Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Old Leaky Lady...

After yesterday's ordeal, Ed gave me a day of rest today.  I got up to say good morning to Brian - because I can't help myself - and then let him tuck me back into bed.  He took off my glasses, pulled the sheet over me, turned out the light and said "Have a good rest, Mommy!"  I have the sweetest little boy.

Last night, during our regular bedtime "pillow talk" - Brian wanted me to go through the story of Gavin's death.  He wants this every night... still... and I recite the same story each time.  I think it's important to him as part of his processing and I'm happy to do it.  But last night, when I got to this part... "the doctors tried and tried and tried to make him better, but Gavin's heart just kept stopping and they told us he was going to die..." Brian suddenly stopped me.

"Mama?  When I'm bigger, I'm going to be a doctor and I'll make kids better so they won't die.  You'd like that, right?"

"I think you'd make a great doctor, Brian."  I replied.

"Yeah.  I know." he confidently replied.

I believe him.  I really think something special is in store for this child.  I honestly do.  And whatever he does - he'll have the biggest, loudest cheerleaders in us!

I was thinking about his comment as he tucked me into bed this morning... and as I drifted off to sleep. I couldn't believe it when my eyes opened and the clock said ELEVEN AM!!!!!  Impressive, eh?  I was so grateful for the rest.

And this is the point where the men and maybe even women who don't appreciate "too much information" might want to stop reading.

I came downstairs and right away I thought I was peeing on myself!!  Nice, huh?  I went to the bathroom - but it kept up.  I couldn't blow it off anymore so I called my OB.  Again.  He told me what I already knew... I'd need to head to Labor and Delivery to be checked.  They do a very uncomfortable exam (I've had them before in previous pregnancies) to check to see if the fluid you are leaking is amniotic fluid.  Why uncomfortable?  Two words:  No Lube.

Lucky for us, my Mom had plans to come over tonight.  Her intention was to cook dinner for us and give me time to rest!  She did do that - but she ended up staying with Brian so Ed could be with me at the hospital.  We were so grateful.

I was in the Labor and Delivery room right next door to the room where I spent five days delivering Darcy.  And I was, once again, a nervous wreck.  I told the nurse that I would be very, very happy to write about my embarrassing afternoon when I was told that, "Nope - it wasn't amniotic fluid, Kate.  It could be that you're just an old leaky lady!"

And that's exactly what happened.  After the horrific test that had me levitating off the bed... and an ultrasound to be sure Hope was surrounded by fluid... I got the news that everything was fine.

I'm just old.  And pregnant.  And happy to be mortified.


It is never something to let go if you think you're leaking fluid.  I won't be taking any chances and even pretending that I know enough on my own instead of being checked by the experts.  Especially with my crazy history.

I sat with Brian at bedtime to have a little talk.  I told him that when he was in my belly - and my belly got as big as it is now with Hope - that the doctor had to see me a LOT... just to make sure that he was okay and that I was okay.  So now that my belly is big with Hope - I will have to go to be checked by the doctor, too.  

I told him,  "Gavin was such a big helper and so patient when I was pregnant with you.  He had to say goodbye to me many times when I went to the doctor.  And he took such good care of me when I was home.  I know that you'll be such a big boy, too."

He patted my belly, "Don't worry, Hope!  I'll take care of you and Mommy."

And with that, the old leaky lady kissed her little "doctor" goodnight.


  1. We will be as relieved as you when Hope makes her appearance so that we can all stop worrying.

  2. Never been so happy to read about an, old leaky lady, in my life. I was holding my breath.

  3. Not that I think of you as that but you did say it first. LOL

  4. Your little doctor has a great bedside manner already! What a sweetheart.

  5. Leaking isn't cool - but thank goodness it wasn't amniotic fluid! When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided to write a pregnancy book called "Stop, Squeeze and Sneeze" - the book wasn't going to have any medical facts in it, just stuff I had to learn the hard way or from my girl friends! You just keep on squeezin' till Hope gets a little bigger and comes out happy and extraordinarily healthy. And then, when she is older, you can give her a hard time about what she has done to you! :)

  6. Kate - I've followed you for a long time, but I've never posted. I am constantly sending love and paryers your way. Tonight though, I feel like I need to post. Something very similar to what happened to you today happened to me 3 years ago when I was preggo with our third. I rushed to the hospital and - when i got there, no leak, no sign of amniotic fluid. I was mortified. My husband is one of 10 and they all came to the hospital. I wanted to crawl under a rock.. I did pretty much everything but stand on my head to try to get it to happen again but it wouldn't. The doctor was certain my bladder was leaky -Until 3am the next morning - when I rolled over in bed and the baby shifted and it happened again! I know you are very cautious so you hardly need my story or advice but it just sounded SOOOO familiar that I had to share my story. Please, if this happens again do not hesitate to head straight for the ER. My dr luckily kept me over night for observation so I was at the hospital when it leaked again. I was so mortified that everyone thought I had peed myself, Im not sure I would have gone back in had I been at home. . Again, I am aware that all pregnancies are different but if my story can help you in any way, I would hate to miss the opportunity. Sending lots of love and prayers your way.

    1. I think it's helpful to share these kinds of things!. We're all different but you just never know. When I was pregnant with my second I kept feeling that he was "falling out" at about the 24 week time. My doctor pooh-pooh'ed me at my 24 week appt until I said I wanted him to actually examine me. Sure enough when he was finished he told me I was on "modified activity" and that I had to start coming in weekly. Hmmmph! My boy was born healthy at 38 weeks.

  7. I am so glad everything is okay. My water broke when I was at school but I wasn't really sure if it was my water breaking or if I was having bladder issues. I teach science so I took some pH paper and headed back to the bathroom. Basic--amniotic fluid, acid--leaky bladder. It was basic so I got a sub, headed to the hospital and gave birth to my son. =) Hugs and prayers. Beth

  8. Okay, after I was scared for you, I was laughing with you - because, even at 36, after 2 kids (that were c-section deliveries, dammit!) I, too, am a leaky old lady...but not because I'm pregnant again...just because! When I sneeze, when I cough too much, sometimes even when I get too giggly! Which is hard when you have hilarious kiddos! Whew - have a good - and uneventful - week!

  9. What a lovely little boy you have :)

  10. Kate, if it would be AT all helpful telepathically, I volunteer to ask my boss for two weeks of bed rest. Please let me know. Jenny Page

  11. So thankful things continue to go well! Thinking of you and your sweet family.

  12. Ahh, leaking. Reminds me of when I found out the hard way that I can't the mailbox...while 10 weeks pregnant. Also I'm 28. Sending you and your family lots of hugs


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