!  She met our funeral director on Friday.  We love our funeral director, Randy, and consider him to be part of our big family.  He buried my grandparents... my Father... he picked up our daughter, Darcy, from the hospital and cremated her for us... and he did the same for Gavin.  It's a HUGE blessing to know a funeral director personally.  If we had to blindly find a funeral home and trust a stranger with our children's bodies - that would have been excruciatingly hard for me.  He was there for us in more ways than one when Darcy and Gavin died - and saw us through the viewings and the funeral.  Not an easy job.  I was so happy to visit with him on Friday and bring a little "Hope" into his day!!

Hope also met two of my Aunts this weekend - two of my cousins - a blog reader that saw us in the store and a friend that came over with her son for a playdate!  Social butterfly!

This weekend, I tried to explain who Martin Luther King was to Brian - why he was important - and why we celebrate him on this day.  I attempted this a few times - and each time he walked away thinking that Dr. King was able to turn people white so they wouldn't feel "left out" of anything.  Sigh.  In other news, this is why I will never homeschool.  Ha!

Brian was a great sport this weekend as we schlepped him around to some pretty boring places.  We went shopping for clothes (which is a dreadful chore for ME so I can imagine how bored HE was!).  It wasn't too painful, though, as we were shopping for Hope.  I was on a mission to buy sleepers that zip up in 3 months size.  Having to fasten and unfasten a bunch of snaps - especially in the middle of the night and in the morning - is hard for my arthritic hands.  The zippers are a LOT easier.  I'm sad to say that I have had to tuck away some newborn sized clothes already.  They are getting too tight!!  The next size up - 3 months - is big on her, though, so we're stuck in an awkward phase.  Too big is much more comfortable - so if you see us out in public and are wondering why our daughter is wearing clothes that don't fit... this is why.  And if you see me out in my maternity jeans and my maternity panel is showing because my shirt rode up - be a friend and give me a head's up?  If things go well, I will get away with wearing these awesome maternity pants for the rest of my life.  Can I get an amen, ladies??  (Ha!)

After that excursion, we took Hope on her first "Family Grocery Shopping" trip to Wegmans!  We are a bit odd.  We love going grocery shopping as a family - on the weekend.  As you can see - Hope wasn't all that impressed.
The rest of us had a great time, though!  We even had lunch there!

Today had us out shopping again - this time in my home town mall.  We headed to the food court for lunch and I found a table that had the most privacy.  Unfortunately in this food court, there was really NO privacy - but this table did have a couple plants nearby making it the "most private" of all.  Hope was ready to eat and I was feeling brave and confidently decided that I could cover up and nurse. We were doing great... I managed to latch her on and everything was fine.  At one point Brian wanted to say hi to his sister and pulled the cover up from the bottom and I laughed and tossed my hair and thought, "I so got this - I bet people are looking over and are so impressed with how I'm handling myself."  (ha!)  I pulled Hope out from under the cover in one expert move - I was amazed at myself - to burp her.  All this time Ed was getting our food - but I was wishing he was there with us to witness my nursing in public skills.  

And then it happened.

Hope burped and I brought my head down in front of hers, smiling and tossing my hair again, to say cutely "Good burp, cutie pie!" Suddenly it happened.  Mount Vesuvius erupted from her tiny little mouth.  Unfortunately, catching her spit up waterfall was my biggest priority.  Ironically, NOT seeing my breast was a priority to the people sitting nearby.  Whoopsie!  I joked on my Facebook page today that the people at the table nearby looked horrified - but I was kidding.  There was an older woman who brought her hand to cover her mouth - stifling her giggle.  And once I covered up again and caught her eye, she smiled and winked at me.  That knowing kind of "I've been there" wink.  I have to say - the entire event was pretty hilarious.  But I did stop confidently tossing my hair after that.  And, no... there is no photo proof of any of this.  At least I hope not.

It just so happens that Aunt Bean lives near this mall!  When I told her we were there, she hopped in her car with Shannon and Claire (my nieces) and they came down.  While we were waiting, Brian and I rode the carousel two times.  He wanted to go on the spinning seat and I was totally game!!
Until he wouldn't stop spinning.  Boy, I am getting old.
I was never happier to see Shannon and Claire and immediately recruited them to ride with Brian. Ahh... youth.
I'm hoping to get both of my chickadees in to see the pediatrician tomorrow.  Hope has developed that baby acne all over her face and it just seems worse than I remember Gavin and Brian's.  I also want to have her umbilical hernia checked - just to make sure it's still nothing to worry about.  But it's really Brian that we're worried about.  In the winter time he has dry patches behind his knees - that's nothing new.  But tonight when we were getting him in his pajamas, his dry patches covered his entire legs!  It looks awful!  I can't think of anything new that he ate or was exposed to.  I work hard to keep him moisturized even though I know this is probably more of an internal reaction that shows up on the skin. He said it itches - but otherwise doesn't seem too bothered.  Hopefully it's an easy fix.

And there you have it, folks.  My random act of writing for tonight.

The end.


  1. My son has horrible eczema, and this winter seems to be especially harsh. It's hard to find, but try Vanicream, it's nice and thick, and hypoallergenic. I usually get it at Walgreens. My son's allergist recommends bathing nightly, then blot drying him (not rubbing), and put the cream on immediately so the skin can absorb it well. He seems to mind it less then, when putting PJ's on, then during the day when he has clothes on. However, when it's really bad I use it then too.

