Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Hearts Are Filled With Hope...

"So, Brian - what's your favorite part about having a little sister?"

"I love her," he replied very seriously.
"And what's your favorite part about being a big brother?"

"I can tell her things and teach her how to build with blocks and tinkertoys.  And I can tell her about Darth Vader and the stormtroopers.  And I can read to her.  Let's read her my new "Frozen" book, Mommy!"

"Ok!" I replied.
"She knows I can't read, right?" he asked.

"I don't think she cares, Brian. She just loves being with you."
"Mommy, when Hope gets bigger will she miss Gavin like I do?"

"Well... I bet once she finds out what a great boy he was - and what a great brother he was to you - I bet she'll feel sad that he's not here with us!  And I also think that she'll love him - even though he's not here - because of all the memories we'll share with her and the photos and videos we have."
"Hey Brian - do you think Hope has figured out that Mommy takes a lot of pictures yet?"

{laughing}  "Mommy takes a LOT of pictures, Hope!!!!!!"
"Let's take some pictures of her now!!  Will you help me get her to smile?"


And then... this happened.
Our minds might be filled with questions and anger and sadness and grief and loneliness at times.

But there's no denying - ever - that our hearts are filled with Hope.


  1. I love the way hope was looking at him. you can see loves her big brother already. and Brian he is just so handsome. I hope he knows that he is a special brother.

  2. They are both so beautiful. I adore the pictures of both of them together. Thanks for sharing so many pictures -- makes my heart happy!

  3. Hope is so beautiful! And the absolute adoration she has for Brian is easy to see. She is so content. Way to go Leong family! Love and light! ~Mary in SC

  4. Perfection. Pure and simple. <3!

  5. So happy you have your little girl to help your family feel better. She is your bright side.

  6. Awww. Hope is so lucky to have such a loving, giving, compassionate, thoughtful and HANDSOME brother. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Brian's grief for Gavin fills me with such sadness for you as a mommy. How hard it must be for you to bear his pain, let alone your own.
    God bless you and your beautiful family.

  8. Those smiles are SO precious!

  9. Oh my they r so sweet.... just love the way she looked at Brian when he was reading.... and Hope is just the cutest little girl. She has quite the smile, enough to melt your heart..... :)

  10. Brian is so sweet, handsome and funny. Hope is adorable <3

  11. Sweet, sweet children! Brian gets more handsome every day & Hope is a cutie-pie!


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