Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Picking...

Yesterday we headed to a local farm to pick pumpkins!  It was a beautiful and (finally) chilly Fall day.
Last year, it was the four of us and we used a tripod to take this family photo...
But this year, we met our friends there and they snapped this shot for us...
I will admit it was a little emotional for me.  I loved our yearly pumpkin patch trips and adored taking cute photo of the boys.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  Everywhere I posed Brian, it hit me like a ton of bricks that Gavin was missing.  But there were definitely moments where I felt Gavin so, very near to us.  Like when I wanted to recreate this photo from last year...
...and it turned out like this, much to our surprise...
Regardless of missing Gavin, we still had a lovely afternoon.  Brian, especially, had so much fun!
He's such a good sport getting his picture taken - and is actually quite the ham!
Ed and I took some photos of each other with Brian and this one just melted my heart...
...and this one, too!
Me and my two little pumpkins.
Our friends took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch, but Brian wanted nothing to do with the it.  And I figured all that bumping around could be hazardous to the people I was sitting near!  Brian and Ed decided to walk together to the pumpkin patch while I found a nice, comfy bench.  
I was happy for a few moments alone - surprising myself, yet again, with my emotion.  A woman sitting next to me said she and her husband had watched me walking up and she remarked to him how lucky I am to be this pregnant in the cool weather and not the summer.  I just nodded and smiled.  If she only knew how insignificant that is to me after all we've been through.  I have very little to complain about.
Ed and Brian came back with "the two biggest pumpkins EVER" according to my little pumpkin wrangler!  And with that, we said goodbye to our friends...and goodbye to the pumpkin patch.  Next year our photos there will change dramatically yet again.
As soon as we got home, we changed into nicer clothes and headed to Granny's house!  Our family put together for a new TV for her place as an early birthday present, so we brought it over.  Ed set it up for her in her bedroom because the best TV watching - especially in the cold weather - is under the covers, don't you think?

Then, we all had dinner together in the formal dining room where she lives.  (Note - she doesn't actually LIVE in that dining room.  That would be weird.  Although the food is really good - so I can see the upside of that.)  It was a delicious dinner and a fun night.  Brian was VERY excited to go to Granny's - and even MORE thrilled when she handed him a loaf of pumpkin bread to take home that she had made just for him!  Brian loves her pumpkin bread.
Unfortunately, he hasn't had much of an appetite today.  My little guy woke up sick with a low grade fever.  And I'm not feeling so hot myself.  The two of us declared today pajama day and have spent our time painting, tinker-toying, reading and angry birding.  Oh, and napping.  Brian is currently on hour two of an obviously needed rest.  

I don't like that we're sick - but this super snuggly pajama day is just what my heart needed.


  1. These photos are so cute!

    I hope you both feel recovered tomorrow.

  2. I saw you, your husband and Brian yesterday at Milky Way Farm! I have been reading your blog for quite some time so I felt like I was seeing a celebrity. Ha ha! The kind of parents you are comes across in your writing but when I saw you and your husband with Brian my first thought was that your writing doesn't even come close to how loving you both are. Sometimes it's easy to think things on the internet are too good to be true. But seeing the three of you yesterday was proof that you are the real deal. And man, you are one beautiful pregnant mama!

  3. This made me giggle!

    "Then, we all had dinner together in the formal dining room where she lives."

    So, Granny lives in the dining room now???? I couldn't resist. It made me giggle.

  4. Oh, Kate, the recreated pic with Brian is amazing. I'm sure some photo expert would say that halo of light where Gavin was the year before was because of something technical, like shutter speed or photosynthesis, or something, but what a surprise. Brian's expression looks like he's being softly kissed on the cheek. jenny page

  5. What wonderful photos. that recreated photo is absolutely amazing thank you for sharing! so beautiful Gavin was definitely there. :)

  6. I can't believe how Hope is growing! You look amazing!
    The recreated photo is breathtaking.. no more words
    Tiffany J

  7. I don't know if everyone noticed, but that orb of light is present in at least 3 of the photos. Proof enough for me that Gavin was with you! And do look stunning!

    1. I saw that too.. he's still with hos family :)

  8. I can't get over the orbs in some of the pictures! Google orbs if you dont know about them. Some experts say they are an energy caught on film. I believe it was Gavin getting in on the fun. God bless you, Leong family!

  9. I have said it a thousand times, but Brian is SUCH A CUTIE! I am sure you agree! Beautiful pictures. It is amazing how Gavin was there too. Hope you all feel better soon!

  10. The orbs were amazing! So glad Gavin got the chance to join you guys. You are such a loving family and your entries always put a smile on my face :)

  11. My favorite is the picture of you with Brian with his hand on your belly! So sweet.

  12. You have GOT to be kidding me! The orbs!!! I have chill bumps and tears. Love it. :)

  13. I have been following your blog for quite a while and that photo with the orb is enough for me to come out of hiding..... I am so happy that Gavin was able to join you all.

  14. Recreated photo. OMG , how perfect a small orb would have been enough for me to believe Gavin was there but he wanted to be noticed. Tears for sure. I would love for you to meet with the long island medium or something. What a beautiful message I am sure he would have for you. He already has left a beautiful legacy on thousands of people who've never met him. And Brian is adorable, my 2 sons have the same sweater he was wearing. It looks like it was a great day, I'm am sure many favorite things you did as a family, or loved to do with Gavin is always going to bring emotions especially as a first time without him, and the same for Hope's firsts that Gavin is not physically here for. But he is proving time and again that he is with you, Ed and Brian. As he will be with Hope. How special it is for Hope that she gets to spend time with Gavin now before she meets the rest of her family.

  15. I am sending you love and prayers of strength. Your beautiful belly gives us all "hope."


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