Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Speak Up, Pop!...

My Dad died on November 7, 2011.  Not even two years ago.  I miss him like crazy.
Yesterday, Brian and I were out in the car.  Suddenly, both of us heard sirens... and they were getting closer and closer.  I pulled the car over to the side and let the ambulance speed by us.  I explained to Brian...

"Mommy had to pull over for that ambulance to get by quickly.  Someone might be very sick or maybe there was a car accident.  We need to make sure they can get there quickly and help them."

Then I heard from the backseat...

"A car is upside down.  There are lots of policemen there already helping.  It's okay, Mama."

Sure enough, as we crept by the scene ahead, we saw a car overturned and at least six police cars.  And I saw a couple policemen and the paramedics, who had just arrived, tending to the driver on the grass. How in the world could he have guessed that?

Later that night, as I laid next to Brian saying goodnight, I asked him...

"Brian, remember that accident we saw today?  How did you guess that the car was overturned?"

"I didn't guess, silly.  Pop told me."

"Oh, he did?  What did he say?"
"He told me that someone was driving too fast and came around the corner and hit something and then the car flew up and went upside down.  Then he told me that lots of policemen rushed to help and got the person out of the car.  The ambulance was going to take the person to the hospital and a tow truck was going to come and hook the car up to it and take it to get it all fixed... and everything was going to be all better."

While I'm unsure if everything truly is "better" with that driver, I can tell you that Brian's account is exactly what happened.  It was astonishing.   

As I tucked him under his blanket (the blanket that covered Gavin in the hospital), I said...

"Hey Brian, keep listening to Pop.  He has a lot to teach you."
"Mama?  Next time he talks to you, can you tell him to talk louder?  Sometimes I can't hear him and I have to say, SPEAK UP, POP!!"

I turned off the light smiling... and, admittedly, I felt a twinge of jealousy.  I was wishing I were child-like again and had that easy connection with Heaven.  
As I laid my head on my own pillow last night, I kept my promise...

"Dad - be sure to speak up!  I am definitely listening..."


  1. Holy...Wowza... Speechless! How cool for Brian! :)

  2. I'm sure your Dad is speaking for Gavin also, that may be why his voice is quieter sometimes, long may it continue x

  3. I have chills. That is amazing. My father is very ill with frontal lobe dementia. It has been over a year since he has recognized me. I miss him terribly and often wonder, when he goes home to be with the Father, will we feel him near. Your post today gives me hope that I will her my dad again some day. I hope he speaks up so I can hear him. God Bless.

  4. Your dad is precious...our daughter used to tell us that Grandaddy talked to her all the time...he died before she came to be with our family...he watches over as does Grammy...of this I am certain. It's nice to be certain of something...

  5. I got chills reading that. I'm a firm believer that kids are more receptive to that kind of thing since they haven't been taught to be skeptical. My daughter used to talk to my grandma who passed many many years before my daughter was born. It wasn't until she was a little older that she saw my grandma's photo and asked why her friend was in the picture. Totally gave me chills but also comforted me knowing that she's around and is with me.

  6. Such a beautiful post tonight. Thank you.

  7. What a powerful post! I have been missing my dad like crazy the past few days too. What a luck boy Brian is to hear his Pop! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Love that story! Thank you for sharing. I love any story that strengthens the fact that our loved ones who have passed are still very much with us. You never fail to bring me to tears on a daily basis.

  9. My dad died almost 6 years ago when my youngest was only 5 months. She talks about him often and tells me stories that leave me in shock! I wish for that connection to heaven too!! Angels looking over them! God Bless your family!!!

  10. Have goosebumps!
    What a lucky boy Brian is to have that special connection with his Pop x

  11. GIves me chills and tears to my eyes!!! My grpa died this fall 20 years ago, I can still hear him at times. Never LIKE that....I guess I should listen more carefully!!

    Wishing for strong connections to heaven....
    (a quiet reader)

  12. I think it is fabulous that Brian talks with Pop. It's wonderful that he has so much time that he is free to listen and that his head isn't going in a million directions.
    Lily used to talk with her Grandma and once chastised me for nearly sitting on her when I went to sit down in my chair at the dinner table. She squealed, Don't sit there, don't you see her? Grandma is sitting there. I couldn't see her but didn't doubt she was there.
    Those photos of your Dad with Brian are spectacular.

  13. Wow. It's really amazing that Brian has that connection. I really hope for his sake that Pops keeps talking to him for a long time to come. I'm sure his grandpa has a lot to teach him. My mom has memories of her deceased grandfather waking her up in the middle of the night to comfort her and just talk to her up until age 17 or 18.

    Also, I love the pictures. You can tell that Brian and your Dad had a very strong connection. You can see the love in both their eyes. Beautiful.

  14. That is an amazing story! Goosebumps!

    I lost my Irish dad a few years ago. Your dad has that classic Irish look that my dad had, too. You are so lucky he got to meet your boys!

  15. My daughter never got to meet my father. But, when she was two she always talked about Grandpa sitting on the front porch and waving to her. When I asked her what Grandpa looked like, I thought she would point to the last picture of my Dad before he died. But instead she showed me a picture of my Dad when he was a 19 year old man fighting in Vietnam. She had never been told who that was in the picture. It was a small army picture with the inscription, this is my guardian angel. There is great comfort in hugs and whispers from heaven. Hugs to you all.

  16. This made me get goosebumps! How wonderful that your open minded little boy gets to have that relationship!

  17. Chills!!! I love that Brian listens to that voice - each voice he hears. What an amazing gift.

  18. Oh dear, my son said something similar when he was around 4. My beloved grandfather died when I was pregnant with him, very unexpectedly. When my son was 4, we were talking about Papa and my son said he had met him....he had held his hand in heaven. It gave me chills and brought me to tears. I love that Brian has this connection to your sweet dad!

  19. Wasn't there something else a while ago? Brian knew something that neither you or Ed ever told him, and it turned out that his grandfather had told him? Can't remember what is was.
    Brian is an amazing boy in many ways. Smart, sensitive, big heart. So happy you've got him!

  20. I just wrote a post about some things that happened to me that were similar to this post. A friend who read mine recommended that I read yours. I'm glad I did. There are so many things that we really don't know about. But I'm learning that we need to be open to them no matter what we think is or is not possible. I hope Brian keeps hearing that voice.


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