Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gallagher Style...

Yesterday was Brian's second T-Ball game and I am happy to announce that he seems to be taking to it!  There was a little less flower picking in the outfield.  It was replaced by rock collecting on the infield, but hey - it's a step, right?

My favorite part of the game was when he was playing - okay, I have no idea what position this was.  I said to Ed, "Oh look - Oh my gosh - they're making him the pitcher!!" and he reminded me oh so gently - "Kate... this is T-Ball.  They don't have pitchers."


So anyway - that position where you stand in the spot that makes you look like you're a pitcher.  The ball was hit and came towards him and he actually was paying attention and went after it!!
Oh wait - it doesn't end there.  It actually gets better!!  He then threw it to first base!
It was then that I wiped a tear away from my eye.  Oh no, I wasn't emotional over the great sports moment.  A bug flew in my eye.  Seriously - there are bugs everywhere when you're out on a field.  Yuck.  I'm still secretly holding out for a theater obsession.

Next, he was up to bat.
Here's a video to show you how that went...
Brian made it to first.  I'm not sure what went down here, but I think the kid from the other team was trying to psych Brian out (kidding) because next thing we knew...
...Brian was in the ZONE.  Check out his little stance on first base!!  He was ready to RUN!
Next, he played first base and, again, I was impressed with his little position!!  Although, he did some serious rock collecting, too.
The fist base coach was trying to figure out why Brian was throwing funny - and realized he had rocks in his hand.  So, each time Brian would get the ball, this nice guy would take the rocks - hold them - let Brian throw - and then he'd actually give them back to him!!  It was hilarious.
Brian has great coaches - and a great team.  So far this has been a really fun experience.
Last night I had a wonderful (and much needed!) girls night out!!  This was a big deal - this particular girls get together.  My Mom hosted my two Aunts and many of my (girl) cousins from my Dad's side.  We had a wonderful dinner and a lot of laughs in the dining room of my Mom's retirement community.
And then we headed back to my Mom's apartment to celebrate "Gallagher style."  What's "Gallagher style," you ask?  The kind of story telling that made my Mom close her windows as to not wake up the neighbors... and that caused many of us to cross our legs so we didn't wet our pants from laughing so hard.  We're a classy bunch.  It was such a fun night!!

I was so happy to see everyone - and touched that people made such an effort to be there.  My sister, Meg, flew in from New Hampshire for this!  My Aunt Terry flew in from Florida.  And two of my cousins, Margaret and Debbie, drove up from Virginia - and then drove back late that night.

My Aunt Rena and my cousin, Catie.  (Aunt Rena married my Dad's youngest brother, Bernie)
My Aunt Terry (she married my Dad's older brother, John).  She came with my cousins, Kathy, Eileen and Sue.
Margaret and Debbie, from Virginia.  Their Mom was my Dad's oldest sister, Mary.
Unfortunately, my Dad and his siblings have all passed away.  My Dad was the most recent - it will be two years in November... which is so hard to believe - still.  But us Gallagher girls are determined to stick together - and get together more often.  I grew up knowing the cousins on my Dad's side well - and my Mom's side well.  It was normal to us to get together a lot... something I'm realizing isn't as common as I thought.  I'm so grateful to have such a large and loving extended family.

And it brings me comfort to know that Gavin and Darcy have so many loving arms to hold them in Heaven.  

And that, my friends, is how we love - Gallagher style.


  1. Brian is so cute!!! And I am so happy to hear that you had an enjoyable girls night out. :)

  2. And that is a beautiful thing. Only familys can make you laugh that hard cos only they know you that well.

  3. O. M. G. That video is the very cutest thing I've seen today. Brings back so many memories of my boys playing T-ball so many years ago. Adorable

  4. Beautiful as always. And Brian is so dang cute!!!
    April in Ohio

  5. Oh Kate, your post about Brian and T-ball made me laugh so hard I cried. Many years ago, my T-ball baby stood in the outfield sucking his thumb and looking at the clouds in the sky. They are all SO precious at this age and oh, so innocent. Enjoy those moments. Glad about the family get-together too. Laughing and crying together is such great medicine for the soul.

  6. You have a beautiful way of sharing the everyday and making it special. I think it's because you know so well that right now is all we really have. Thank you for reminding all of your readers of this important truth.

  7. Rock collecting, flower picking-all very typical of the younger ones in Tball! Love the story about the rocks & coach on first place. It shows a great deal about the "feel" of the coaches. These are little boys after all, it's not about making major league players! Also, LOVE the pic of his stance on first base!

  8. Love the thumbs up when he gets on first base. So cute.


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