  2. There's nothing odd about family shopping trips to Wegmans! When I was home with my son on maternity leave, going to Wegmans was the highlight of the week for me.

  3. Oh man, I hear you on the zip up sleepers! When Dominic was a few weeks old I recall making a shopping trip with my mom to get nothing but zipper ones! She would find a cute sleeper and if it had buttons we would run from it like it was on fire. Haha!

    And Dominic still spits up horribly...I call him my volcano. Always erupting! Poor babe.

  4. Love your posts...even the "random stuff". I'm either laughing thru them all or crying thru them. Thanks for doing them. Love your family!!!!

  5. First of all, work the maternity jeans as long as you can - I LOVED MINE. Then, when I couldn't get away with it any longer, I went to Kohl's and bought the new Lee jeans - you know, the ones we all called 'mom jeans' in the 80's? The wonderful ones that come to your REAL waistline and smooth over the pooch you will never again get rid of?? I discarded all of my "did-I-ever-shave-low-enough-for-the-low-rise jeans" and vowed that I life is just easier with mom jeans and long shirts. Next, what breastfeeding mom hasn't had that "boob shot in the food court" moment?! Mine was at an outdoor mall - a very busy one. Ah well, those are moments we laugh about and LOVE - because we laugh at those who are embarrassed by our boobs and dare them with our eyes to come clean up after our "fountain of baby" spews that more-precious-than-gold milk!! Yeah, THOSE were the days. Just be thankful your almost three year old didn't cuss you out in the in freezer aisle of the grocery store...oh wait, it could still - (in retrospect, I wished I had this advice) take them by the hand and loudly announce that you're taking them back to their mother right now! LOL!!!

  6. I did homeschool when my kids were young. I really don't know as I would do it again but that is another time. Anyway, when I was homeschooling, often my husband's parents would watch two of the three (the oldest was off doing his off teen thing by then) so we could have a date on Friday nights. Our date consisted of going to a local family restaurant then grocery shopping. I am sure you are jealous at the excitement of that! :)

  7. My nephew had dry patches like you describe and the thing that worked best was coconut oil! My SIL tried everything, every cream, prescription and non-prescription, and coconut oil was what finally took the itchiness and dry patches away. Hope it helps!

  8. If I had your hair I'd toss it so much they'd call me salad head. Seriously, I hope HOPE has your curls!! When do we get to hear you won the contest?!? xo

  9. This was a fabulous post -- loved every detail!

  10. LOVED this 'random' post...and had to giggle at the nursing exposure at the food court!!! I remember those days trying to cover up, even once while on a first class flight (with all businessmen because that was the only flight out) with our 2-month-old daughter, fleeing the area to Florida during the "three-mile-island crisis" in 1979. I hope the kiddos appointment goes well tomorrow & your pediatrician can give you something to help Hope & Brian heal quickly.

  11. Have you ever tried the pj's that are open at the bottom like a long dress? We have a ton that are either size 0 -3 month or 0 - 6 month. The bottom is open like a dress but it has elastic so it stays closed most of the time. In the middle of the might I just pull it up, change the diaper and no zipper or button to deal with. I can't remember what they are called but we use them every night for my 1 month old.

  12. Sounds like a fun weekend, make me laugh out loud (Literally). I to enjoy Wegmans...and the food court story was priceless.

  13. The thing that has helped my Daughters dry patches the most - Vaseline. Works better than any cream or lotion I have found.

  14. My son get dry patches behind his ears, of all places. The best, natural, remedy for any dry skin issues is coconut oil. You can get a large jug of it from Costco for a very reasonable price. It is shelf stable and is a solid at room temperature. It absorbs right into the skin and is not greasy like Vaseline or other oils. I use it for everything.

  15. All I have to say is Amen Sister...I agree with you on the maternity pants!!! My little one is 2.5 years old and I still wish I could wear them, ha-ha! We were at that same mall yesterday (since we live around there) and I made my little Jillian ride the horse even though she looked like she wanted to try the spinning seat like her brother. I just couldn't do it, all that spinning and I would have been spitting up!!

  16. I agree with all the moisturizing suggestions. My daughter had terrible eczema on her legs and arms. I stopped using laundry softner and switched to felted wool dryer balls and for her baths we only use aura cacia orange patchouli foam bath. It's been eight months and not one eczema outbreak or need for steroid creams. Good luck!

  17. I want to chime in with more coconut oil is the absolute best thing for eczema! I wish everyone knew about it. It really works miracles on dry skin.

  18. One more plug for the coconut oil. We have also used the Vanicream and I love that stuff too. He may need a humidifier for his room and only baths every two or three days. They don't get that dirty in the winter!

  19. I appreciate your voice, your perspective and your sense of humor. Please don't underestimate how important your are to your readers. I think you are marvelous.

  20. So when my third nursing baby was about four months, kicking the nursing cover away so she could see the world, it happened. I stopped caring who saw my boobs in public. I can't explain it, and I still covered up or removed for my dad and brother, but at the mall, store, restaurant, I just let it rip. A little boob never hurt anyone, lol!


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