Saturday, November 2, 2013

Until Next Season...

Today was Brian's last Tee Ball game.  He was so excited - for the game, for the party afterward and for the trophy he knew he'd receive.  But he was also a little sad to see it end.  And, to be honest, so was I.  (I've come a long way, right??)  The only thing I won't miss is the long trek from the parking lot to the field carrying a big baby belly!

On our walk to the field this morning, Brian spotted a dandelion and - as usual - had to stop.  Every time he sees one of these he says, "Hold on!  I need to make a wish for Gavin!"  then he blows all of the *wishies* off and says, "Hi Gavin!"  
I love that Brian sees (and has us see!) everything in such a new and beautiful way.
Brian did a great job on the field!!  He has progressed so much.  He still loves to stand out there waving and giving us the "thumbs up" and watching the leaves fall and counting birds...
...but he also has some serious skills!!  Clearly he gets his natural athleticism from his Mother.  (Ha!)
After the game, the kids had a pizza party and an awards ceremony!  All the kids got a trophy, which Brian was SUPER excited about.
I remember the day that I walked into the local YMCA - Gavin's death was very recent and I was desperate to find activities to keep Brian busy.  I had no idea what I was doing. I signed him up for swimming lessons and Tee Ball... walked to my car with tears in my eyes and my fingers crossed.  Both experiences turned out to be wonderful.  Just what Brian needed.  And to be honest?  Just what we didn't even KNOW we needed.  Watching Brian's pure joy and eagerness to learn got us out of our grief for short periods of time.  

We owe a special thanks to Brian's wonderful and patient coaches, Jon and Michelle Agnew.  I don't know how they did it, but they always remembered the kids names.  And they encouraged each of them along the way.  Brian really flourished because of them!! 
As we got in the car, Brian instructed us to say "Bye, Tee-Ball!  We'll miss you!"
And you know what?  We will.
Until next season!!


  1. Through your posts it always seems like regardless of how bad things may be you always find wonderful people along the way!

  2. Love the waving picture. He is so adorable.

  3. He embodies the perfect balance of intense concentration, and total obliviousness - so like an almost 5 year old boy! Jenny Page

  4. Sometimes the YMCA provides so much more for us than experience, it often provides comfort, rest and healing. So glad you found the Y.


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