Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gavin's 6th Birthday Weekend

Today has been a busy, busy day.  Our goal was to make sure that Brian was smiling from sun-up to sun-down.  If Brian is smiling and laughing - that pretty much guarantees that we are smiling, too. Lucky for us - Brian naturally smiles and laughs a lot.  Something that has made our day to day grieving a little easier.

We started off this morning at the Tee Ball field!  Today was picture day followed by a game. Hopefully his overpriced photo turns out okay!  
If not, I kind of like mine.
Brian blew us away today on the field.  He told us that his "Pop" (my Dad who died almost two years ago) has been teaching him.  I don't doubt this!  Suddenly he's moving his body around to catch balls - and paying attention during the game - and just really into the whole experience!  Seriously - this came out of nowhere.  The poor kid has missed the last two practices for one reason or another!!  I'll let some of these adorable action shots tell the story...
Look at him!  This is OUR kid!!!
One of the best moments of the game was seeing this...
Did you catch the stick coming out of Coach Michelle's shorts?  That's Brian's stick.  He found it and didn't want to let it go.  But when he came up to bat with it in his hand, Coach Michelle promised she'd hold onto it.  And she did.  She tucked it there for the rest of the game and, as promised, returned it intact when the game was over.  Coach of the year.  Is that adorable or what??

After the game, we went out to lunch and then got on the road to Hershey, PA!  Brian LOVED the drive.  He got a kick out being in the "country" and oohed and ahhed as we passed cow farms and cornfields and sheep and lots and lots of open land.  But he got REALLY excited when we arrived at the hotel and it was time to hit the POOL!  This was something Gavin would have loved - which is why we chose a hotel with an indoor pool.  I'm still feeling pretty rotten so I sat poolside with my camera while Daddy and Brian splashed around.
They had such a great time.  Brian loved how the entire room "echoed" and decided to sing a little song.  I think you'll like it...

After swimming we went out for dinner and stayed up past Brian's 7pm bedtime, which he got such a kick out of.  Ed and I are coming from a place of YES this weekend, so of course we said "Sure you can have pancakes with whip cream and sprinkles for dinner followed by dessert!"  Why not... right?  And we all smiled when Brian led a "cheers toast" to Gavin for his birthday.

Bedtime was another exciting experience.  Gavin and Brian stayed in a hotel together twice - and we took Gavin on an overnight in a hotel just last year - he loved being in hotels.  And he LOVED his travel tent bed.  We brought that with us so Brian could sleep in it tonight.  But first... Mommy said YES, OF COURSE YOU CAN JUMP ON THE BED!!  Why not... right?
Then, at Brian's request, we told stories about Gavin before he zipped himself into his brother's tent bed to go to sleep.
Tomorrow morning, we will wake up and spend the day celebrating Gavin at Hershey Park.  He would have been six.  

He should have been six.

And we know in our hearts that six would have been a year filled with incredible moments.  
Good night, Gavin.
We will love you forever.


  1. Six WILL be a year filled with incredible moments--just not the moments you expected. And Gavin will be there for every one of your unexpected incredible moments. All you have to do is look for him--and I know you will.

  2. I was fine until, "He should have been six." Sending you lots of prayers for a blessed day tomorrow.

  3. How amazing is it that his Pop is communicating with him.....I went to the Padre Pio shrine in my area and prayed for your family and lit candles for your beautiful family. I am still in awe with how you are handling all of this and I pray for you, Ed, Gavin, Brian, and little Hope as often as I can. I too am in recovery and you have really inspired me that no matter what life has thrown you, you have still maintained your sobriety. Lots of love from New Jersey and I will be lighting a candle in honor of your superhero on his birthday. Xoxoxo

  4. To see the look on Brian's face is priceless!!! I went to the Padre Pio shrine in my area to pray for you, Ed, Gavin, Brian, and little Hope and have been praying very often for your family. I am also in recovery and I admire your strength that you can get through such a difficult time and still maintain your sobriety. you are such an inspiration to me and I hope that I can have the same strength that you have had through this whole terrible ordeal. Many, many love and prayers to you and your family as Gavins 6th birthday approaches. Xoxoxo from New Jersey!!!

  5. Happy 6th Birthday to your sweet son. I hope that today has been filled with only your best memories of Gavin.


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