Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hope and Brian's Best Week Ever!...

Having Aunt Meg here this week made it the best week ever.  Despite any negative events - Aunt Meg's visit trumped it all.  Especially for Brian and Hope!

This photo says it all.
Meg kept encouraging me to go to sleep - or for me and Ed to go out - or for me to take Brian out alone.  But I didn't want any of it!  My sister drove seven hours to get to our house - why would I want to leave her there!  I wanted to soak up every minute I could with her.  And I LOVED watching her with my children.  
 She's so much fun - and so nurturing.
I guess I did take her up on one thing.  One night she made the ultimate sacrifice.  I fed Hope around 9pm - and then she insisted that I hand her off to her.  She kept her downstairs and gave her a bottle for her next feeding so we could go to sleep.  Then she stayed up with her all through the middle of the night until she was due to eat again.  I couldn't believe it when she tapped me to wake me up and it was close to 5am!!  I got so much sleep I didn't know what to do with myself!  I'm sure it's been a long time since she pulled an "all nighter" like that (she said she stayed awake watching T.V. the whole time!) - and I was so grateful.
 Every morning Brian would ask me nervously, "Is Aunt Meg still here?" He was dreading the day she would leave.  They had so much fun together!
It was quite a trip for me watching her read "The Pokey Little Puppy" to Brian and Hope.  It's a book that was saved from my childhood (so it's old!).  It's quite possible that she read that same book to me when I was little!!
Meg is home now - and we miss her a lot.  But now my wheels are turning to take a trip to stay with HER for a week!  

This week Hope had a big "first!"  She played in her baby gym for the first time!!  Brian chose this gym in the store when I was pregnant.  It's Baby Einstein's "Baby Neptune" and has ocean sounds and marine animals.  He chose it because it reminded him of Gavin, of course.  We were shocked when Miss Sara and her parents chose this same gym as a gift for Hope without even knowing.  What are the chances?!?
Hope loves it - and I love to see her have so much alert time.  She's starting to coo, too, which is really adorable.  When I give her a body massage when she's under there - she coos up a storm!
Here's a video of her playing...

This week I also received a painting I had made by an extremely talented artist.  She is a young woman from Minnesota named Kelsey Oseid and she's a Chasing Rainbows reader!  I enjoy sharing things that I love with all of you...
...and I am in LOVE with this painting.
From the face on the little girl... to the Chinese lanterns... to the bits of blue to honor Gavin... to the forest tea party... Kelsey nailed it.  (Note:  please don't stress about seeing the crib bumpers - they will be gone when Hope starts sleeping in her crib... which is many months away!!)
 And it coordinates so well with the other print in her nursery.  That one is called "The Jellybean Tree" and I bought it in the DuPont Hospital gift shop!  
I can see me wanting Kelsey to make new canvas paintings with the same little girl as Hope (and her room) grows and changes.  I already love this print from her website...
If you're interested in a custom piece by Kelsey, you can reach her through her Etsy shop or her website!  She was a dream to work with and we couldn't be happier having a work of art as unique and beautiful as Hope!

Speaking of Hope... she turned SIX WEEKS today!!  Enjoy these pics from her photo shoot!

 My Mom and I picked out this outfit (including the booties) from Hartstrings when I was pregnant.  It was supposed to be her "coming home from the hospital" outfit.  It finally fits her at six weeks!!
We are all so in love with this little girl!  Especially Brian.  You'd think she's been here his whole life.
Happy six weeks, Hope Margaret!!


  1. My little girl was born Nov 22nd!! I'm so jealous of your sleep!! LOL You're a lucky lady to have such a great sister :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures and isnt it wonderful having an older sister?! I cant believe your sister is reading Brian the poky little puppy that was one of my favorite books growing up!!! As always sending love your way.....I love your beautiful family and getting to share in all these special moments! Hope is getting so big and Brian is an amazing big brother! Xoxo from New Jersey!

  3. Sisters.....they are the best thing ever. How lovely you got to spend a week with Meg.
    Hope is just beautiful and it really is no surprise that Brian is the best big brother, he has the best teacher.

  4. Hope continues to be absolutely the most beautiful, most adorable, most precious baby ever! I'm really glad to hear that she's starting to coo--the most beautiful sound in the world. And Brian seems to be the ultimate big brother, how very wonderful. Thank you, thank you, for sharing these special photos.

    When my youngest grandson was an infant, occasionally I would spend the night there and give my dear DIL a break. It's a wonderful gift to everyone concerned, not the least of which is the person giving the break. I treasured those middle-of-the-night times with that sweet baby. I'm sure that Meg feels the same way.


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