Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tennis, Anyone?...

Today was all about survival for me.  I had a long night with Hope who was fussier than normal through the night and woke up exhausted to Brian, who was thrilled for another snow day.  I spent much of the morning feeding, changing and soothing Hope all the while nursing a giant guilt trip as I listened to Brian softly say...

"mommy will you play with me?" less than 25 times.

By lunch, I was feeling pretty frazzled.  I knew it was time to break out my beloved Moby Wrap (I love the Moby!!  Especially when they are infants.)  I put Hope into the wrap and remembered my philosophy:  kids feed off your energy.  If I am frazzled and stressed...they will be, too.  I decided to turn my Mommy dial down to zen.

And in that moment, she spit up down my chest.  Not once... but twice. 


She quickly fell asleep in there which allowed me to fulfill a lifelong dream of getting on the floor and being Darth Vader.   
Brian never lets me be Darth Vader!!

Then we kicked the afternoon into high gear with a rousing game of Balloon Tennis.
Brian won, of course, because... well... he's five.
Hope woke up from her nap very blissed out and we decided to teach her our special game.
Let's just say she needs work.
That's called survival, friends.


  1. Adorable. Can I ask where did you get Hope's shirt. I love it. As always I love your posts. Thank you for sharing your family.

  2. Balloon to the face... funniest thing I've seen all day! Keep working on it, Hope!

  3. Hope is absolutely beautiful! I do also remember the sleepless nights/days of having a baby with reflux. Exhausting! You are such a great mama!

  4. Love her shirt! So appropriate for your life and the day. Love your posts. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  5. Looks like Brian's having a good time! I wish you calm, peaceful sleep!

  6. I am looking forward to Hope having her very own icon at the top of your blog.....sending much love from Texas!


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