Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rainbow of Hope...

Good news alert!!

Our little girl is growing!!!!!!!!!!!  Yesterday morning I took her in for a weight check.  On Friday her weight was 5lbs, 13oz.  And yesterday - four days later - she weighed in at SIX pounds and TWO ounces!!  She passed her birth weight!!  It was a huge relief to me.  

If someone asked me what my best advice would be to a pregnant or brand new Mom, it would be this:  Don't assume or expect breastfeeding to be easy.  It's not!  There will be challenges and it will require a lot of dedication.  Reach out to a lactation consultant (I'm lucky to have a great one in my corner!) if you run into issues or even have questions.  And for SURE lose the guilt.  There's already enough guilt in this parenting gig - let's all give ourselves a break.  Do the best you can and lose the guilt.  Hope and I seem to be getting into a rhythm with breastfeeding now.  It's getting easier...thank God.  The toughest part for me is rousing the little princess and then keeping her awake for a feed...especially in the middle of the night.  She reminds me of Gavin in that way - we had to wake him for every feed, night or day.  We'd take his clothes off - tickle him - tap his head - move his arms around...we tried everything.  So there are many times in the middle of the night that I smile as I look at sleepy Hope and remember Gavin.

We had an exciting day today!  Granny came over and the two of us (plus Hope) picked Brian up from school with a big surprise.  We were going to see Santa again!!  Brian was so excited!  If you missed our first Santa experience - you definitely need to read about it in THIS post.  I just HAD to bring Hope to meet him.  I knew if we went this week we could be in and out with minimal crowds - before the weekend and next week's madness when kids are out of school.  I was right, thankfully!  We literally walked into the mall and walked right up to him!  He saw me coming around the corner and yelled over, "Did you have Hope?!!?"

Santa knows.
Don't get me wrong!  I love Brian's photo with Santa by himself from several weeks ago...
...but I just feel like the photo looks more complete with two.
As soon as we got our photos and had our chat we darted out of the Mall and came home.  Brian, Hope and I snuggled on the couch and watched the Polar Express.

Later this afternoon I gave Hope a bath.  She truly just loves her bath so much.  My trick is to keep a receiving blanket draped over her for warmth and security - and I also leave the tub faucet trickling for the whole "spa effect."  Ha!
She actually fell asleep in there for a few minutes!
I can't wait to see what her hair will really be like as it grows in.  In some light it actually has light brown - almost blonde features, like Gavin!
Here's a video of our peaceful little water baby...

She had another first today - her first massage!  I always loved giving Gavin and Brian massages after their baths, so this was really special to me.  She was so responsive and, like most girls, loved getting her feet massaged the most.  She has the most beautiful feet with the longest, prettiest toes.
We have received this particular onesie from many people...and Hope now has it in multiple sizes!  It's fine with me as I happen to love it - and adore what it says.

It says:
After every storm there is a rainbow of hope.
Here I am!
Yes, Hope... here you are.

On a personal note, I got a very surprising email today!  Parents Magazine wrote to inform me that I had been nominated in their "Social Media Awards Contest" in the "Best Blogger" category!  I didn't know a thing about this contest (I've been kind of busy having a baby!) which makes it even more flattering.  Thanks to those of you who nominated me!  It's such an honor - and a trip!!  I don't know what happens next - or when - but I think the winner will be picked by votes.  I truly appreciate the validation from being nominated... thank you so much!


  1. You said it so well -- no guilt about baby feeding choices! Get good, evidence-based information and both friend and professional support (if needed), and make the best decisions for your family. You and Hope are doing a great job!

  2. Great post. Love that you encourage Mothers to have no guilt about feeding choices. Way too much pressure about the issue. Pressure without support. Nice to hear a reasonable voice. Love the onesie.

  3. I truly had no idea how lucky I was to have two easy-to-breastfeed babies. (I did, however, have a nasty case of mastitis--OUCH!) I'm glad that, being blissfully ignorant of the challenges, I didn't pressure my dear DIL, who did have difficulties.

    I'm delighted with the wonderful saying on that (those!) onesies. How very appropriate!

  4. Where do I vote? I think you should be featured in Parents magazine. Other readers have said it better. You are so supportive, encouraging and kind. And can we talk about where you live? Your town scored huge on that Santa! Such cute pics of Brian and Hope on his lap.

  5. You have such beautiful children, Kate! And you might want to ask your pediatrician when you can start allowing Hope to wake herself up at night to feed. Like Hope, my gal was 36 weeks and lost a lot of weight in the hospital. So we had to wake her up every 3 hours at night to feed, or the fear was she would have no energy to wake herself up and go into a spiral. But soon after she regained her birth weight, we were allowed to let her wake herself up, and she immediately cut out one night feeding and slept for 2 longer periods instead of 3 short ones. That new sleep pattern worked really well for Mommy--I felt so much more rested!

  6. Such a cute photo with Santa! And I agree with Jenny about the Parents magazine

  7. I just noticed you need to update you "About Me" side bar. Hope needs to be added in there. You'll always be Dacy, Gavin, Brian, and now Hope's mom. No matter what anyone says.

  8. So proud for you, you deserve it! Glad Hope is doing well. Love hers and Brian's Santa pictures.

  9. Oh my goodness, Kate! You are such a great Mom :) Your video of Hope in her bath made my tears well up with joy. She is such a beautiful girl.

  10. The tears are flowing from all the good news. Thank you God for the good news. Thank you God for showering this family with blessing upon blessing.

    Oh Kate - how much you needed that! :-)

    Merry Christmas


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