Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brian's First Halloween...

It's true.

This is Brian's very first true Halloween.  In years past, I would choose the costumes for Gavin and Brian.  I would pose them for photos.  We would go to the neighborhood Halloween party a week or so before October 31st.  They thought that was Halloween.  Gavin never ate candy - and Brian didn't know he was missing anything.  He wasn't going to be eating candy anyway.  They were both in bed asleep before anyone would ring our doorbell.  I just thought they were too young.

But this year, things have changed.  Brian is older, has more of an opinion, learns what his friends do in school... and this year, he chose his costume.

Introducing... our HAPPY SKELETON!!!
The Halloween celebration began last weekend when our neighbor-friends, Patti and Patrick, hosted the annual neighborhood Halloween party.  Brian had a blast with his good friends, Seamus and Molly.  I think his favorite part of the party was getting to eat Cheese Curls.
Brian was so "over the top" excited that Seamus and Molly were like... "Dude - they're only cheese curls."
Then, during the week, Brian and I spent a few hours volunteering at his school to decorate for the next day's Halloween parade and party!  The entire hallway to the classrooms was decorated with hanging streamers and balloons - it was so much fun!
The Halloween Parade was adorable.  Brian and his neighbor-friend, Daniel, stuck by each other as they trick or treated around the school.
I was posted at one of the stations giving out tattoos and lollipops!
Brian was so excited that I was there...and even more excited that Daddy came from work to be there!  Lucky Daddy works about three minutes from Brian's school.
After trick or treating, the kids had a party in their classroom and made Halloween crafts.  Brian had such a great day!  But wait!  That's not all!!!
Tonight was the actual Halloween - and all of us, including Miss Sara, went trick or treating with Brian.  In costume!!
Daddy is obviously a hockey player... and Brian, Hope and I are coordinating skeletons!!
Miss Sara wins the prize for her homemade Angry Bird costume - which completely delighted Brian...
We met up with Brian's friends, Seamus and Molly, and went to only eight houses - which was more than enough for these little guys.
One of the highlights was our neighbor who HAND MAKES all of his elaborate lawn decorations.  He carves all of this out of wood and paints them.  It's really incredible.
The three of them had such a fun night.  Apologies to the neighbors for the multiple doorbell rings, knocks and "anyone home?!?!?"  It was pretty adorable from the outside!
I think Brian's favorite part was rushing home so he could give out candy to the arriving trick or treaters.  When it would slow down, he would open the door and shout to the sky, "Hello?  Any trick or treaters out there?"  He took his job very seriously!!

We made it through our first Halloween!
Hope everyone had a safe, fun night.


  1. My four-year-old takes her candy distribution role very seriously. She thinks that is how it trick or treat at a few houses, then run back to your own house to give out candy! I love it when it is so simple.

  2. You made a great memory tonight! Happy Halloween, all!

  3. I noticed your shirt at the school trick-or-treat picture, and knew what it was before I scrolled down to the full shot... LOVE IT!! A friend of mine is expecting a boy, also in December, and wore a shirt like that (sans bow, of course) today. So cute!

  4. That's awesome! So glad your family had a wonderful Halloween- love the costumes! :)

  5. Your shirt is awesome! Brian looks do cute and so happy. Thanks for sharing (and I hope you get to rest tomorrow! Halloween is exhausting!)

  6. Love the picture of Brian with the cheese curls and the three little ones ringing the door bell. So cute.

  7. Happy 1st Halloween Leong family!

  8. All of your cosutmes were amazing. But the best part of this post was Brians face when he ate cheese curls. HILARIOUS, it made me laugh out loud. Blech those things are so nasty.

  9. I love his costume, so cute and you guys look wonderful too! So glad he enjoyed himself.

  10. What a great entry..Every part was my fave!!! He looks so great in his costume and your Skeleton baby costume was adorable too! Nice to see you all had a wonderful Halloween!

  11. One more comment about your awesome shirt! LOVE IT!!!!! =)


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