Saturday, January 4, 2014

Five Weeks Old...

Hope is five weeks old today!

The last week brought some challenges.  On New Year's Eve, I actually called our pediatrician in a sleep deprived, overanxious state. Hope had gone from zen baby to fussy baby and nothing was working.  Ed and I thought that she was following in her brothers' footsteps and developing either colic or reflux.  But in a weak moment, after listening to her cry and not being able to soothe her for too long, I called the doctor.  On New Year's Eve.  He calmed me down and eased my anxiety and I hung up feeling better... albeit embarrassed for panicking.  I knew just what to do - get Hope to Dr. Trish.  As soon as her office opened after the holidays, we made an appointment.  This was Hope's first joint appointment (of many, I'm sure) with her big brother... who has been seeing her regularly for months.
As many of you know, Dr. Trish - of Radiance Chiropractic Healing Center in Berwyn, PA - was a huge part of Gavin's life.  I brought Gavin to see her for quite some time - and each time she would treat him, he'd make tremendous gains. 
It's very hard for me to explain exactly what she does.  I call her an "energy healer."  She can feel what you are feeling - like an empath - and then release it for you.  She always knew what I was feeling - or Gavin or Brian and now, Hope - before I told her.  She said that before we even arrived she was feeling pressure in her head.  I had to lay Hope down on her table for the treatment and fully expected her to start to cry - as she usually does lately.  Dr. Trish put her hands on her head and she instantly fell into a calm, quiet state.  I called her the "Baby Whisperer!!"  Then, because she was actually feeling what Hope was feeling, I saw Dr. Trish shaking her head back and forth - like she was saying "no."  I didn't tell her this - but that is exactly what we see Hope doing at home!!  Dr. Trish said she released pressure in Hope's head that was likely a result of her birth - and did some other gentle adjustments (not at ALL like chiropractic if you're wondering - she barely touches you!).  With a little CranioSacral work, we have already seen a big difference in Hope!  Her excessive fussiness disappeared and her nursing improved.  She also seemed more restful and comfortable.
The next day we headed to the pediatrician for Brian's yearly physical.  He passed with flying colors!  He has maintained his percentile on the growth chart since birth (not that I care so much about the growth chart).  He's 42 1/8 inches tall which puts him in the 25-50th percentile... and 41 pounds which has him in the 50-75th percentile.  While we were there, we weighed Hope.  Guess who had a major gain??  She's now 7lbs, 10oz!!
She is really filling out, as you can see in her five week photos!
Monday is Ed's 43rd birthday.  Last year for his birthday, the four of us went to see Disney on Ice and had such a great time.
This year I surprised Ed and Brian with VIP tickets to go together - a "Love Bomb" day that was "Boys Only."  And, to represent Gavin on the trip, Brian wore his Super G shirt under his sweater.  He was VERY excited to go out with his Daddy!
Ed captured some pictures for me...
...and they had lots of fun stories to tell me when they got home!
Meanwhile, Hope and I spent the morning in a friend's photography studio!  We had a fun Mother -Daughter photo shoot, and got some newborn shots of just Hope as well.
She was quite an agreeable model.  I can't wait to share these photos when I get them!  

This is the second set of professional photographs I've had taken of Hope, believe it or not!!  I wish I had gone the professional route with the boys - but I took all the photos myself (and you can tell!).  I was quite the rookie back then and their photos aren't as nice as I would have liked.  The first set of photos I had taken of Hope was actually on her homecoming day from the hospital when she was just four days old! (Way back when - ha!) I plan to share them tomorrow - so bring your tissues and prepare yourself for overwhelming sweetness.


  1. I thought of your family today while at the Catholic bookstore. There were lots of signs with the word "Hope" on them (of course) but then there was a whole section with ways to remember children who have died and I thought, "Wow, this is a huge selection... and how heartbreaking that families need this..." As I kept walking along, they had a binder with those cards that have your name and what it means. Can you guess what page it was on?? G... First name card -- Gavin. How wonderful is that. :) Then I was looking for a 2013 Willow Tree ornament for my 8 month old baby (I bought her sister a 2007 ornament and put it in a deep frame with a baby photo)... and they didn't have the "2013" ornament but they did the have "Hope" balloon one. I love that. I used to teach/be principal at a school called "Hope Lutheran School" so I already own that figurine to remember my good times there. :)

    1. It's amazing the little things that happen that make me think of Gavin as well! We were watching the Rose Parade & a float went by for Donate Life then one of the next floats was Turning Hope & Dreams into Reality :)

  2. How wonderful and fortunate that you have a baby whisperer in your life. Sounds like she works 'magic'.

    I'm chuckling at Brian's weight and percentiles. Why? Because of my two youngest grandsons. Jack is almost 7, a true skinny beanpole, 42 or 43 pounds and at the 2nd percentile for his age. His younger brother, Ashton, is NOT a skinny beanpole, weighs in at 41 pounds and is at the 98th percentile! Hard to believe they have the same parents. :-)

    Hope remains one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. Can't wait for the professional photos.

  3. I think I forgot to mention that Ashton just turned 3.

  4. Just a note of encouragement...I had three daughters (and three miscarriages) and when my youngest daughter was six I discovered, much to everyone's surprise, that I was pregnant with our son. He, too, was a rather fussy infant and no amount of nursing, mothering, loving, swaddling or singing seemed to calm him for very long. One day at the doctor's office I told him how fussy Connor was and the doctor stood back, looked at him and said, "Yeah, some of them just really like to cry more than own daughter was a champion fussbudget." I felt a bit let down that there was not more to be done, but also relieved that some babies fuss more than others...Fast forward sixteen years and today my son is a happy, self-assured kid who plays basketball, dances and sings in the school plays and is, generally a lot of fun to have around. Looking back at the baby pictures you would never know he was unhappy if we didn't all remember it so clearly! For months the only thing that calmed him was a Precious Moments blanket over his baby seat so that was all he could see and the Rolling Stones song Jumpin' Jack Flash on repeat! I know that you know that she is fine and all will be well in the end, but I thought you might like to hear from someone who has experienced something very similar and now laughs about her youngest child's somewhat fussy baby personality. I applaud your loving attitude and wish all the best for you, your husband, your beautiful son and daughter and family.

  5. My youngest only slept for 20 minutes at a time from the age of 2 weeks to around 6 months. I was almost non-functional. We trailed her with zantac and it made her worse. We then tried Priolesec and a small difference. She thrived on baby wearing but she was just a cry 24/7 baby and she was miserable. She had breaks in which she would flash you that dimpled smile and make you melt but I could never "fix" her. I so wish I had taken her to someone like Dr. Trish. My midwife clinic pushed me to try a chiropractor. At age 1 we did see a GI dr and discovered that her reflux was severe and with in a week of the new medication level we had a much happier baby. I will have to say though, that her personality until recently leant herself to a "fussy" attitude! So it was just not reflux and her other GI/FPIES/swallowing issues. Glad you got some relief a crying baby that you can not "fix" is beyond frustrating and heart wrenching.


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