Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Birthday Boy Who's Easy to Please...

It's hard to believe that our little boy will turn five tomorrow.  These last five years have flown by.
Brian has never asked for a birthday party - we've always had small family parties or play date parties with a couple of his friends.  Ed and I decided way early on to wait until the kids were in grade school before we started having bigger parties.  I have never been so glad than this year that we have that tradition in place.  I would be very nervous to bring Hope into a room filled with pre-schoolers in our home.

So today, we had our little family party.  Granny and Aunt Bean came over...
Brian's cousins, Shannon and Claire were there... 
and Miss Sara came over, too!
We spent the day in the kitchen.  In the morning, before everyone arrived, Brian and I made two dozen Star Wars cupcakes for his class tomorrow.

Miss Sara, Shannon and Claire helped Brian build the Chocolate House that we bought in Hershey Park in September.  It was this year's Gingerbread House!
Brian did a great job - and was so helpful as he taste tested the candy!!
Nice work, eh?
After the house was constructed, we baked Christmas cookies!
I grew up using something called a "Super Shooter" to make cookies.  They are hard to find and not made anymore!  (At least like they used to!)  Last year I bought one on Ebay and have been very excited to use it.  It ended up to be JUST like my Mom's!!!  

It was a riot watching Brian learn how to use it!

"Who's ready to open presents?" I asked.

"MEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Brian replied!
He received so many wonderful presents today.
Hope didn't miss out on any of the action...
He shocked all of us when he pulled clothes from Granny out of a gift bag and let out a squeal... "CLOTHES!!!"
I made sure there was plenty of Star Wars gifts - his obsession.  This year he'll even be able to dress up like a Storm Trooper!!
One of the coolest gifts was from Miss Sara and her parents. They gave Brian (among other things!) a pair of 3D glasses.  When you put them on and look at the Christmas tree, the lights are transformed into snowmen!  I have no idea how - but it's the coolest thing ever.  We all got a kick out of these glasses - from Brian all the way up to Granny!
His Star Wars cake was made from an actual photo from our trip to Disney World!  Brian loved the Star Wars experience there.  Seeing the Storm Troopers and Darth Vader was a huge highlight.
Needless to say, he was very surprised with his cake!!

Happy Birthday to You!

I was worried about making this a fun birthday for Brian.  First I was worried that Hope might be born on his birthday - or I'd be in the hospital delivering her.  Then I was worried that, with a newborn baby and very little sleep, I might not be able to pull off a birthday that he'd like.

I should have remembered that my little boy is so easy to please.  Here's what he had to say about his birthday "party..."

Tomorrow morning, our little boy will wake up five.
I can't wait to see what this year has in store for him.


  1. Happy Birthday Brian! You and I share the same birthday! How exciting! May the day be so very special for you! Blessings! xxx

  2. If anyone deserves a Happy Birthday, it is this precious, sweet boy-He has been through so much this year!!! Happy Birthday Brian...may the next year bring you joy and treasured memories!!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Brian! May you always be so loved on your special day, and every day!

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate - doing special things with family! I really do think you found an angel when you found your "Miss Sarah"!

  5. Happy birthday, Brian! Such a cool Star Wars cake! ♡

  6. I love the super shooter!!! woo hoo! I loved using it as a kid.

  7. Happy Birthday, Brian. Wishing you a wonderful year.

  8. I have gotten in the habit of taking a picture of my oldest on the night before her birthday so I can have a "last night as a 5 year..." picture. :) We did a friends party for her when she turned 5 because she was in all-day 4K and there were 6 girls in the class. I knew they'd all be leaving for various public schools and that the remaining 4K friends would be all boys -- so I wanted her to have at least one bday party with the girls. Now that she's in 1st grade (and still in a small parochial school), her classmates often combine parties if they have bdays in the same month. Last year we all brought gifts and this year the kids are all requesting donations instead!! Even THEY realize that they have enough toys already! We've brought pet food to be donated to the Humane society shelter, canned food for the local pantry, books for the classroom... it's SO fun to see how excited kids get about donating things! :) Happy Birthday Brian! Looks like a wonderful party!

  9. Happy Birthday Brian!

  10. Tonight we also had a family party for my youngest grandson who will turn 3 tomorrow. It's a great day to have a birthday! Happy birthday Brian and Ashton!

  11. Happy Birthday Brian!

  12. Happiest Birthday to you Brian <3 !!!

  13. It looks like a wonderful celebration was had by all! If you are so inclined, Kate, there is a really cute video on You Tube by The Piano Guys- it's called "Cello Wars"- kid appropriate and very well done. Your little Star Wars fan might like it!


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