Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It Would Have Been His Best...

This is a photo I took of Gavin meeting his very first "school teacher," Miss Megan.  I loved her from the moment we met - and I could tell that Gavin did, too.
We could have never known that Gavin's first teacher in a school setting would also be his last.

This photo was the last one I took of Miss Megan - on April 4th.  Gavin would be dead just ten days later.  I couldn't wait to pick him up that day - Sara had texted me to say I should expect HUGE and EXCITING news.
You can read about that day in THIS entry.  It was huge news... and it made his untimely death that much harder to accept.

Miss Megan no longer teaches at the Kindergarten Center in their special education pre-school.  She left when she delivered her BABY!!!!!  And she'll be starting in a new special-ed preschool closer to her home.  I was thrilled when she asked to stop by today with her infant daughter, Maggie!
Miss Megan will ALWAYS be a huge part of our lives.  She was a huge part of Gavin's life.  As a teacher, she brought out the best in Gavin.  He participated in circle time... he walked the halls of the school... she took him out on the playground... she worked hard with him to meet his goals, like color matching and feeding himself and hand over hand projects.  I was always so impressed with her calm and warm personality around Gavin and his classmates.  I knew she would be a natural as a Mom.
Speaking of "a natural" - Brian was just adorable with the baby in the house!  He was bringing toys over and trying to entertain her... he even brought out his camera so he could take pictures of her.  After they left, he said to me "Miss Megan's baby sure is cute!"

I couldn't agree more.
I'm sure Gavin was here with us - and so, so happy that his teacher was in his house!!  We gifted Maggie with a toy that Gavin loved his entire life.  Quite literally. He loved that turtle and the "Laugh and Learn" woman's singing voice until the last day.  I hope that in giving her this special little turtle, a piece of Gavin will always bring smiles and laughter to their home.
Megan was a teacher with the Chester County Intermediate Unit - where I have been raising money for Gavin's Trust Project.  She told me some of the things that have been purchased that other teachers in the area have been really excited about.  I'm going to hopefully have a great update about that very soon.  She also shared with me that Gavin's walker is helping one of the kids in the classroom that she'll be taking over soon!  I was so happy to hear that.

We are so grateful to Megan for giving Gavin his very first classroom experience... and even though it ended up being his very last classroom, we know it would have been his best.


  1. Omg sobbing again. Gavin has touched the hearts of so many people that had never met him such as myself. I can only hope to be even a fraction of the brilliant parents that he had. Love and hugs . Julie xxx

  2. Just watched the video. I don't know if you have ever seen the movie or a play about Helen Keller, but the first thing she signed was WATER!!!! It was only the beginning of communication for her. What a special video! Yes, he did get it!

  3. This is so amazing. I have to ask where are you guys located? I am not sure how I found your blog but I have been reading about your daily and lots of places like OCNJ where I live all summer and Chester county are close to my heart. I just moved back from Chester to Montgomery county. I am pulling for you and Hope. I just suffered my second miscarriage two weeks ago and we still haven't gotten our rainbow baby. Best of luck.


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